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Is it time for Love?

Mixed rumors of the Packers possibly trading Love but other rumors state he may take over the Franchise. 


Packers Week 10

Packers keep getting publicly called out.. Packers. KEEP. WINNING.#NEXT
Bad start for Murray and the gang few rookie mistakes and some bad luck led the Pack to be down 12-0 with 3 mins left in half.. Murray, turning into a slow to warm up player, finally went Murray mode and took over. Giving the Packers the lead before the end of half and took control the rest of the game going on a 38-7 run.
-Chubb slammed in 2
-MVS 137 1 TD
-Young PBL phenom Campbell 150 1 TD
#KingOfTheNorth #Undefeated #NFC>#AFC#GoPackGo



Packers - Week 4

The little cats step onto Lambeau Field and get dominated in every aspect of football.
Murray is all the hype and then some as he put on a clinic with the Jags defense
-VS 169 yards and go to WR P. Campbell 140 1TD
Defense racked up 6 sacks and while the starters were in almost no yards were gained 
#GoPackGo #WelcomeToTheNFC #KingOfTheNorth



-Sweet number 6 for the year!
Shaky start with Rodgers throwing 2 INTs and then a fumble by Chubb. 
-But bad man got his shit together and slung the rock for 300+ 
Chubb & Jones each slammed one in.
MVS the MVP of the game went for over 200 yards!
Defense struggled to contain LJ at times but still managed 5 sacks and put up a stellar 4th down stop at the 2 to win the game! 
#GoPackGo #PBL #KingOfTheSevenKingdoms


Season XIII Draft News

Packers made some moves


MVP Race is on!

As some of you have probably already noticed, the MVP RACE IS ON!
-It is a new system this year! Here is the breakdown, we picked an Elite 8! Each having a 1v1 face off.
-Once that stage finishes we will have our Elite 4 face off
-Finally, we will have our top 2!
Each stage will have a 24 hour voting period!
All candidates have been dropped!
If you haven't joined our support group/competitive league group please please please do so to support PBL - you can find it here ?? Pigskin Ballerz Madden Organization??
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-Remember the more you all help the better the league will become for all us as we elevate PBL up in the madden community!


End of the Year Awards

Packers finish with a perfect season! Marking it as the 4th time a team has had a perfect season in PBL!
Coach Favre snags another Coach of the year Award!
Rodgers - Pro Bowl, Passer Rating Leader & QB of the year (SS Dev)
MVS - Pro Bowl & WR of the year (S dev)
G. Avery- Pro Bowl, Sack Leader, DL of the year, Defensive player of the year! (SS dev)
J. Jones - Pro Bowl, Interceptions leader & DB of the year
Other Pro Bowl players from Green Bay
C.Samuel, St. Brown. D. Harris(Q dev), A. Villanueva, G. Robinson, C. Linsley, S. Thomas(SS dev), K. Clark, J. Meyers


Power Rankings Week 17

PBL Commissioner Rankings
*Packers excluded*
(Haven't had time to make a graphic yet)

1. Baltimore Ravens [Previous ranking #1] - They add yet another notable win to the W column this last week before the post-season kicks off! Will people finally start believing the hype or will last season forever tarnish the respect Baltimore seeks so badly? Only the post-season will tell.
2. Philadelphia Eagles [Previous ranking #2] - Eagles prepare for another Nick Foles postseason as they place Star QB Wentz on IR. Can the man with the statue keep this power house team rolling through playoffs?
3. San Francisco 49ers [Previous ranking #3] - Another week, another game with a KR for TD and 4th quarter win in the final seconds. Will these magic 4th quarter comebacks prevail in the playoffs or will they finally get exposed?
4. Atlanta Falcons [Previous ranking #4] - The Falcons will attempt to forget a rough season, as they coasted through their final few games, putting all their chips into winning it all and proving this was a fluke season.
5. Minnesota Vikings {NEW} - They are back! With the coach having to take a leave of absence for part of the season, they came swinging! They not only stole a wildcard spot they stole the 5th seed and caused a huge ripple in the playoff layout for the NFC.
~Fallen off Seahawks [Previous ranking #5]~


