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AFC Road to the Superb Owl goes through Foxborough

The road to wherever the hell the super bowl is will go through Foxborough! That is until the patriots choke in the playoffs. 

The patriots have confrimed the following players will not play in week 17 vs the Bills

QB Tom Brady
HB James White
TE George Kittle
WRs Julian Edelman and N'Keal Harry
Edge Rushers Chase Winovich and Dee Ford
DBs Gilmore, JC Jackson, Jones, DMac, and Jenkins 


Pre-Playoff Power Ranking

32 - Minnesota Vikings 2-11 - Lol

31 Miami Dolphins - 3-10 - bigger lol

30 - Oakland Raiders - 2-11 - jonny is better than this but big oof 

29 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2-11 - Rip jameis 

28 - Seattle Seahawks - 4-10 - Threat dector, escape artist, and an enforcer is 4-10? mega big oof

27 - Jacksonville Shaguars - 3-11 - Some FLs and bad luck this year bring the shags down 

26 - Chicago Bears - 5-8 - What a fall from grace for the 9-7 bears a year ago. GG moocow 

25 - Indianapolis Colts - 4-9 - Even a degree cant help him understand a $10 bill is $10

24 - Arizona Cardinals 4-10 - A team with a bad record but i still have some confidence in for some reason

23 - Baltimore Ravens - 4-9 - Please trade me lamar jackson 

22 - Dallas Cowboys - 5-8 - In a struggling division, this was the cowboys chance to grab the title and make the playoffs.

21 - San Francisco 49ers - 5-9 - a great improvment in this team and user.. coud they be an 8-8 team next year!?!?

20 - Detroit Lions - 5-8 - A WC team in s1, the lions are sruggling.. its time to end the run and shoot era.

19 - Buffalo Bills - 6-8 - A 12-4 division winner in s1 has had the biggest fall so far... lets see if an offseaon to rebuild can do the trick.

18 - New York Giants - 6-7 - Tbh this performance with this team is top 15 worthy if they are 7-6.. 

17 - Los Angeles Rams - 1-9 vs teams over .500 - Could the rams catch fire for the playoffs? no

16 - Philadelphia Eagles - 8-5 - Currently on the outside looking in.. but i think theyll win the division

15 - Washington Hitsticks - 8-5 - the hitsticks are in first place but with philly down thier neck

14 - Tennessee Titans - 7-6 - The titans really had an awful first few games but have rebounded to be in the playoff picture

13 - Pittsburgh Steelers - 7-6 - The steelers are having a solid year in a very tough division. Put them in the nfc and they are 9-5

12 - New Orleans Saints - 8-5 - What a strong bounce back for the team with a new coach and gm.

11 - Atlanta Falcons - 8-5 - What a shock seing the falcons out of the top 10... but the falcons are not playing top 10 football right now

10 - Los Angeles Chargers - 8-5 - No rivers = minimum of 3 extra losses... good to see tbh 

9 - Denver Broncos 8-5 - What an amazing job with the turn around and a playoff push. Absolutely a top 10 job this year

8 - Bengals - 9-5 - I called rob going 11-5 last year and making the playoffs.. will i be right?

7 - Kansas City Chiefs - 9-4 - Mahomes and Hill cheese

6 - New York Jets - 8-4-1 - An amazong job with this awful jets team

5 - Houston Texans - 10-3 - Ayy lmao

4 - Clevland Browns - 11-2 - Defending champs on a mission to push through a loaded AFC

3 - New England Patriots - 11-1-1 Does this matter? choke in playoffs incoming.

2 - Carolina Panthers - 11-2 - XF cheese

1 - Green Bay Packers - 11-2 - Well it was fun seeing a non playa chip s1



Jake Elliott Kicks Game Winner to Beat Seattle

On a late november afternoon the 8-0-1 patriots took the field against the 2- seahawks. But both defenses must have though the game was in Seattle and not Foxburrough. A 34-31 thriller that saw 4 lead changes and a walk-off field goal. 

