:::::::::: COMMISSIONER STATEMENT ::::::::::

Simulation (noun): imitation of a situation or process.

Now that that is out of the way…

FIRST and FOREMOST, this is a SIMULATION League. The intention of this league is to CREATE an ideal SIM environment in which owners BUILD their respective teams through Player Progression, Free Agency and Rookie Drafts. ALL or n0thin' League will enforce STRICT rules to make sure the INTEGRITY and REPUTATION of this league will stay intact. Commissioners and Administrators understand that life happens and things come up that are out of our control, but COMMUNICATION is KEY in not only a video game, but LIFE in general.

If you work with us, we will definitely work with YOU!

We WELCOME and THANK YOU for joining the ALL or n0thin' League and hope that we work toward ENHANCING your Madden experience for years to come!

:::::::::: COMMISSIONER AND OVERSEER ::::::::::

Jay Killa VII - Commissioner
ANBU - Commissioner
GoatBeno1 - Commissioner
Takeouttheone - Commissioner

TSG Daddy Leagues Site - www.daddyleagues.com/TSG

:::::::::: PRIZES ::::::::::

TSG League is a PRIZE League.

What does that mean?
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - You will NOT have to put in money out of your pocket at any time to join and/or participate in the prizes although all donations are appreciated. The only cost is to play SIM

At the conclusion of EACH season in TSG the Super Bowl Winner and Division winners

Keep in mind. I'm taking my own time and using my own funds to get all of this accomplished. To me, it is worth it to have a FULL league with a group of GOOD people to keep the Madden love ALIVE. Also, giving out the prizes throughout the season gives those that may NEVER make the playoffs or see a Super Bowl Title intrigued and willing to keep playing each and every week. Lastly, it is my way to show appreciation to those that join and follow each and every rule and can accept the feedback take the disciplinary action if it ever comes down to that.

Again, THANK YOU for joining.

:::::::::: GAMEPLAY SETTINGS ::::::::::

Gameplay - SIM (Realistic Play-Calling, Strategic Situational Football)
Difficulty - ALL-Pro with all madden sliders
Quarter Length - 7 Minute Quarters
Advance Schedule - Every 72 hours  @10pm EST
Preseason - N/A
Injuries - ON
Accelerated Clock - OFF
Custom Playbook - NOT ALLOWED
Communication - Discord
League Time Zone - Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Average Length of Madden Cycle - from madden to summertime

:::::::::: SCHEDULING ::::::::::

In order to be a part of TSG or ANY league, you will have to have the appropriate work / life balance. If you know you work nights or 15 hours a day, then league play MAY NOT be for you. Be CONSIDERATE of other owners that do make the time for league play.

1. Owners MUST contact each other to AT LEAST schedule either a TENTATIVE or SOLID time for kickoff. This will provide a “basis” for both parties to go by in the case of a missed scheduled time.
2. Owners MUST Direct Message (DM) opponent AND tag opponent notifying DM in their weekly team schedule chat on discord, this way we all see the effort put forth to get your games in.
3. If the owner does not respond within 48 hours of the DM’d stamped time, the last sending owner can decide whether to:
   * Still choose to PLAY the opponent
   * Take the FAIR SIM
   * Take the FORCE WIN
4. An owner is NOT ALLOWED to give up more than two (2) force wins WITHOUT explanation in ANY season; doing so will result in REMOVAL of the league.
5. ANY discrepancy or scheduling issues MUST be sent via Direct Message to a League Commissioner. If sent in discord other than DM, the issue will be INVALID and a FAIR SIM will be issued for that week.
6. Commissioners must respond to a message within 6 hours. 
7. Owners MUST notify a Commissioner in advance (at least 1 day, if possible) of any extended TDY/Leave/Vacation etc…
8. If an owner does give proper notice, the opponent for that week has to either PLAY the auto or SIM that week.
9. If an owner does NOT meet the appropriate advance notice criteria, the opponent has the option of:
   * Playing opponents AUTO PILOT (must follow auto pilot rules)
   * Receiving the FORCE WIN
10. Disciplinary actions due to scheduling are subject to:
   * Warning
   * Game Suspensions
   * Removal from League (pending Council Review)
11. League Commissioner will be keeping an ongoing list for the ENTIRE Madden cycle for tracking purposes. 
12. If a game is SCHEDULED and an owner is unresponsive, they have NO MORE than 30 minutes AFTER the agreed upon time. If the unresponsive owners time expires, the waiting party has the decision of a FORCE WIN or to continue to play the owner of that week.
13. NOBODY wants to play the CPU or Fair Sim. The agreed upon advance schedule gives owners more than enough time to play a single game and is with the expectation of TSG that you make time to play your games as soon as possible.
14. Owners that wait until advance day to make initial contact, if the league is waiting on games in that scenario, that week will be SIMMED. If an owner shows a pattern of doing such offenses, disciplinary action will be enforced.
15. All scheduling rules include playoffs.
16. If the agreed upon time is not met without any communication THERE WILL BE DISCIPLINARY ACTION.....WARNING, GAME SUSPENSION, and the REMOVAL. Everyone here has lives like the next person and shouldn't have to wait on yours. Communication is key.

