UMFL Gameplay Abuse Policy
                                                                           Madden 19 Edition
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                                                                      ATTN: UMFL Team Owner
The following document contains the rules and regulations for the UMFL. The UMFL is an online Madden Franchise community that was created to mimic a realistic/simulated professional football experience. The contents of this document have a sole purpose, and that is to maintain and keep the integrity of the UMFL’s gameplay experience. All rules and regulations were created by the commissioners of this league and will be enforced by them. Infractions of the rules will result in punishment that will be determined by the league’s commissioners. Punishment will be based on the severity of the infractions as well as the situation that the infraction has taken place.
By reading this document and joining the UMFL as a team owner, you agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the UMFL Gameplay Abuse Policy.
Thank you,

Welcome to the UMFL, there are a few things you will need to do before you are added into the league and begin playing your games.
• First thing you will need to do, if you haven’t already, is sign up for a GroupMe account and request to be added into the general chat and the announcement chat. It is very important to leave the notification on for the announcement chat. This is where the commissioners update the league on advances, schedules, and other important league information. You are not permitted to talk there (Punishment will happen.  First time is a warning.  Second is a player suspension.  Third you are out). You can disable notifications for the general chat because a lot of message traffic goes through there.
• Second, sign up for Twitch or Mixer. Go to Twitch.tv or Mixer.com and sign up. This is required for you to stream your games. Streaming is very important in this league is required for all owners. Once you setup your account, be sure to enable archiving on your account so your twitch feeds are saved for review purposes.
• Third, read all the rules and regulations that are to follow in this document.
• Lastly, reach out to a commissioner to have them invite you into the league. Accept the invite and CREATE an owner.

If you need any assistance with these steps, please reach out to a commissioner.
Rules and Regulations
1. Relocations

a. Relocations of a team are not allowed. This setting has been disabled and will not be enabled in any instance.

b. No owner is allowed to switch teams at any point. Once you are in the league as an owner and have chosen your team, you will remain the owner of that team for however long you are in the league.

2. Transactions

a. There is no maximum cap for trades done by each user, but there will be monitoring to prevent excessive trading.

b. Teams are not allowed to trade injured players.

c. Once you have successfully traded for a player, that player cannot be traded again until the following franchise season. Trades done in the offseason are counted as the end of that season so players traded in the offseason can be traded during the season following (ex. a player traded during the offseason of season 1 can be traded during the regular season of season 2).

d. An owner cannot trade a player that has been signed in-season. This means a player that was picked up on a 1 year contract during the active season. Only exception is if the owner offers that player a contract extension that carries over to the following season.

e. All trades will have to be approved by the UMFL trade committee before a trade is processed.

f. All trade requests must be sent in DM to one of the commissioners. Each request sent must contain the overall rating, development trait, and contract information of each player involved. This information can either be typed into the DM or sent via picture.

g. There is absolutely no trading with any active CPU teams at any time. Doing so leads to booting from the league.

h. In-season Free Agents are to be signed based only by need.

i. If you sign a player and change their position you must change them back to their original position if you release them.

3. Scheduling

a. All advances will take place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights at 10:00PM Eastern time. In the event of all games being played before the scheduled advance time, an early advance can take place. If an early advance takes place, the next advance will take place on the following scheduled advanced time.

b. It is both teams’ responsibility to make an effort to schedule their games each week. An attempt should be made on day 1 of the new advance period. If no attempts of scheduling are made by either party by 24 hours prior to next advance, the game is subject to simulation.

c. If one team does not make an attempt to schedule their game, or fails to show up at a scheduled game time, that team is subject to being put on auto pilot.

e. In order for a force win to be granted for a given team, evidence must be provided (GroupMe, Facebook, Xbox messages) in order to prove one party was actively trying to schedule and another was not. All force wins are reviewed by the commissioners and can be granted or denied at their discretion.

*f. For those that play every game throughout the season you will be rewarded. The reward will be you can choose one of your players to either receive a development increase by one development (no increases to superstar) or choose one player to have regression negated. If a team receives a FW from their human opponent they will not be seen as not playing their game. Receiving a FW from the CPU will negate them from playing all games.

4. Streaming

a. All owners are required to setup a twitch or Mixer account in order to be able to stream their games. If assistance is required on how to setup a twitch account or Mixer account and successfully setup a stream, please ask a commissioner.

b. All GOTW (Games of the week) are to be streamed via Twitch or Mixer and then shared in the general and/or DoNotTalk UMFL GroupMe chat.

c. All playoff games are to be streamed via Twitch or Mixer and then shared in the general and/or DoNotTalk UMFL GroupMe chat.

d. It is recommended to stream all games, but is not mandatory. It is recommended because if you notice another owner violating any rules, evidence is required. If a complaint is made without evidence then the complaint will be ignored.

