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The Raven’s Coach’s Future is Unclear

John Harbaugh has failed to get the Ravens into the playoffs for the past couple of seasons the team has been stuck in mediocrity. Apparently, their struggles were enough to get the Ravens to consider ending the Harbaugh era in Baltimore.

On Friday, Ravens owner Jorell Davis admitted that he thought about firing Harbaugh after the 2020 season. Ultimately, though, he decided to retain Harbaugh. 

It was certainly a consideration, but not one that I was inclined to make this year," Davis said, per ESPN's Adam S.

Davis declined to issue a playoff ultimatum to Harbaugh, but he did acknowledge that the situation has likely put more pressure on Harbaugh than he's ever had in his life.

"He's under as much pressure than probably he's ever been in his life, and I expect him to keep his chin up and take his positivity and his talents and make the most of the season," Davis  said. "I may as well replace him now if I tell him to make the playoffs or you're out of town next year. That's not the way we run business here.“



The Mid-Season Look At 2021 Rookie of The Year Race

As we have passed the mid-season mark of the year I am taking another look at this year's rookies and how I rank them in the race to be the rookie of the year in Grid. I am taking account of how the team is doing an the impact on the team the player has since being drafted. So let's get started.

1. QB - Joseph Lee  (MIA) is still leading the pack. He was drafted 7th overall and has led his team to a 5-4 start. He has 14 touchdowns on the year and 10 interceptions and is throwing 74% on the season so far. 

2. WR - Howard Mullins (DAL) was drafted in the second round to the Cowboys and just recently popped up on the radar as he has now become a top ten receiver in Grid. Since becoming apart of the team he has racked up a total of 529 yards and three touchdowns. Even though he hasn't put up a lot of points on the board he has given the team a big jump in production through the air. Compared to last season they will easily surpass the yards they have made over the last four seasons.

3. QB -  Roy Rutland (JAX) since becoming the franchise QB the team needed he has been more of a facilitator as his numbers are lower than some of the other rookie QBs so far this season.  He hasn't hurt his team by giving up the ball, but he hasn't really been as exciting to watch as the fans would hope. The Jaguars are still in the hunt for the playoffs so we can't count him out as a difference maker for this franchise, but as the rookie of the year, his stock isn't really rising with his performances as of late.

4. DB - Camron Jefferson (ARZ) a surprise to some, Jefferson a sixth-round pick, is making waves on the defensive side of the ball for the Cardinals. His impact on the team isn't as great as it would've been if Peterson wasn't let go the last off-season, but he has kept the team afloat since the star has been released. He has 34 tackles which are huge for a DB, 1 forced fumble, and 2 interceptions.

5. QB - Turner Albright (BAL) it's sad to say that the number one overall year pick has started to fall off over the last three games. He is second in yards among rookie QBs. He has given the Ravens a much-needed boost on offense through the air.  Over the last three weeks, he has thrown 10 picks pushing him to the bottom of my list.


21 Falcons's 2021 Rookie Rankings So Far....

With the 2021 regular season almost at the quarter mark,21 Falcon has reviewed his notes from the first three weeks to rank the top rookies in the Grid today.

1. Joseph Lee (QB) Miami Dolphins - Draft 7th overall to the Dolphins Joseph has so far shown that he's the most productive QB out of this QB heavy draft. So far he's improved his QB ratings each game. He's also throwing 79% which is at the top of the league. 

2. Roy Rutland (QB) Jacksonville Jaguars - Drafted 28th overall, Roy was drafted to become the franchise QB the Jacksonville Jaguars needed. So far this season he has been throwing the ball well averaging a little over 300 yards a game, but his development is still a concern as he is picking up things slower than average, but throwing the ball like he has so far this season that can be overlooked. Right now he's shown the biggest impact on his team. We will see if he maintains his production in the upcoming weeks.

3. Lawrence Brinkley (WR) Detroit Lions - Drafted 3rd overall, Lawrence went to the Lions who desperately needed a big target for Matthew Stafford. Since joining the Lions the offense have been looking a whole lot better. He's taken a lot of pressure off of the other receivers and helped put the Lions in the top five when it comes to passing yards. He's currently second in the league in receiving.