:::::::::: BROADCASTING ::::::::::

1. With these rules in place the AWAY TEAM will have to BROADCAST each and every week in by way of either Mixer or Twitch.
2. If League Commissioner finds reason that both parties need to start broadcasting, league will be properly notified and rules will be updated accordingly.
3. Even though the league requires the away team to broadcast, the home team does have the option broadcast.
4. The reasoning behind broadcasting in general is to ensure all teams are following league rules and gives owners the ability to provide proof of any gameplay discrepancies.
5. The following excuses are NOT acceptable:
   * Internet Speed not enough to support broadcasting;
   * Limited Internet Options due to geographical location;
   * Don’t have a Twitch Account? (https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/2495396-broadcasting-from-xbox)
   * Not familiar with Mixer? (Hit the XBOX button; Locate the Satellite Dish next to the messages tab; Select Start Broadcast; You will also find the broadcasting link as well).
6. Disciplinary actions due to failure to broadcast are subject to:
   * Warning
   * Game Suspensions
   * Removal from League (pending Council Review)
7. Users are only allowed to not broadcast with COMMISSIONER/OVERSEER APPROVAL ONLY (must be able to provide proof).
8. During gameplay, if a Commissioners sends a message that your broadcast is not working, user in question MUST pause and get the broadcast working. Saying that you didn’t see the message WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
9. When broadcasting from either Mixer or Twitch, make sure to RECORD (ARCHIVE) previous game footage. This will allow for administrators to go back and review tape of alleged violations.
   * To archive on Mixer; Log-In; Under settings (click martian man next to your gamertag); select manage channel; under broadcast tab, make sure “Keep Recordings of my Streams” is checked.
   * To archive on Twitch; Log-In; In the upper right, click your username; select “Video Producer”; On the left hand side, under settings, select “Channel”; make sure “Store Past Broadcasts” is checked.
10. When the league is at 100% capacity, each week, League Commissioner will pick a Game of the Week (GOW) that MUST be played during PRIMETIME HOURS (between 5 - 10 EST) where others are available to spectate.
11. GOW ( Game of the Week ) team owners (at least one) must let an Comissioner or Overseer know of game time.
12. If schedules do not match up during primetime hours, that must also be explained to Commissioners as well.

:::::::::: GAMEPLAY ::::::::::


* TSG DOES reserve the right to revise ANY rule at ANY time to create a BETTER SIM League. League will properly be notified on ANY rule changes.
* Send ALL game complaints to an Commissioner at the CONCLUSION of the game… DO NOT message your opponent directly during gameplay. 
* TSG does reserve the right to penalize ANY owner for league violations that took place not in the current week.

