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The Game - Bucs vs Bears

When i say the phrase.. "*the game*" do you think Ohio State vs Michigan? Well if you do, you're fucking wrong bitch. 
The game is whenever Pixie and Brandon clash together. You get around 50-75 discord messages between the two about how pixie is going to win and how brandon will score 90 on him. 
Whether the game ends in a 49-10 rout, or a 35-25 semi close win (all brandon winning btw), its always a great watch for the antics/trash talking during the game! 
Tune in tonight to see the 7th installment of "*The Game*" 
(Brandon 6 - Pixie 0) 
Projected Score - Brandon 69 - Pixie 28 
DL Projected Score - Brandon 34 - Pixie 29


Week 4 power rankings

Week 4 Power Rankings
1 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-0
2 - Tennessee Titans 3-0
3 - Cleveland Browns 3-0
4 - Philadelphia Eagles 3-0
5 - Baltimore Ravens 2-1
6 - New England Patriots 3-0
7 - Dallas Cowboys 2-1
8 - Kansas City Chiefs 2-1
9- Las Vegas Raiders 2-1
10 - San Francisco 49ers 2-1
11 - Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1
12 - Arizona Cardinals 1-2 
13 - Indianapolis Colts 2-1
14 - Buffalo Bills 2-1
15 -  New York Giants 2-1
16 - Cincinnati Bengals 1-2 
17 - Minnesota Vikings 1-2
18 - New Orleans Saints 1-2
19 - Los Angeles Rams 1-2
20 - Green Bay Packers 1-2
21 - Carolina Panthers 1-2
22 - Washington Football Team 1-2
23 - Chicago Bears 2-1
24 - Seattle Seahawks 1-2
25 - Jacksonville Shaguars 1-2
26 - Detroit Lions 1-2
27 - Houston Texans 0-3
28 - New York Jets 1-2
29 - Atlanta Falcons 1-2
30 - Denver Broncos 0-3
31 - Los Angeles Chargers 0-3
32 - Miami Dolphins 0-3


season 1 mock draft

1 - MIA - Justin Ramsey - DT - Texas Tech - Miami has a major need at IDL. I think Ramsey can come in and step right in as a 2i / 3 / 4i tech player. Pure Dominance at TTU. His Oklahoma State tape was unreal. 4 sacks, 6 TFL, and a fumble returned for a TD. 


2 - JAX - Josiah Wilson - QB - Oregon State - a QB who is a star at Oregon State. Leading the beavers to their first ever pac 12 title win. A dual threat QB, he has a massive 6’6” frame. A little thin. But with the Shags option system he can thrive (800+ yards rushing during his junior season)


3 - CAR - Monty Blackburn - DB - Notre Dame - A true stud at corner. One of the best prospects i've seen and scouted in the last 69 years of scouting ive done. He is explosive, excellent in man coverage, and is physical with wrs off the line. Don't be shocked if he destroys the combine. 


4 - NO - Cole Riddle (me this) - QB - Utah - Oh how the saints have fallen. The former 5 star QB who shocked the SEC when he announced that he would pick Utah over Bama, Auburn, and Georgia. He has set records at Utah in his last two years as a starter. Unfortunately both years resulted in 7 wins or less and Cole also being banged up at the end of the season. His 4000 passing yards and 1000 rushing yards set a freshman record for QBs. All this to throw 14 times a game to kamara. 


5 - MIA (From HOU) - Emmanuel Smith - EDGE - Bama - Another top 5 pick this year for Miami. Another DL pick too. This dolphins team needs major help from the pass rush side of things. Adding Ramsey and Smith should be a great young duo to pair with Wilkins for a decade. His 13.5 Sacks led all SEC defenders last year 


6 - WAS - Leon Tartt -  WR - Oregon State - Teammate of Josiah Wilson, he exploded onto the scene last year with 1100 yards and 12 TDs for the beavers. He is raw in his route running and footwork but he would fit perfectly with Haskins and McLaurin. 


7 - NYJ - Joshua Middleton - OT - Oregon - The Jets have shown out strong two games so far this year, but they are missing a few things. First is finding an OT opposite of Mekhi Becton. Locking up the best T prospect gives them a young pair of bookend tackles for sam darnolds career. 