4.Turner Albright (QB) Baltimore Ravens - Drafted 1st overall, Albright became the next franchise QB of the Baltimore Ravens. He's shown that he can pick up the offense fast, but at times been rattled late in games after taking hits. He's given the Raven's a much-needed boost with four touchdowns on the season. He's thrown a solid 55% this season and seems to be improving his throwing each week.

There aren't any other standouts so far this season. Hopefully, the list will be longer in the next update.


Was Bortles The Raven’s Missing Piece?

As we are heading to the second half of the season the Baltimore Ravens are still winless. The fans are no starting to wonder if the team will ever get their first win and the coach feel like the first win is coming soon especially with the return of the team’s starting quarterback Blake Bortles who was out with broken ribs for five weeks. In the first game he has returned he threw for 293 yards which is a little less than the team has thrown in the four games he has been gone. It seems like he is the spark that the team has needed to get going. 

With his return Marquis Lee has boosted his preformance on the field.  So far this year he has 430 yards receiving.  In the last game alone he has 184 of those yards showing that the offense needed Bortles to reach its full potential this year. 

So will the first win come in the upcoming weeks? We think so. 


Will The Ravens Ever Fly Again?



With the loss of their starting quarterback Blake Bortles in week three, the Baltimore Ravens are sinking faster than any team in the league with the worst offense. In their last game against the Cleveland Browns, the team had less than 100 total yards on offense. With that said the team has no apparent answer to their problem. When asked about the state of the team the coach said the following:

"We know we stink right now and we are taking it hard. We can't run, we can't pass, and our defense hasn't helped our offense at all so far this season. Right now it's safe to say we haven't been doing anything good this season. We know that. Our goal is to find some kind of spark and build off of it. Rather it is our running game taking off or our defense helping us have shorter fields and more possessions we have to find something to build off of. Next week we play a hot team in the Giants and I expect us to have a hard time, but I expect us to make progress on both sides of the ball as well. We have something to prove to ourselves more than GRID. We will rebound from these first four games. "







Week 1: The Raven's Are Stuck In Neutral

The Baltimore Ravens seemed to be stuck in neutral as they took their first loss of the season to the Washington Redskins. Picking off from where they left off from last season, the Raven's offense turned the ball over a total of six times causing them to lose the game 7-36. Blake Bortles seemed to be lost on the field as he threw five of the six interceptions. In the post-game interview, Blake said the following:

"I just couldn't make the reads I needed to make in the rain. Some of them interceptions I through should've been pulled down and I should have taken off instead of forcing the pass. 

As for the rest of the team, Marquis Lee was the only star of the team as he got the only touchdown for the Ravens and totaled 102 yards receiving.  Defensively the team didn't slow down Wentz as he threw 10 of 14 passes 216 yards and ran 1 yard for a touchdown. 

Next week the Ravens will face the Jaguars, who aren't a pushover. 


The Ravens Prepare For The New Season

As we are preparing for a new season, the Baltimore Ravens are on the practice field trying to iron out some of the issues that have been ailing them over the last couple of seasons. Last season the team struggled a lot on both sides of the ball but especially on defense. Over the last two seasons the GM didn't put much focus on upgrading the defense, so this year they made the brave move to move up in the draft to get the arguably best cornerback in the draft in Dalton Winfield. The addition of Winfield will bring some youth to the aging defensive back core after the loss of Jimmy Smith. 

One major thing they didn't address this off-season was their issue at quarterback. Originally they were going to go quarterback in the draft but decided to go defense after they felt the pressure to gain help on defense to slow down some of their division's best-receiving cores.  Last season the offense sputtered more often than not, and it seems this year it isn't going to get much better without a better game plan and run game.  

We will see how the team responds this season. The fans deserve a better season than last year.



The Ravens Off-Season Round Up

The Ravens have had an eventful off-season preparing to build their roster up for this upcoming season. Here is a summary of the team’s moves and plans for the upcoming season. 


The first move the GM made was trading Perriman to the Bills for the second year QB Nate Peterman. We brought in Nate to help bring long-term stability at the backup QB position. Nate has potential to be an efficient QB in the West Coast scheme but lacks the size needed to possibly be a superstar and healthy long term taking hits. 