The patriots started off hot and made the game a 21-6 game with 3 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. After a seahawks TD, the pats made their only error on offense, an interception set up 3 points for seattle. What was a 21-6 game turned into a 21-16 game. Out of the gate in the 2nd half, the Seahawks drove the length of the field to add 6 plus the 2pt try to take the lead of 24-21. What then turned into a 31-31 game, came down to SEA having a FG attempt with 1:07 left to go. A shank wide right set the pats up with a chance to get a game winner of their own.  

25 Yards to Kittle
24 Yards to Kittle 
11 Yards to Dorsett
Game Winner

Next up, the 2-8 Jaguars.



Patriots Down Jets 28-18

Week 10 is in the books! After the bye week the patriots faced off in a rematch vs the jets. The first matchup saw a 27-27 tie. This week favored the patriots. 

In a 3 point game in the 3rd quarter, Jets QB Sam Darnold left the game and was later ruled out. Taysom Hill was awful and the jets saw the deficit increase to 10 points and were not able to overcome the loss of their starting QB. 

N'Keal Harry was the star of the game. Snagging 13 passes, 159 yards, and 2 TDs. 

Two Stephon Gilmore INTs (one returned for a TD) and a late George Kittle TD sealed the jets fate. 

the patriots remain undefeated and look to keep rolling in the second half of the season!


Pats Crush Bills to Stay Undefeated

In a monday night matchup between the bills and pats we saw the patriots just out perfrom a bills roster that is slowing coming back down from their magic 12-4 year last season. The patriots defense forced 5 Jimmy G interceptions, Jordan Howard ran for 142 yards and 3 TDs. The Patriots dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball. Holding the bills to under 80 yards rushing and sacking Jimmy G three times!

The patriots will roll into the bye week at 7-0-1 and will face the 4-3-1 jets after! 


Patriots Acquire Dee Ford at Trade Deadline

breaking news!!

Today at 4pm est the patriots and the 49ers struck gold. ha get it?

The 49ers agreed to trade pass rusher Dee Ford to the New England Patriots in exchange for John Simon and two 2nd round picks (2021 and 2022) 

After the geroge kittle trade the teams had an obvious good trade realtionship which leade to a swift and smooth trade progress.

Dee Ford will join SS Chase Winovich and Sheldon Rankins to add a much needed boost to the pass rush


Patriots Beat Rams in FOMF Battle

In the battle of the xFOMFx nerds, this instalment came for the first time in a long time not as divsion rivals. This saga was the same as ususal. A clear cut win for the patriots. 

The patriots had a simple gameplan approach for the second week in a row. Do not let the pass rush for the opponent dictate the game. Run the ball, quick hitting passes, and not 3rd and long situations. The patriots only had 92 yards rushing but they were vital. They kept the rush honest and made it 2nd and 6 and then 3rd and 1s were converted. 

This is a new patriots team and a new offense we have not seen from this pass happy user. at 6-0-1 the patriots are rolling. Up next a 3-3 bills squad that is falling from their 1204 magic run last year. 



Patriots Hit Game Winning FG vs Chargers

The patritos went into LA and were able to do something no team has been able to do. Stop Joey Bosa. Joey Bosa ended the game with no tackles and no sacks. The patriots ran the ball 31 times on the chargers for a total of 131 yards.

The gameplan was simple. Run the ball and do not allow the chargers pass rush to put the pats in 2nd and long or 3rd and long situations. When you pass, throw simple reads that are low risk. By doing so the patritos had 16/25 day. four drops. 

Up next will be the LA Rams who pose a similar challange as the chargers, a hyper elite pass rush that can and will destroy a game if you let them. 

The pats now sit at 5-0-1 and still in first place in the AFC.


Pats and Jets Game ends in a Tie????

The first game between the patriots and jets went how they normally play out. A low scoring chess match where whoever plays the smartest wins. This time we see our first tie.

A jets pick 6 opened the game with a jets 7-0 lead. The patritos and jets

A N'Keal Harry 23 yard TD catch tied the game up at 7 all

With 3 minutes to go in the half, Jordan Howard took a 3rd and goal from the one and punched it in for 7.

Then the teams traded some back and forth scores to tie it up at 24 with 8 seconds left. During overtime the patriots got inside the jets 10 and couldnt punch it in for six. A drive that took six minutes off the clock resulted in only 3 points. Then the jets took the ball down the field and kicked a field goal to tie with 1 minute left. 