1. 4th Down Rule; Users MUST Punt or Kick a Field Goal on 4th Down UNLESS:
   * Down by 17+ Points
   * Down by 10+ Points and AT or BEYOND the opponents 40 yard line
2. 4th Quarter and LOSING
   * You can go for it at ANY time, ANYWHERE on the field
   * Losing by ANY amount
3. Overtime
   * At ANY time at YOUR OWN RISK;
4. Everyone knows the difference from playing AGGRESSIVE and getting the 1st to run out the clock; ALWAYS SHOW GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.
5. Users are ALLOWED to go for 2-point conversions instead of kicking an extra point (the risk is yours to take).
6. You are allowed a MAXIMUM of (2) Hot Routes on any given play.
   * Pass Protection DOES not count as a hot route.
   * MAX Protection DOES not count as a hot route.
7. If you INTENTIONALLY quit your game at any time for ANY reason outside of a mutual agreement or ADMIN APPROVAL, you will be REMOVED from the league. Complaining or accusing another owner of “cheese play” does not constitute intentional QUITTING / DISCONNECTING. If you feel as though an owner is in violation of ANY rule, RECORD the game clip and submit to an ADMIN to be reviewed.
8. Going on AUTO, giving up FORCE WINS or “TANKING” due to not being in playoff contention IS NOT ALLOWED and will result in disciplinary action. EACH game counts and affects playoff scenarios for the league.
9. Playoff Berths are to be EARNED and FOUGHT for.
10. Same rule goes vice versa, if you have already clinched, you MUST play, NO EXCUSES.

Game De-Sync Rules:
   * 1st QUARTER: Game will be RESTARTED unless the winning team is up 21+ points.
In that case, the WINNING team will decide to REPLAY or SIM the game up to the point of disconnection as close as possible to the last known time and position on the field.
   * 1st HALF: Game will be RESTARTED unless the winning team is up 17+ points.
In that case, the WINNING team will decide to REPLAY or SIM the game up to the point of disconnection as close as possible to the last known time and position on the field;
   * 3rd QUARTER: If the WINNING team is up by 17+ points with 3:00 or under left on the clock.
Winning team has the OPTION to REPLAY or take the FORCE WIN.
Prior to 3:00 left on the clock, the game will be RESTARTED or SIM the game up to the point of disconnection as close as possible to the last known time and position on the field;
   * 4th QUARTER: If the WINNING team is up by 14+ points with UNDER 2:00 left in the quarter, it will be a FORCE WIN, unless the winning team decides to RESTART in its ENTIRETY.
   * If there is a user with multiple disconnects against opponents, administrators will investigate and determine an action forward which could result in DISCIPLINARY ACTION.
   * In the event of a de-sync during gameplay, both users must keep in contact with how to proceed after the de-sync occurs; scheduling with an opponent rules are still in effect; meaning an opponent has 20 minutes to respond in coming up with a solution on how to proceed.

12. Going on AUTO for an ENTIRE season IS NOT ALLOWED without an appropriate explanation and APPROVAL by ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF.
13. When submitting FORMAL complaints against another owner, you MUST provide VIDEO proof to an administrator (if necessary). Verbal complaints will be noted, but not sufficient enough for action.
14. If an owner receives MULTIPLE verbal complaints, that owner could be susceptible to:
   * League Notice / Warning
   * Game Suspensions
   * Removal from the league
15. Excessive (non-strategic / without reason) no huddles during gameplay at times that are not necessary, IS NOT ALLOWED. Owner must provide VIDEO proof. If it is determined that the no huddles have been used excessively, disciplinary actions are subject to:
   * Warning
   * Game Suspensions
   * Removal from the league
16. You are NOT ALLOWED to intentionally CHEW CLOCK unless the game is already decided (winning/losing by 30+) and UNDER 2 minutes left in the 4th QUARTER.
17. Running up the score is NOT PERMITTED.
18. Running up the score in TSG is defined as having a four (4) possession lead.
19. The team with the lead IS ALLOWED to attempt the 1st down to run the clock. There is a difference between playing aggressive and running the clock.
20. Any team accused of playing aggressive while being up will be susceptible to disciplinary action.
21. The team that is behind is NOT PERMITTED to concede defeat UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.
22. If under 2 minutes in the 4th quarter and the team that is behind does not have enough timeouts to receive the ball back, you MUST take a knee or kneel downs to expire the remainder of the clock.