PBL Top 5 Teams

PBL Top 5 Power Rankings!
-Packers excluded for obvious reasons
1. Baltimore Ravens - After a bottom feeder type season last year, the Ravens have turned their entire franchise around. They are dishing out some L’s while they attempt to gain respect. They remain the most underrated team in the league, but not here.
2. Philadelphia Eagles - This team is the definition of consistent. Nothing flashy or showy, but always near the top getting their steady stream of W’s. How will this team fair without their superstar QB?
3. San Francisco 49ers - No dominance here. Just a whole lot of 4th quarter comebacks and Kick Off returns for TDs. Showing signs of being very inconsistent with massive amounts of turnovers, will they be able to maintain top 5 status? 
4. Atlanta Falcons - Despite a strange and very off type season this year they remain an ever present contender. Several games this year could have gone either way and dramatically would have improved their standing. Will Julio carry this team through playoffs?
5. Seattle Seahawks - A team on an unusual hot streak. Still fighting for a late seed playoff spot like normal years but starting to rack up some W’s. A new found defense has been leading the way for them but a lack of division dominance and offensive firepower still holds them back.


Packers Week 14

Tough place to play, especially in the snow and a horrid start to add.. 
-Offense was clicking but with Redzone troubles in the beginning throwing 2 INTs. It seemed everything was going against us, Jones missing several INTs not like himself and the Eagles were making plays, and had possession for almost double the time.
Bad man got shit together and rallied the offense and sparked the D. 
-MVS 146 yards 2 TDs
-Vyncint Smith quietly taking a back seat this year while he learns from the big boys had a break out game racking up 125 yards and a TD
-Minus a blown play defense played exceptional for the remainder of the game
#GoPackGo #KingOfTheNorth #RedemptionYear



Packers Week 13

Packers do it again and move on to 12-0!
Rodgers had a day as he is boasting MVP type numbers this year.
-After a couple TDs from MVS, Samuel stole the show with 7 rec 150 yards and a score
Avery racked up 4 out of 6 sacks and DBs had a rough week mostly because of back ups being in but overall had 4 INTs
#GoPackGo #KingOfTheNorth


Packers Week 12

BURN THEM ALL -- Packers move on to 11-0
Bad man had a damn day, wiping out the entire house of the Westeners! History shall not remember them!
-MVS was unstoppable 10 REC 181 yards 3 TDs
Defense had a couple mishaps but only allowed one redzone trip and managed 5 sacks 


Packers Week 10

Packers are the last undefeated team in the league as they move to 9-0!
Bad man had a near perfect QBR as he surpasses 300 yards and 4TDs in the game
-When one is covered the other takes over, Samuel had a day hauling in 159 yards & 2TDs
Defense racked up 7 sacks and 5 INTs with record setter Jones adding 3 more to his total!
#KingOfTheNorth #GoPackGo #NightKing


Packers Week 9

Packers remain Undefeated
Bad man 240 + 5 TDs
MVS took 3 to the house
The defense stole the show even with Rodgers on the field.. allowing -4 rushing yards against a top 5 rusher. Avery racked up 3 sacks and 7 INTs were taken with 2 pick 6s. Jones tied his own record for INTs in a game snagging 5 and had a pick 6 himself. In only 8 games he broke the INT record and looks to make it unbreakable after this season!
#GoPackGo #WePostSeasonReady


Packers Week 7

Packers stay undefeated another week as Coach Favre and the team prepare for their bye week.
Rodgers 329 1 TD
-Chubb slammed in 2 before going out to injury, next up was Jones who was lost a few plays later. 4th string HB Bo Scarbrough stepped up making some big time plays while scoring a TD. 
Defense was pretty much lights out only giving up around 100 yards if you take away 3 broken plays that totaled over 180 yards themselves. Avery racked up 3 out the 7 sacks gathered!