Then the pats went conservative and played for the tie. Should they have gone aggressive? perhaps... but the 4-0-1 mark is curretly the best in the league. they are the 1 seed as of right now and top the afc east. 


Pats Steamroll Dolphins to 4-0

The 3rd installment of the pats v dolphins had the same result. Another blowout. 


Here are tom bradys combinded numbers . . .

60-70 passing for an 86.7 completion %
935 passing yards
14 TDs
0 INTs 
158.33 passer rating ...

Tom Brady is literally perfect against the dolphins

Now the pats get to lost to the jamal adam's tonight at 9pm est! 


Week 4 Power Rankings

Welcome back guys! After being angry at madden im back to posting some daddy league content! Lets roll out a week 4 power rank. But first let me explain what i factor in 

1) User ability

2) Roster (this is a negative in some ways)

3) Who you have played

4) Record 



Lets jump in

32 - Miami Dolphins 0-4 - The only user left in the league who does not have a win in the 1 1/4 seasons we have done. 

31 - Minnesota Vikings 2-2 - How can a 2-2 team be the 31st ranked team? well take away the FW vs jax and now you see the picture. I think the 0-4 bucs will beat the vikings. 

30 - Baltimore Ravens 0-3 - The ravens struggles continue with a rough start before they even enter divisional play.

29 - Chicago Bears 0-3 - And the cows came running home on this one. A loaded roster shouldnt be 0-3, and with the texans up next, 0-4 will soon be serverd. Medium rare.

28 - Seattle Seahawks 1-3 - with that QB and enforcer combo is not okay. 1-3 tied with two ther division foes, but an 0-2 start has doomed the hawks season. 

27 - San Francisco 49ers 1-3 - The 49ers have had a really rough opening 4 games. They are improving, but still a solid QB away from being more than a 3rd and 4th place division team.

26 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-4 - The bucs have had the hardest schedule to date. Falcons, panthers, saints, and Chargers. I belive they can bounce back to have a decent year, but playoffs are out of the picture now. 

25 - Arizona Cardinals 1-3 - The final of the 1-3 trio, they have faced brootal competition so far and there is no end in sight for them

24 - New York Giants 1-3 - The giants are in a pickle. The roster is bad, and the division is solid. Two back to back 1st round QBs cant help either. 

23 - Jacksonville Shaguars 1-3 - The new QB ran jags are off to a slow start and that wont end with a rough six game stretch up next. 

22 -Indianapolis Colts 1-2 - The Colts went all in to go 7-9 at best. Still dont see this team in the hunt for a playoff spot. 

21 - Denver Broncos 1-2 - The broncos are imrpoving as the sesaons go on, a win vs the bills and a 21-7 lead vs the pats and the broncos are on the right track.

20 - Oakland Raiders 1-2 - Raiders are starting to look like they can hang with the top teams, but a rough schedule may shove them into the depths of teams that have no shot. 

19 - Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 - Rounding off the sub .500 teams and shilo are the steelers. This is the year we determine the big question. Tough division or performance?

18 - Washington Redskins 2-2 - the redskins added some serious firepower on offense but still average in the WL books.

17 - Dallas Cowboys 2-2 - a great roster that should be a 3-1 team minimum. 

16 - Los Angeles Rams 2-2 - Only reason they arent one slot lower is because they beat the cowboys and redskins. a great roster carrying a user to a playoff bearth in the worst division in the league. 

15 - Houston Texans 2-1 - Are the texans back? if so they jump into the top 10. If not? theyll stay put for a few weeks.

14 - Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 - Another case where a great roster can aide a user to appear a top 8 user 

13 - Cincinnati Bengals 2-2 - Bengals are off to a rough start again, are they staring at a 2nd straight year with no playoffs? Are we overrating the bengals? We will see. 

12 - Buffalo Bills 2-2 - is the surprise of S1 falling back down? i dont think so. 

11- Detroit Lions 3-1 - If you lose to shilo you cant be anything but the lowest ranked 1 loss team.

10 - New Orleans Saints 3-1 - the return of dads' dad has brought joy. also a good user with a good roster. thanks mad...

9 - Tennessee Titans 3-1 - The titans are one of the best ran and coached teams in the league but the roster and texans rise back to normal play may be thier downfall. 