When playing an owners team on AUTO:
   * Game is to only be played in ONE (1) attempt.
   * No team can score more than 42 points.
   * No one player should have 3 touchdowns or more other than the QB.
   * QB CANNOT have more than 4 touchdowns and exceed 400 yards passing AS A TEAM.
   * The QB of the opposing team on auto should not have more than 4 interceptions.
   * No WR should have more than 10 receptions.
   * HB should NOT exceed more than 175 rushing yards as a team.
   * Must Broadcast game against cpu.

When playing an owner HEAD to HEAD:
   * Excessive Stats are NOT ALLOWED there is no reasing for your QB to have 600 pasing yards in a game.
   * A Player in a skill position CANNOT exceed stats outside of normal NFL numbers on any given game day. Don't go crazy out there.
    * What does this mean?
          QB - cannot exceed 450 yards passing;
          HB - cannot exceed 255 yards rushing;
          WR - cannot exceed 300 yards receiving;
   * If you player reaches this stat sub in your bench player most likely you're winning anyway.
   * Recognizing that there are factors in Madden that can determine different statistical outcomes (OT / Injuries), how many possession a team is up, and for that, they will be handled on a case by case basis.
   * When a game in question is under review, Commissioners will look at a few different factors in determining discipline (if necessary), which include, but not limited to, a players game pattern, game rhythm, final score, etc.
   * If a game is out of hand early, these rules will still apply. There are plenty of different options for avoiding disciplinary action such as, benching / utilizing other weapons.
   * The excuse of not having anyone else available, will NOT be acceptable.
23. Strategically mixing up your Offense and Defense is REQUIRED. Running the same defense throughout the game is NOT allowed. You CANNOT call the same play on OFFENSE MORE THAN THREE (3) TIMES in the SAME DRIVE. Same play means the SAME NAMED PLAY (no matter what formation). example Shotgun doubles weak flood is the same concept as single back doubles weak flood
24. Defense should be 70/30. For example, if your teams strength is man coverage, your need to run a maximum 70% Man Coverage and Zone Coverage 30% or vice versa.
25. If an opponent suspects the ratio is not the 70%, a FORMAL complaint MUST be submitted to a Commissioner via DM.
26. Provide VIDEO evidence (when necessary) when submitting a formal complaint.
27. Offense should also be mixed up (pass / run), no more than 70% either way. If an opponent suspects a violation, a FORMAL complaint MUST be submitted via DM.
28. If no formal complaint has been submitted on either party, but the Commissioner finds a violation, the owner will be contacted via DM.
29. If a FORMAL complaint has been filed, the Commissioner has until the next advance to provide a decision.
30. You MUST rush a MINIMUM of 3 players. You are NOT ALLOWED to pick a play that rushes three (3) players then drop one back into coverage. Defenders in QB Spy or QB Contain DO NOT COUNT as a rusher. REMEMBER THAT
31. You are ALLOWED to leave the zone or expanded zone area when playing zone coverage ( This is User skills ). 

Offensive Movement;

32.* You may manually move a player; however, you cannot snap the ball until the player in motion is outside of the tackle or tight end, whichever is last on the line.

Defensive Movement;
33. * Only one player can move before the snap and when you do move, you must stay on the player until the ball is snapped.
   * Any additional movement is not allowed.
   * Defensive Line can only be moved by pre-set adjustments.
34. Maximum of 2 Wildcat plays can be ran per game.
35. Immediate QB ROLLOUTS  are NOT ALLOWED. QB must be under pressure or a player about to break free of a block to be able to roll out. But if pocket collapses its permissible.
36. During RUN plays, play art MUST be FOLLOWED. There will be no receiving the handoff and IMMEDIATELY cutting the opposite direction.
37. Gameplay Disciplinary Actions are subject to:
   * Warning
   * Game Suspensions
   * Removal from the league (pending Council Review)

Visual Settings; The following settings must be set to OFF. This ensures that everyone is playing with the same settings and owners are making their own decisions:

Coaching Tips - OFF
On-Field Visual Feedback - OFF
Defensive Pass Coverage Visual Assist - OFF
Receiver Visual Assist - OFF
Drive Goals & XP Feedback - OFF
Ball Carrier Special Moves - MANUAL
Tutorial Pop-Ups - OFF
Ball Hawk can be on
Other settings can be changed based on your own preference. If you are caught playing with the features not allowed, you will be subject to IMMEDIATE removal of the league.