The next major signing were both Blake Bortles (QB) and Marquis Lee (WR). Bortles was acquired as possibly the QB to take over for Joe Flacco next season unless Flacco can redeem himself and get back on track. Marquis Lee is a sure handed WR who is capable of running precise routes. We don’t have the fastest deep threats but we feel like we can move the ball in decent chunks. 


In the draft we picked up some decent pieces we wanted to develop over upcoming years. We are set at our starters and backups and are thinking further down the line. With our first round pick we drafted George Webb who is a stud at RG and has potential to be one of the best linemen in Grid in the upcoming years.  Another interesting draft pick is DeMarlo Cromartie-Smith who is a physical stud who isn’t too far of with skills at the safety position. 


We are hoping to improve on last season and have a shot at winning our division. The first step is finding our rhythm in pre-season.


The Ravens Are Ready For The Off-Season

Now that our season is over the Ravens are preparing for the off-season and draft here in the Grid. So far the team have announced that they will be moving on from Danny Woodhead (HB) , Benjamin Watson, and Robert Griffin III (QB). Other players who will be released are still being discussed in the upcoming days.  

In a last minute decision we decided to bring back Mike Wallace for another year until the younger recievers develop more. We will most likely be deep at wide receivers for the next couple of years due to the fact that our top two receivers are aging and injury prone. 

Defensively we are already set for the future and only have to work on developing our younger players.  

We cant give up touch information on our upcoming plans, but know that we have plans on improving our offense and build even more depth.


The Ravens Are Taking Small Steps

As the season has progressed the Ravens have, over time, improved on defense to win a total of three games so far.  Lead by C.J. Mosley and Jimmy Smith the defense have scored a total of eight touchdowns and created 29 turnovers.  

Even though the defense has gotten better the offense hasn't managed to do the same. The team is still struggling to offensive put up the point's it needs to on a consistent basis. Especially in red zone situations. Joe Flacco completion percentage has began to slowly fall as the season progresses and now at 53% and he's sitting at 30 interceptions and is at risk of being beached in a game if he throws a interception.  

On the ground we ar finally gaining yards more consistently with Terrance West and Danny Woodhead which is a plus. The only thing the coach said about the offense is this:

I am proud of the things we have accomplished on offense. Flacco may have struggled protecting the ball, but he has managed to equally distribute the ball to all of our receivers. It's a rare thing to see a quarterback do that whose name isn't Tom Brady.  We may not make the playoffs this year, but I am focused on making strides to prepare this team for the future and be a force for years to come. When thinking about building a team we take the Saban approach and look for player who will play at a high level for four years with no ceiling. In our last draft we have accomplished that, we just now have to learn to play as one unit and succeed.  


The Final Cut

The moment of truth is here. There are sure to be some hard decision for the coaches and front office as they put the finishing touches on their final 53. It’s important to remember that whatever the “final” roster looks like, it’ll change almost immediately thereafter, as the team looks to make additional moves. For the most part, the fourth preseason game won’t make a major dent in the final roster decisions, but it certainly helped solidify positioning for a few players. 

For the the most part all of our players will stay within the organization on our practice squad. 


The Ravens WR Battle in Training Camp

With training camp well under way, we have a pretty good idea of who will be starting for the Baltimore Ravens this season. However, there are still plenty of exciting story lines to follow before the season starts. The following three position groups could make or break the Ravens’ 2017 season.

With a training camp already partly over, we have a better idea of what units will be the most intriguing to watch the rest of the way. By the end of training camp, we should have a better idea of how these positions groups will either help or hinder the team.

Wide Receivers

Wide receiver was one of the most uncertain areas on the roster going into the 2017 offseason. After Steve Smith’s retirement left Mike Wallace as the No. 1 receiver on the depth chart, there was plenty of cause for concern. Wallace could be ready to step up into the No. 1 receiver role.

So far this offseason, first-round draft pick Breshad Perriman, who missed his first season with a knee injury and had a mediocre second season which also included another knee injury scare, has been impressive. 

There is no definite arrangement of the depth chart yet, but we feel Maclin could beat both Wallace and Perrinan out for the top spot  We are still gauging the talent and how each player benifits us at each position