8 - Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 - The chiefs won the most overrated user last season; so far they havent played a ton of competition, but the real test is vs the jets tonight

7 - Carolina Panthers 2-1 - The conference runner ups only loss was due to cam being out for a game vs the saints. cheese or skill? that is the question

6 - New York Jets 2-1 - a top 3 team if they get any sort of roster help. dont trade with them please.

5 - Los Angeles Chargers 3-0 - The regular season winner a year ago. The QB will be the downfall of the chargers and ynvnvngnvnv money.

4 - New England Patriots 4-0 - Lets see how good they can be in the regular season to lose in the playoffs part 73 

3 - Green Bay Packers 3-1 - The packers have every reason to win the nfc. but mad seems to have his mojo going on offense now.

2 - Atlanta Falcons 3-0 - Adding adam theilen can push the falcons past the packers and back into the SB for a second straight year

1 - Cleveland Browns 4-0 - Browns aint moving until someone beats the befending champs



Pats sloppy in home opener vs 49ers

Another week, another semi similar story. The patriots are 2-0. Most teams would be happy with that start to the season. Not this team. In a matchup against the heavy underdog 49ers, the patriots fell into a 10 point hole and allowed a 3rd quarter in which the 49ers scored 17 unanswered points. The team rallied back to score a touch down on a 13 play 98 yard drive that ate up nearly 8min of clock time and left around 2:40 left in the game. After a 3 and out the pats got the ball back with 2:08 left. Then vintage tom brady took over. In a game where he threw 4 interceptions and nothing seemed to go the patriots way, not everything was clicking. The results? A game winning touchdown pass to james white. with under 30 seconds to go. A gilmore interception sealed the deal with under 10 seconds to go. The run game was again a bright spot. Jordan Howard ran for 86 yards and 3 tds. N'Keal Harry snagged 7 catches for over 110 yards. 

The patriots are struggling as a team so far against lower tier competition, but they have two more games to figure out their junk before their gauntlet hits. 

Starting week 5 the patriots face the . . . 

all playoff coached teams.


with the cardinals and dolphins next, the patriots will focus everything on improving and knocking off the rust!


Patriots start off the year with a bang

Season two has officially kicked-off! 

A 39-21 win seems like any regular blowout.. but the game wasnt as the score dictated. The patriots found themselves in a 21-7 hole in the middle of the second quarter. The defense looked awful, the offensive line was underperforming, and the gameplan was iffy. After that point thought, the patriots scored 32 unanswered points enroute to a 39-21 win. 

Some key things to take away from the game . . .

1) New patriots Jordan Howard notched 101 rushing yards (17 carries) with one TD

2) WR N'Keal Harry was targeted 9 times (9 catches for 94 yards)

3) Tom Brady finished the day 22/23 passing the ball

4) The run game tallied for 165 yards rushing 

The patriots look to their next matchup against the 49ers. geroge kittle returns to the bay area after being delt to new england last season. 


Get to know Pats QB Tanner Morgan

here is a link to look at his ratings... http://daddyleagues.com/4thand1/player/37885353

he New England Patriots are currently led by the greatest quarter back to ever walk the face of the earth in Tom Brady. But he announded officially that 2021 would be his final season regardless of the outcome. Now that leaves the question of who is next?

Enter Tanner Morgan. The former Gopher played in about 30 snaps as a rookie, in those snaps, he went 7/8 passing with a passing touchdown, and also added two touchdowns on the ground. 

Morgan is a dynamic Quarterback who can beat you with his arms, leg, and mind. He has spent last year absorbing any and everything he can possibably learn from Brady. Morgan is one of the first in last out type of guys new england loves. During the offseason they had an offer on the table from an afc team that would have sent him out of New England for a first round draft pick and some change. The Patriots kept Morgan and feel they found the next great QB. Barring any tragic injuries stopping Tom Brady's goodbye run, we wont see how ready Morgan really is until the 2020 season. Until then we only see him in mop up time and practice.


Final Two Round Mock Draft


With only two hours to go here is the final mock before the 2020 NFL Draft kicks off!!!