If an owner is in violation of this rule, there will be an automatic 1-game suspension. If already in game and these settings are not turned off, Madden does NOT allow to be changed in game.

:::::::::: EDITING PLAYERS ::::::::::

1. Editing players outside of the approved position changes are NOT ALLOWED. This is a SIM league and names like “It’s Going To Me” is NOT SIM. This INCLUDES names of current college prospects and/or your favorite NFL retired player. If in violation, admin will manually change the name and you will have to DROP that player no matter what the OVERALL RATING and the owner will be suspended one (1) game. That dropped player will be placed into Free Agency and OFF LIMITS for any team to pick up.
2. Changing of players jersey numbers are NOT ALLOWED unless:
   * Picking up a REAL LIFE player and giving the original number back.
3. Player Position Changes of ANY kind are NOT ALLOWED outside of the following position changes:
   * Offensive Line (Tackle, Center, Guard positions are interchangeable).
   * Linebacker (Middle Linebacker, Outside Linebacker positions are interchangeable).
   * Cornerback to Safety is allowed ONLY if the player is 29 or older; CANNOT be undone and owner MUST submit a change request.
   * Safety to Cornerback is NOT allowed.
4. Owners must submit player position change requests to League Commissioners for the following changes:
   * Outside Linebacker to Defensive End (player MUST meet weight of 260 pounds or more)
   * Defensive End to Defensive Tackle (player MUST meet weight of 300 pounds or more)
   * Player change requests should be in this format:

Position Change Request:
                New York Giants
                Olivier Vernon (LOLB) change to LE

   * Sending requests in the correct format only benefit an owner in the long run as it makes it easier for an Commissioner to make a quick, accurate decision.
5. TSG has noticed that players from last cycle have been changed to a different position. In that case:
   * With prior approval from an Commissioner, an owner has the option of changing that player back to that position. This process cannot be undone and you only have the option to do so in YEAR 1, so please take that into consideration.
   * For example, Olivier Vernon was a Defensive End last cycle, this cycle, he is a Linebacker. You have the option of changing him back to Defensive End or keeping him in the Linebacker position.

6. If an owner is in violation of illegal player position changes, the player will be returned to original position, will be dropped and the owner will face a one (1) game suspension.


This Madden we will be rewarding and penalizing Owners as well so its important to manage your team correctly.

1. ALL users MUST create a CUSTOM owner upon entering the league. If you do not create an owner, you will be REMOVED from the league. Creating an owner allows for everyone to start from an equal point, especially financially.
2. Custom Owners can either be a FORMER PLAYER, LIFELONG FAN, or FINANCIAL MOGUL.
3. Owners are NOT ALLOWED to RELOCATE an NFL Team in ANY season at ANY point. By not allowing this, it makes the league more attractive for others to join in the case an owner resigns or removed from the league.
4. Owners MUST maintain a 53-man roster that meets league requirements at all times, starting WEEK 1 of the REGULAR SEASON, NO EXCUSES.
   * If your roster does not meet league rules you WILL NOT be able to process ANY trades and are subject to additional penalties.
5. You are ONLY allowed to CUT players who are 79 OVERALL and LOWER during season to make room for cap. Any player that is 80 OVERALL or HIGHER must be released during the OFFSEASON (Re-sign or Free Agency). This prevents collusion (secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to cheat or deceive others) and allows for all teams to bid through Free Agency.
6. If an owner does illegally drop a player, that player will go on the "FA OFF-LIMITS" List. Disciplinary action will vary based on severity of violation.
7. Teams MUST maintain 53 players and not go over 15 million in cap penalty to recieve any reward PERIOD.
8. Player overalls will be determined by the leagues DADDY LEAGUES rating with NO EXCEPTIONS.
9. ALL SKILL POSITIONS (Quarterback, Running Back, Fullback, Wide Receiver and Tight End) Players must PLAY THEIR NATURAL POSITION
   * For Example: You can not add a Running Back to the Wide Receiver position on the Depth Chart
10. ALL positions on Depth Chart must have the first TWO SPOTS filled with APPROVED players.
   * For Example: Safeties must have 2 SAFETIES in first two spots on depth chart with the 3rd slot being filled by a CornerBack if you don't have an additional safety on the roster.
11. 3rd TE Slot may be a Tight End or Full Back ONLY (Wide Receiver or Half Back is PROHIBITED).
12. Full Back position may have a Tight End in the 2nd Slot.
13. Owners MUST have 2 Quarterbacks on your roster AT ALL TIMES including:
   * a minimum of 2 RUNNING BACKS
   * a minimum of 3 WIDE RECEIVERS
   * a minimum of 3 DEFENSIVE TACKLES
   * a minimum of 3 MIDDLE LINEBACKERS
   * a minimum of 8 OFFENSIVE LINEMEN TOTAL
   * a minimum of 4 CORNERBACKS
14. You are NOT ALLOWED to cut players and then re-sign them to a cheap One (1) Year Contract during ANY season.
15. Owners MUST wait until offseason free agency if planning on cutting a player to re-sign him to a different contract.