8 - NYJ(SEA) - Mike Langford - TE - Texas - I almost went Guard here. But the jets are clearly looking for weapons (see Fuller/Chark trades) and I don't think Herndon will develop the way the Jets are hoping he does. Jets get two outside threats, two young tackles, a new TE to pair with Herndon, and bam the Jets look to finally have given Darnold the weapons and protection he deserves. 


9 - LAC - Lucas Thomas - OG - Iowa State - The chargers need interior OL help badly. Thomas is a great option. He will plug and play day one to protect Herbert for his career. 


10 - DET - Demetrious Stringer - S - Wisconsin - The lions were reportedly in the race to trade for Saints S Marcus Williams. So I get a sense the lions still feel this is a major need. Stringer is a hitter. His hit on Penn State QB Connor Black shocked the big ten. He can also cover TEs and HBs out of the back field. Think Isaiah Simmons for the Cardinals. 


11 - DEN - Tyshawn Brooks - DT - Florida A&M - A small school beast. Brooks transferred out of Florida state due to coaches not liking how many “riddle me this” memes he sent in zoom meetings lead to character concerns and wondering about his commitment to football; but when he's on the field he demands double and triple teams every snap at A&M. 


12 - ATL - Adonis Barnett - OG - Kansas State - A mauler in the trenches. The falcons by many are considered a soft team. Barnett is a guard who will fight you literally and figuratively. 


13 - JAX (LAR) - Andy Mason - OT - Nebraska - The Shags are continuing to build around their option offense with an athletic tackle who can climb to second level on option plays. 


14 - SF - Carl Elliot - DB - Indiana - Sherm is getting old and there isn't much depth behind him. 49ers snag a great #2 corner to be opposite of Sherm. 


15 - GB - Mark Callahan - LB - Florida - in a weaker LB class the Packers address a major need with the top LB prospect falling to them at 15. 


16 - PIT - Kendrick Brown - EDGE - Oregon - The steelers had Bud Dupree on the block earlier. It's time to get a cheaper and better option to put opposite of TJ Watt. 


17 - NYG - Randall Washington - EDGE - Michigan - The giants have a baaaaaad pass rush. Let's hope their new gm doesn't skip the draft. 


18 - LV - Parker Johnson - DB - TAMU - The raiders need some help at corner. Parker is a physical player, a smart player, and a good player. Excellent fit for the raiders. 


19 - MIN - Jamal Brewer - WR - Georgia - a force of nature at wr. This former converted five star HB out of Illinois has all the skills of a HB but the hands of a WR. Excellent footwork, great after the catch, return game, special teams, and can win 50/50 balls with his 6’3” 200 lb frame. 


20 - CHI - Derrick Claiborne - DB - Notre Dame - Notre dames second best corner is still a top 20 player in the nation. A little slower but is a very smart and instinctive player. He eliminates TEs, big WRs, and even has played some S in college. 


21 - AZ - Gio Canady - EDGE - The cards need to find someone other than chandler jones who can rush the passer. Gio is a great option for the cardinals. 


22 - CIN - Holden Walker - OT - Tennessee - Bengals cashed in big for Larry Warford. Assume this team is not done on the OL either and will be looking to upgrade this offseason. Walker is a great fit to build around with Jonah on the other side. 


23 - CLE - Braylon Jones - DB - Vanderbilt - The browns look to find their #2 corner to have an elite young trio of Ward, Williams, and Jones. Would be a top 5 staple to build with for the decade. 


24 - TEN - Derrick Craig - WR - Montana State - a small school two start montana kid stayed home and played his way to be a potential first round pick? Three straight 100, 1000, 10 rec/yd/td seasons will do that. He is the all time leader in catches, yards, touchdowns, return yards, return tds, and even has 800 rush yards and 10 tds to add to his resume. Small school phenom who will fail at the nfl level? Or future star? 


25 - TB (From BAL) - Nick Goodwell - Edge - Stanford - out with an edge and in with an edge? Nick Goodwell is a smart well rounded player who can rotate into the lineup on day 1. 


