Bridgewater Flies Grievence With New Orleans Saints

by RsAii | 7 months ago | 0 Comments

Rumblings this morning out of the Saints camp. Currently backup QB Teddy Bridgewater has filed a grievence with TSG owners claiming he is being “white balled.” 

”They told me I was suppose to take over for Drew, so I came, and all of a sudden this Taysom Hill dude is playing, this shit is fucked up, and it’s only because I’m BLACK! Yeah I said it.” 

Bridgewater has some truth to this claim. From Brees to Tebow, they Saints have typical had a white QB driving the team. But this year has been in flux. 

With Percy Miller aka Master P spending so much time in basketball, trying to launch his own big 3 in the 2K realm, the offense has gone south. Apparently Miller hired his long time friend, Silk The Shocker, and they have been running the LSU spread offense with Hill. Meanwhile Bridgewater has been on the sideline, watching. 


If the Saints want to return to form, this might be the last shot they have as the team faces some big contracts this season. 


Will the Saints go back to traditional high powered, efficient offense featuring Bridgewater, or will they continue to just make splash plays with Hill. 


One things for sure, Bridgewater has made it clear he does not want to be “white balled” any longer. 


Scooby McDouglass