:::::::::: FREE AGENCY ::::::::::

1. Commissioner will be MONITORING Free Agency Contracts and an owner will be subject to REVIEW and PENALIZED for anything deemed UNREALISTIC and NOT SIM.
2. Big Contacts can be offered, but the EXCESSIVE and ABUSIVE Contracts are PROHIBITED.   
3. You are allowed to change a players position AFTER 1 YEAR of being on your roster. This INCLUDES drafted players and players signed in free agency.

:::::::::: FREE AGENCY BIDDING RULES ::::::::::

1. If there is an EXISTING bid on a player, you can bid up to the same number of points of the leading bid. If you wish to INCREASE the bid, the increase MUST be a MINIMUM of 10 POINTS.
   * For example: If Leonard Fournette has an existing bid of 50 points, you are allowed to bid 50 points or at least 60 points if you were looking to increase the bid.
2. Once a bid is REMOVED from a Free Agent, you are NO LONGER allowed to bid on that player. ANYONE found to be intentionally (excessively) running up bids to just “drop out," will be PENALIZED.
3. An owner is NOT ALLOWED to LOWER a bid once a bid has been submitted;
   * For example: If you placed a bid on Leonard Fournette for 60 points and another user placed a bid at 75 points, you MUST keep your bid in consideration.
4. If an owner does not submit a FINAL BID on a SIGNED Free Agent, the owner of that team will have to RELEASE that player and have to deal with the CAP PENALTY. If the cap penalty is so excessive that the owner CANNOT get to the required 53-man roster, the cap will be cleared and the owner will FORFEIT their 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft and trade rights will be REVOKED until the following season when draft is complete.
5. If any owner places a bid on ANY free agent of 100 points or MORE, owner will be LOCKED in on that bid until the player SIGNS a contract. You are NOT allowed to remove yourself from the bid regardless of where you are on the points leader list.
6. During Free Agency, waiting until the last hour or 5 minutes is NO LONGER PERMITTED. If advance to the next stage is at 10 EST, all MAX bids are LOCKED at 9 EST. Within that last hour and you have placed a bid on a player, but have been outbid, you are allowed to MATCH the point total of the HIGHEST bid. If you did NOT have a bid on an existing player, you are NOT ALLOWED to come in and place a matching bid.
7. Free Agency / Bids will now be monitored and divided amongst all Commissioners in TSG by Conferences. All owners will be contacted by their FREE AGENCY COORDINATOR before Free Agency Opens. This is where you will send all placed bids. Breakdown is as follows and subject to change:

NFC East
NFC West

Jay Killa VII
NFC North
NFC South

AFC East
AFC West

AFC  North
AFC South


1. ONLY at the start of each Madden cycle, there will be a Free Agency Draft. Team order will be based off of a teams overall rating by the creation of the league. If a team has the same rating, wherever the team that did worst than the team tied with will be the tie breaker.
2. After the initial Madden Season, there will be no Free Agency Draft.
3. Practice Squad stealing is ALLOWED starting Week 1 of the regular season. (Will be turned OFF until Week 1)
4. Beginning Week 1 Regular Season, it is a free-for-all UNLESS a player is deemed OFF-LIMITS.