26 - DAL - Bryan Wolfe - S - LSU - Emmitt is back! Although this dude doesn't have a funny name, Emmitt will love a smaller athletic safety who can start day 1 for the cowboys. 


27 - BUF - George Hendricks - Hyde and Poyer are starting to age. Hendricks is a little raw but can be the 3rd safety until the bills move off of one of their two starting safeties. 


28 - KC - Joe peterson - Edge- Ohio State - the chiefs need a solid #2 edge guy to continue to work on the chiefs underwhelming front 7.


29 - PHI - Alec Byrd - LB - Oregon State - eagles have a massive need at LB. they grab the final 1st round graded LB on the board. 


30 - NO(IND) - Duke Carmichael - WR - Colorado - Saints got their QB with their first pick and now they get their #2 WR opposite of thomas. Why tho? Kamara will get 14 catches anyways. 


31 - TB - Alex Hoke Jr - QB - Arizona State - The bucs traded for Minshew last week but i dont think he is the future. Bucs are in the perfect place to draft and wait for TB12 to ride off into the sunset. 


32 - NE - Connor Black - QB - Penn State - The pats are having great success this year so far but they wont make or win the SB as this ranking has them. They need a QB to lift them to the promised land.



AFC Road to the Superb Owl goes through Foxborough

The road to wherever the hell the super bowl is will go through Foxborough! That is until the patriots choke in the playoffs. 

The patriots have confrimed the following players will not play in week 17 vs the Bills

QB Tom Brady
HB James White
TE George Kittle
WRs Julian Edelman and N'Keal Harry
Edge Rushers Chase Winovich and Dee Ford
DBs Gilmore, JC Jackson, Jones, DMac, and Jenkins 


Pre-Playoff Power Ranking

32 - Minnesota Vikings 2-11 - Lol

31 Miami Dolphins - 3-10 - bigger lol

30 - Oakland Raiders - 2-11 - jonny is better than this but big oof 

29 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2-11 - Rip jameis 

28 - Seattle Seahawks - 4-10 - Threat dector, escape artist, and an enforcer is 4-10? mega big oof

27 - Jacksonville Shaguars - 3-11 - Some FLs and bad luck this year bring the shags down 

26 - Chicago Bears - 5-8 - What a fall from grace for the 9-7 bears a year ago. GG moocow 

25 - Indianapolis Colts - 4-9 - Even a degree cant help him understand a $10 bill is $10

24 - Arizona Cardinals 4-10 - A team with a bad record but i still have some confidence in for some reason

23 - Baltimore Ravens - 4-9 - Please trade me lamar jackson 

22 - Dallas Cowboys - 5-8 - In a struggling division, this was the cowboys chance to grab the title and make the playoffs.

21 - San Francisco 49ers - 5-9 - a great improvment in this team and user.. coud they be an 8-8 team next year!?!?

20 - Detroit Lions - 5-8 - A WC team in s1, the lions are sruggling.. its time to end the run and shoot era.

19 - Buffalo Bills - 6-8 - A 12-4 division winner in s1 has had the biggest fall so far... lets see if an offseaon to rebuild can do the trick.

18 - New York Giants - 6-7 - Tbh this performance with this team is top 15 worthy if they are 7-6.. 

17 - Los Angeles Rams - 1-9 vs teams over .500 - Could the rams catch fire for the playoffs? no

16 - Philadelphia Eagles - 8-5 - Currently on the outside looking in.. but i think theyll win the division

15 - Washington Hitsticks - 8-5 - the hitsticks are in first place but with philly down thier neck

14 - Tennessee Titans - 7-6 - The titans really had an awful first few games but have rebounded to be in the playoff picture

13 - Pittsburgh Steelers - 7-6 - The steelers are having a solid year in a very tough division. Put them in the nfc and they are 9-5

12 - New Orleans Saints - 8-5 - What a strong bounce back for the team with a new coach and gm.