1 - MIA - Maurice Andrews OT Alabama - The dolphins roster is bad, one way to improve it is improving the OL. a 4.82 40 yard dash, 35 bench reps, and a 6.5 combine grade, Andrews is a lock for the top pick if the dolphins management is smart.


2 - NYG - Brenden Foster QB LSU - Fosters heisman campaign continued into the combine where he can a sub 4.8 40 and aced every other drill. A would be number one lock if the dolphins didnt have rosen. 


3 - MIN - Terrell Potter IDL Tennessee - The vikings have needs at the two worst position groups to have needs at. OL and DL. The vikings brilliantly traded away an elite edge rusher to take an interior rusher? Well at least potter looks good.


4 - OAK - LeKambrick Carney LB Alabama - Carney is a stud. 4.48 40 (best for lbs) also best in the 3 cone and shuttle. He immediately brings lb help to the raiders. Could be the best player in the draft.


5 - SF - Jameson King WR Boston College - The 49ers may have been screwed out of a trade for alshon jeffrey, but when Jameson ran a 4.42, he flew up radars. He is a speedy wr who can actually run routes. 


6 - HOU - Denard Dailey C W. Michigan - The texans were a sad story last year, but with jason peters signing in FA and now drafting an interior OL who can kick to guard who can kick over to guard. Texans OL will go from trash to mediocre! 


7 - DEN - Wade Alridge LB OK State- the Broncos have a ton of needs, but getting a solid lb core is key. Guys like Wade won't really be around much in fa or for trades. So grab em while you can


8 - CLE (From AZ) - Lamar McKenzie S Alabama - yay exactly what we didnt want happening, a stacked roster giving up dudes he cant resign and late ass picks to get a stud. TrAdE cOmMiTtEe ShOuLdNt DiCtAtE sTuFf fuck outta here

7.7 combine grade btw. Thanks guys. 


9 - PIT - Wade Fisher QB Texas - Big ben wont be around forever, best to try and find a guy now so when ben is gone the steelers can continue a high level of qb play. Fisher is slow and a more old school mold but is a good thrower of the football.


10 - NO - Tyler Bartlett TE Texas - Fishers go to in college goes to a perfect place, the saints get a young dynamic player. He is the highest graded TE in the draft since Rob Gronkowski. A massice 6’6” 250 lbs, he runs a sub 4.7 and has hands like a wr. Time will tell if he can gel in NO


11 - LAR (From IND) - Reggie Barnard OT USC - Well thanks to the rams playing yankee swap with qbs they are in a position to replace the retired andrew whitworth. Barnard is a massive 6’7” amd 340lbs, almost the size of my penis, so he will be a hard person to stop on the DL. and hes fast. Just like me in bed. 


12 - SEA - Robert Holley C Clemson, seahawks need OL help, and Holley can fill the void at left guard and help the seahawks push past the rams in the division.


13 - PHI (From BAL) - Chris Cantu OG Washington - The eagles trade up, making this thier 1000th trade. With a load roster in some areas, the team has a major hole at LG and secondary, this fills one of them immediately. 


14 - DAL - Bruce Boswell CB Tulane - The cowboys are in a unique situation where they dont have a ton of needs. So they get the luxury of BPA and in a top 10 where OL will get reached for, they get the best corner in the draft.


15 - JAX - Bobby Abbott IDL Alabama - The shags have a need at DT with Campbell going back to the dessert. What a great thing the best interior DL in the draft. Good pickup for the Shags.


16 - ATL (From CIN) - Bart Evans DT Oregon - Another team making moves in the top half of the first round. Atlanta moves up to grab a solid interior defender who will make a solid one two punch with Grady Jarret.. Maybe not a need, but best player has always been this gms motto. Win now and bpa. So essentially traded julio for a DT


17 - WAS - Dewayne Wilkinson CB Louisville - An undersized but feisty athletic corner who will fit right into the redskins 34 disguise scheme and a top two corner on the roster. With WRs being meh, redskins are happy to improve their secondary.


18 - OAK (From CHI) - Josh Spencer TE Miami - The raiders got the D with their first pick, now they add a tight end. He is not the player Tyler bartlett is, but he is still a sure fire weapon in the quick pass game. 