5. Play Calling

a. Custom playbooks are not allowed. All owners are required to show their playbooks before a game kicks off.

b. FB dives and QB sneaks are allowed but are not to be abused.

c. When playing CPU opponents, they are to be treated as if they were real owners. This means, all gameplay rules are in effect when playing the CPU, no exploits or padding stats.

d. Owners are required to mix up their play calls, this means mixing up both play concept and formations. (Example: Do not constantly run drags and bunch formations)

e. Your RB should not be the leading receiver on your team through consecutive weeks.  He shouldn’t have more than 10 receptions in a game.

f. Onside kicks are allowed in the second half and only when you’re losing.

g. Chewing clock is reserved only for the last 2 minutes of the first half and the last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter.

h. No huddle is not to be abused. It can be used from time to time and at the end of a half. No huddle is not permitted to be used for an entire game.

i. Fake punts and field goals are allowed at any time unless you are winning by more than one score.

j. Special teams plays are only to be called during special teams situations. Example: Users are not allowed to call a FG block on the goal-line in order to try and stop a run.

k. You MUST rush 3 players at ALL times.

6. 4th Downs

a. If you are winning by more than 2 scores, you are not permitted to go for it on 4th down.

b. If the game is within 2 scores, you may go for it on 4th down at any time beyond your 40 yard line when the down and distance is 4th and 2 or less.

c. If you are losing at all in the 4th quarter, you can go for it on 4th regardless of the situation.

7. Player Positions

a. All players on an owner’s team must play and be listed as the current position they are in the depth chart. This is to avoid any exploits with XP boosting.

b. Owners are not allowed to put a player at a position that would ruin the integrity of the sim league. (Ex: CB cannot be moved to DT/OLB, OL cannot be DL, FS/SS cannot be WR.)

c. If you are unsure about whether or not a player can or cannot play a certain position, ask a commissioner.

d. Player positions cannot be changed more than once per season. No current WR can be changed to a TE. Future rookies can be changed to a TE during their rookie year ONLY, if they are at least 6’2 and weigh 230 pounds and do not exceed 86 speed. You must notify a commissioner of this change.

e. TE’s can be moved to WR.

f. No player can be changed to QB. A QB can be changed to WR.

g. WR’s can be moved to RB as long as they are 5’10 or shorter and a max of 94 speed. A RB can be changed to WR anytime. RB cannot be moved to FB.

h. FS/CB cannot be moved to LB. A CB over the age of 26 can be moved to FS, if desired.

i. SS can play MLB/OLB as long as they DO NOT exceed 87 speed. They must also be 220+ pounds.

j. Defensive Line Position Changes are allowed (DT and DE are interchangeable).

k. Offensive Line Position Changes are allowed (T, G, and C are interchangeable).

l. OLB and MLB are interchangeable.

m. DE’s of 260 pounds and less can be moved to OLB. DE’s are NOT allowed to be moved to MLB.

n. Any safety used in the “sub LB” category on the depth chart must meet the safety-to-LB weight requirements

8. Other

a. Running up the score or padding stats when the game is already out of reach is strictly prohibited. When your opponent has conceded defeat and has begun to run the ball and chew clock, you must to do the same. Calling run commit during a time the leading team is running the clock out negates them having to run the ball. If you run commit your opponent has the choice to throw the ball against it. All parties involved in this game are obligated to stop their opponent during this point in the game. If a team is up and is running the ball, the other team is still responsible for stopping their run game. IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLY TO THIS RULE, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LEAGUE.

b. Manually moving players during the pre-snap phase on defense is NOT allowed. All adjustments must be done using the pre-snap adjustment menu. This is to stop any nano-blitz exploits. The only player to be moved pre-snap is the one being used by the player.

c. Rage quitting a game is not tolerated and will be disciplined by removal from the league.

d. You are not permitted to have anyone play your games for you.

e. Unsportsmanlike play, as determined by league commissioners, is grounds for any form of punishment that the commissioners feel appropriate.

f. Smearing of the UMFL’s reputation or commissioners in the general chat is not permitted. If at any time you have a problem with the league or its officials, please reach out to a commissioner privately.

g. If anyone disregards the off-season period entirely, they are subjected to being removed from the league.

9. Complaints

a. If you have a complaint about another owner or anything related to this league, please reach out to a commissioner privately in order for that issue to be addressed swiftly.

b. All complaints about another owner must include some sort of evidence. For example, you must have a stream, picture, or video of the infractions for the complaint to be valid.

All rules and regulations are subject to change at any time. All penalties and disciplinary action will be decided by the commissioners based on the severity of the infraction. All owners are expected to follow these rules accordingly or risk being removed from the league.