11 - Atlanta Falcons - 8-5 - What a shock seing the falcons out of the top 10... but the falcons are not playing top 10 football right now

10 - Los Angeles Chargers - 8-5 - No rivers = minimum of 3 extra losses... good to see tbh 

9 - Denver Broncos 8-5 - What an amazing job with the turn around and a playoff push. Absolutely a top 10 job this year

8 - Bengals - 9-5 - I called rob going 11-5 last year and making the playoffs.. will i be right?

7 - Kansas City Chiefs - 9-4 - Mahomes and Hill cheese

6 - New York Jets - 8-4-1 - An amazong job with this awful jets team

5 - Houston Texans - 10-3 - Ayy lmao

4 - Clevland Browns - 11-2 - Defending champs on a mission to push through a loaded AFC

3 - New England Patriots - 11-1-1 Does this matter? choke in playoffs incoming.

2 - Carolina Panthers - 11-2 - XF cheese

1 - Green Bay Packers - 11-2 - Well it was fun seeing a non playa chip s1



Jake Elliott Kicks Game Winner to Beat Seattle

On a late november afternoon the 8-0-1 patriots took the field against the 2- seahawks. But both defenses must have though the game was in Seattle and not Foxburrough. A 34-31 thriller that saw 4 lead changes and a walk-off field goal. 

The patriots started off hot and made the game a 21-6 game with 3 minutes to go in the 2nd quarter. After a seahawks TD, the pats made their only error on offense, an interception set up 3 points for seattle. What was a 21-6 game turned into a 21-16 game. Out of the gate in the 2nd half, the Seahawks drove the length of the field to add 6 plus the 2pt try to take the lead of 24-21. What then turned into a 31-31 game, came down to SEA having a FG attempt with 1:07 left to go. A shank wide right set the pats up with a chance to get a game winner of their own.  

25 Yards to Kittle
24 Yards to Kittle 
11 Yards to Dorsett
Game Winner

Next up, the 2-8 Jaguars.



Patriots Down Jets 28-18

Week 10 is in the books! After the bye week the patriots faced off in a rematch vs the jets. The first matchup saw a 27-27 tie. This week favored the patriots. 

In a 3 point game in the 3rd quarter, Jets QB Sam Darnold left the game and was later ruled out. Taysom Hill was awful and the jets saw the deficit increase to 10 points and were not able to overcome the loss of their starting QB. 

N'Keal Harry was the star of the game. Snagging 13 passes, 159 yards, and 2 TDs. 

Two Stephon Gilmore INTs (one returned for a TD) and a late George Kittle TD sealed the jets fate. 

the patriots remain undefeated and look to keep rolling in the second half of the season!


Pats Crush Bills to Stay Undefeated

In a monday night matchup between the bills and pats we saw the patriots just out perfrom a bills roster that is slowing coming back down from their magic 12-4 year last season. The patriots defense forced 5 Jimmy G interceptions, Jordan Howard ran for 142 yards and 3 TDs. The Patriots dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball. Holding the bills to under 80 yards rushing and sacking Jimmy G three times!

The patriots will roll into the bye week at 7-0-1 and will face the 4-3-1 jets after! 


Patriots Acquire Dee Ford at Trade Deadline

breaking news!!

Today at 4pm est the patriots and the 49ers struck gold. ha get it?

The 49ers agreed to trade pass rusher Dee Ford to the New England Patriots in exchange for John Simon and two 2nd round picks (2021 and 2022) 

After the geroge kittle trade the teams had an obvious good trade realtionship which leade to a swift and smooth trade progress.

Dee Ford will join SS Chase Winovich and Sheldon Rankins to add a much needed boost to the pass rush


Patriots Beat Rams in FOMF Battle

In the battle of the xFOMFx nerds, this instalment came for the first time in a long time not as divsion rivals. This saga was the same as ususal. A clear cut win for the patriots. 

The patriots had a simple gameplan approach for the second week in a row. Do not let the pass rush for the opponent dictate the game. Run the ball, quick hitting passes, and not 3rd and long situations. The patriots only had 92 yards rushing but they were vital. They kept the rush honest and made it 2nd and 6 and then 3rd and 1s were converted. 

This is a new patriots team and a new offense we have not seen from this pass happy user. at 6-0-1 the patriots are rolling. Up next a 3-3 bills squad that is falling from their 1204 magic run last year.