19 - NYJ - Leonard Sherman OG Houston - The jets need desperate help on the OL. Sherman is a little bit of a reach, but he can be a day one starter for a depleted jets line. And with the bills, pats, and even dolphins have stronger dl units, upgrading the OL is a must. Especially when the ghost whisperer sam darnold now has a new weapon in Nelson Agholor. 


20 - TB - Peyton Ohelps OG Stanford - The bucs almost didnt make it. But here they are, the last OL that is worthy of a first round grade. They pick up Phelps to shore up an offensive unit that needs help at guard.


21 - MIN (From LAR) - Keshawn Sherman EDGE Boston College - The vikings go DL with back to back first rounders. They lost Griffen, Hunter, and Joseph. GG. Well at least they got to fix that OL in free agency . . . oh wait. F 


22 - BAL (From PHI) - Jahzir Henson LB Boston college - Boston College has three first round selections fun fact! Ravens trade down, get an extra second and still get a solid linebacker. Excellent trade for the ravens. 


23 - SF (From NE) - Matthew Ball S Miami - 49ers took BPA with stud fast wr King earlier, now they go BPA and take a hard hitting safety in Ball. his 4.40 forty will probs make him go top 10 so gg this prediction, but hey tolgz, im sure you like this mocked pick! :) 


24 - CIN (From ATL via BUF) - Pierre Pratt LB Minnesota - SKI U MAH 8-0 LFG!!! The benglas trade down, get an early 2nd, and still get a solid linebacker? Love what the bengals and ravens are doing in this draft so far. Great move and pick up by the bengals front office here. Bengals are going minimum of 11-5 next year. Book it. 


25 - DET - Jose Carroll LB W. Kentucky - we have a run on LBs here, the lions ol holes cant get addressed, and bpa wont help either for their needs, so a reach for a solid user backer will be decent enough for them to be happy. Look for a trade up or down here.


26 - TEN - Daniel Olsen EDGE Northwestern - The titans go to fill a need here at edge rusher, olsen may have a 2nd round red diamond thing, but he is worthy of a late first. 


27 - GB - Charlton McClellan WR Ohio - A solid fast wr with a solid route running tree and an ability to create seperation vs press. Great pickup in the late first for the packers.


28 - LAC - Byron Thornton IDL - Penn State - The chargers really only have holes on their ol and interior DL. Thornton adds athleticism, power, and raw talent, some work on fundamentals and he will be solid. With no block shed rating in his top three, expect it to be in the mid to low 70s. 


29 - CAR - Tyrone June - CB Michigan State - A slower, but physical press corner who can immediately help a depleted secondary in carolina to help them get over the hump in the NFC. 


30 - NE (From KC) - Anthony Darden EDGE Arizona State - The patriots need help on the DL still, Rankins and Malik Collins inside with Winovich and Darden on the outside may give them a formidable pass rush. 


31 - AZ (From ATL) - Bo Albert WR Gerogia - The cardinals wanted to trade up, but i can assure you they will be happy with how the draft turns out, they get thier shot at falling stars or sleeprs. Albert is fast, good hands, good route running, and can create seperation. Great pick here.


32 - AZ (From CLE) - Cassidy Dailey OT NDSU - A reach in the first round, but the cards need help at OL, and dailey is a blooming star at LT, his 3rd round grade may scare people, but it shouldnt. 




33 - LAR (From MIA) - Riley Alexander OG Fresno State - Rams go OT then OG, their three started on the left average like a 65 overall. They need help. Alexander can offer that.


34 - NYG - Tracy Quinn S Missouri - The giants have McLeod but hes slow, Quinn gives them three solid safties to play a big nickel look in a spread day and age. Solid pickup.


35 - MIN - Brian Todd OT Miss State - Vikings need to draft an OL sometime.. right?


36 - LAR (From CHI via OAK) - Rob Williams C UCF - Three straight OL picks for the rams? Very possible, the OL is ass. If they dont fix it now they will fall from a playoff team to a top ten draft pick. Three picks - three starters is good to me.


37 - SEA (From SF) - Patrick Poe S Tx Southern - The hawks took a center in the first, now jump to their safeties to help shore up another big need for them.


38 - HOU - Michael Hood HB UND - The texans were interested in Jordan Howard in FA, now their patience pays off and nets them the best hb in the class. 