:::::::::: TRADE RULES AND REGULATIONS ::::::::::

Owners will have a total of 3 trades each full season.

To make things as simplistic as possible while still being fair all trades will go through DADDYLEAGUES trade system. Settings have been adjusted to accommodate the draft values. You must send all trade screenshots from daddy league to a commissioner first for approval before sending through xbox. Commissioners will evaluate the trade and reply with an approval or dis approval with reasoning.
Players CANNOT be traded TWICE in ANY one season.
When approving trades player for player, League Commissioner evaluates a player’s overall TRADE VALUE at their position based on TSG

League Commissioner will simply respond with an ACCEPTED or DENIED screenshot along with a simple explanation if necessary. It will NOT go beyond that regarding a response as the owner CANNOT argue or debate a decision made.
If an owner trades a next year 1st round pick to gain an additional pick in the current draft, the owner CANNOT trade for ANOTHER 1st round pick in next years draft.
If an owner trades a next year 1st  round pick, then in the next year, the owner is required to SIT OUT the first round.
   * For example: It is the 2018 Draft, you trade your 2019 1st round draft pick for an additional 2018 draft pick. You WILL NOT be allowed to trade for a 1st round draft pick in the 2019 draft.

:::::::::: DRAFT DAY RULES ::::::::::

1. Commissioners will send out to the league draft day options to try and accommodate for MAJORITY of the leagues schedule. MAJORITY vote wins. Time of Day and Day of the Week will vary.
2. Owners that will be UNABLE to draft will be placed on UNLIMITED AUTO. 
3. If an Owner is placed on UNLIMITED AUTO, that process CANNOT be UNDONE.
4. During the draft through Rounds 1-3, owners will have the FULL 2:00 to make their selection.
5. Rounds 4-7, owners will have :45 to make a selection. 
6. IMMEDIATELY following the conclusion of the Rookie Draft, Owners will have 15 minutes to adjust player positions (PLEASE REFER TO PLAYER MODIFICATIONS SECTION).
7. Preseason will now be OPEN for another Madden Season to BEGIN!
8. Rosters must be cut down to 53 prior to the start of the regular season.

:::::::::: PRESEASON ::::::::::

1. Immediately following the Draft Review / Player Position Adjustments, Preseason Week 1 will begin.
2. Each preseason week will be simmed with injuries turned OFF.
3. Owners will have 10 minutes per preseason week for XP Training.
4. At this time, Owners can select a MAXIMUM of 2 Free Agents.
5. League will hold at Preseason Week 4 to allow for owners to cut down their rosters to 53.
6. Owners will have the option of playing their Week 4 Preseason game.
7. Regular Season will begin the following day at or around 8EST.

:::::::::: PENALTIES DISCLAIMER ::::::::::

1. Different Types of Penalties for league violations include, but not limited to:
   * Warning
   * Owner Suspension
   * Loss of Draft Picks
   * Removal from the League (pending Council Review)
2. All offenses beyond this point, if not resulting in removal of the league, TSG will continue to remove draft picks from the owner.
3. Disciplinary actions can be used in conjunction with other violations.
4. Owners that commit any violation will be notified via DM.
For example: if you receive a “warning” for broadcasting, there will NOT be another warning issued for missing a scheduled time. In those instances, TSG Commissioners will review and determine the appropriate action.
4. All users MUST have the Discord app on their phone. This is the leagues primary communication tool throughout the season. When communicating with other league owners, there will be no disrespectful mention of another members family, spouse, or any unnecessary personal information in the chat nor DM. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis with the first offense normally resulting in a suspension, then followed by a league ban.


:::::::::: END OF TSG 2.0 RULE BOOK ::::::::::

*Anyone caught switching positions trying to change abilities will have to drop player and he becomes a restricted FA.

*No longer will the 3 man rush rule be in affect. If the play art shows blitz you must blitz and cannot change play art due to the AI being manipulated. You cannot drop into coverage with the blitzer on the DLINE . All other positions you can change play art from blitzing to man or zone, but must blitz if play art shows it.
*position changes are prohibited after week 1 barring injures. You can not just be moving players in different positions.