Media Questions with MegaBossGuidou (49ers)

by MegaBossGuidou | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

*Walks into press conference*


Guidou- I will start taking questions now.

Chris- How do you feel about your teams victory over the Bengals?

Guidou- Terrible performance, we should of scored 60 on them . We had 7 ints , defense looked strong but we need to turn those 7 takeovers into 7 touchdowns.

Mary- What made you trade Jimmy G after a strong outing?

Guidou- A strong outing ? Jimmy G like I said before couldn’t throw a rock in a swimming pool. Our QB is Josh Allen now , and we believe in his abilities to be a franchise QB for us for a very long time . Unless of course the league can’t come to terms with a new collective bargaining agreement and we all lose our football jobs. 

Cory- Josh Allen could be a franchise QB but trading Richard Sherman in the deal as well . Don’t you think that’s a little steep?

Guidou- I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Richard Sherman is a great player , but collectively him and Jimmy G combined for 30 million against the cap . How am I supposed to make it rain at strip clubs if I’m paying 2 players 30 million?

Cory- Strip Clubs? Don’t you think your fans will be upset knowing there owner/coach is using cap money at strip clubs?

Guidou- I’m going to come clean here , getting a W is great but you know what makes it better getting big ol titt** bounced in your face.

Sarah- Intresting you have to be the most controversial owner/coach in the NFL, how do you handle the backlash?

Guidou- To be honest everyone in the league has painted a target on my back from day 1, I don’t give a fu** about what anybody has to say . Unless of course it’s commishoner JayKilla , don’t fine me sir . I need to keep my strip club money.

Mike- How do you think you’ll new roster will fair against the Steelers this coming week?

Guidou- The Steelers ? I think we’re going to beat the sh** out of them , there owner/coach is one of the biggest cry babies in TSG history . As soon as he faces this adversity on Sunday he will fold.

Tasha- That’s a bold statement, are you guaranteeing a victory ?

Guidou- Well since you can’t read between the lines I’ll make it clear . My team is going win with no fuc**** problem on Sunday. The whole league better be on notice if we don’t win we will try to injury your star players , you will take a L in some fashion if you play the 49ers!

Terry- Don’t you feel your lanague offends people who tune in?

Guidou- If me or my language offends people well guess what fu** it , I’m done answering these little sissy pus** a** questions . Watch the 49ers domlish the Steelers on Sunday . Meet us at the strip club post game if you want to have a good time.