Only running I do is victory laps

by BancoPopulair7 | 1 year ago | 2 Comments

Word on the street has been that since the owner of the chargers left the team to join the Jacksonville Jaguars staff, it somehow signifies defeat from chiefs organization. 

Contrary to popular opinion (and statistics) the first game indicates otherwise. Not to mention that since the chargers were under my tutelage I had accomplished the goal of winning 2 Super Bowls while only one other person from the afc west made an appearance. I was spokesman for our division for a few years and that responsibility was not taken lightly. 

Now I find myself in a state of maturity. While the Chiefs had definitely become better and honestly got the better of the chargers last madden, the rivalry just didn’t mean as much anymore. No excuse, every game I played to the best I could and just so happened to be on the shorter end of wins in the rivalry. Now this is where the maturity kicked in, it hit me that a new inspiration might light a fire. A change of scenery and a new goal. The Jacksonville Jaguars have never won a super bowl and it is my promise that we win within the first 3 seasons. The other goal is for the chiefs especially to be stepping stones throughout the playoff appearances. 

The higher stake game will definitely reignite the rivalry and there is no completion that I will ever shy away from. Don’t fine me for this Jacksonville but whether I’m with the Jaguars or any other team in nfl my goal is to bring a super bowl back home.