39 - DEN - Courtney DuVall IDL Clemson - The broncos went interior OL in the first, now interior DL in the second. Beefing up the middle is never a bad move for any team.


40 - JAX (From AZ) - Josiah Reese S Boise St - Jags took Abbott to replace Campbell in R1, now a fast box safety to add to a very suspect back end of the defense.


41 - PIT - Lance Metcalf CB Cincinnati - Yes hes slower, but he can still play ball. And with a rough secondary, itll have to do for a second rounder.


42 - MIA (From NO) - Cecil Ingram HB Arizona - Slow and stiff hb with power behind him. The dolphins need a dude who can break tackles from being hit behind the los every play


43 - IND - Tyrone Pendleton EDGE Boise State - The colts first pick goes to an athletic edge rusher who can rotate in for indy day one.


44 - SEA - Wade Abbott EDGE UNLV - With edge rushers thin, a falling meh player finds a home. Give him some time and he may be solid. He has a sound run defender with some quickness, he just needs to work on his pass rushing skills. 


45 - BAL - Sean Acosta EDGE Auburn - Ravens went off ball lb first now they snatch a rising player who may fly under some radars with a rush on OL.


46 - CHI (From DAL) - Jerron Patton IDL FAU - The bears have a big hole finding young and solid interior DL, patton is just that for the bears first pick of the night. 


47 - CIN (From ATL via JAX) - Silas Carson OT Purdue - Bengals need ol bad here come some reaches 


48 - CIN - Chandler Fisher OG Oregon State - Bengals find two starters on their OL here in the mid second, thats about as good as anyone can hope for in madden.


49 - IND (From WAS) - Bradley Lindsay LB Florida State - The colts snag a falling LB who is a little raw but can develop into a solid rotational early down LB.


50 - CHI  - Javier Waynes IDL Alabama - Second pick for the bears and a second IDL. Bears are old and meh other than goldman and they should stack up on them.


51 - NYJ - Raheem Curry CB Florida - Curry is raw, really raw, but he is extremely fast and that is always a plus. Cant teach speed. 


52 - CHI (From TB) - Damarious Hurns CB Kansas - Bears go for a third defender. The defense is getting expensive and with players like Cooper Kupp, Mitch Trubiscuit, and Tarik Cohen with expiring contracts, the defense needs to get younger and cheaper fast. 


53 - LAR - Teryan Lawrence CB NDSU - Rams are thin at OL and DB. they addressed OL, now time to work on corners. Man to man guy in the rams press man scheme.


54 - BAL (From PHI) - Gerard Culver WR UCLA - Ravens take a gamble on Culver.  4.46, 9th in both agility and acc drills. Good top three ratings. Seems better than the low grade to me. Ravens are an organization that can take risks


55 - NO (From NE) - Trey Glenn LB West Georgia - More lbs continue to fall just because of the way madden generates LBs. Could be a solid dude but who knows. Saints have a roster to take that risk.


56 - NYJ (From BUF) - Chuck Weston LB Wake Forest - Jets go for another fast lb to give them a dynamic trio at LB with user cheese abilities 


57 - DET - Keegan Cotton OT Arizona State - Lions reach for a tackle with a high upside to help this team out in the long haul. 


58 - TEN - Dustin Steele TE TAMU - The 6’5” 275 pound behamoth will help the titans in the short quick game and the run game. Love the pick here for the titans.


59 - GB - Dale Roy TE Liberty - Packers reach for a TE here for a lot of upside; he was a storyline player early in the season so packers reach for an upside.


60 - LAC - Deonte Peoples QB Tulane - Chargers do a yvng money and take a mobile qb for his offense. 


61 - GB (From CAR) - Marquise Ashley LB Ole Miss - Packers pick up a decent LB who can get into the rotation down the stretch in S2 


62 - KC - Nate Stephens OT Texas Tech - First pick of the chiefs is a reach for one of the few remaining OL in the draft.


63 - MIA (From ATL) - Phillip Sinclair OT  LSU - Dolphins continue on to try and repair a miserable OL


64 - CLE - Nyles Kuper IDL TAMU - To cap off the mock the browns try and continue to build a powerful defensive front and try to go back to back.