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It’s Begun.

Washington’s Offense is now complete. After sending a second and a fifth for a freak of nature from Tampa, and picking up the Sage Gage for only a couple of dimes. They also got an honorary linemen out of Merry Terry. Who the defense gonna guard? RoJo also got a dev upgrade to star. Haskins is still Trashkins. As for the defense, it’s the same. Third round, sixth round, and seventh round pick OTB as well.


Washington is 5-2 at mid-season mark.

After beating the chiefs In week 8 Washington has moved to 5-2 and is on top of the NFC East, their two loses are from their division rivals, the Cowboys and the Eagles. Washington beat the Chiefs 55-47 with Haskins throwing 460 for four TDs, RoJo ran for 115 and two TDs as well. Terry had 270 for two TDs, Sutton had 68 and a TD as well. Washington ranks top ten in total offense, and a top three run defense. They are also top ten in sacks with Chase Young leading the way with 8 and Montez Sweat with 6.5. Washington’s upcoming opponents are the Falcons, Panthers, Bucs, and Raiders, who are all respectable opponents. This four week stretch will be important for Washington as they compete for a playoff spot.


Washington Heads Into Their Bye Week 3-1

Washington is on a three game win streak heading into their week 5 bye. They started off the season losing to the Cowboys badly. Then beat the Saints and Giants weeks 2-3, And this past week beat the Chargers 28-24 in a close game. Dwayne Haskins threw 12/15 for 256 and 1 TD, on the three passes not completed, there was three picks, two of them were pick sixes. As for the running game, RoJo had 166 yards and two TDs. The defense held Herbert to sub 200 passing yards, and ekeler to 27 rushing yards. Chase Young had two sacks. Washington will head into the Bye week and their two games after are the Eagles and Lions. They hope to continue the good defense and dynamic offense.


Washington’s off-season

Washington took a conservative approach in free agency and the draft. In free agency they didn’t go after any big names, the biggest player they signed was the 28 year old Quandre Diggs, they also signed some sub par OL, CB, and WR. When it comes to the draft, they didn’t like the talent anywhere in the middle round besides Dylan Moses, who was too much of a reach at 12, so they went with Creed Humphrey, who will help with their run game. He also has superstar development. With their second round picks they went with Marco Wilson who was star dev, next they drafted a MLB in Chazz Surratt, normal dev, but he can be developed well. Lastly they drafted CB, Thomas Boyd in the third round, who also has star development, Washington will be naming Wilson as the CB3/SLCB abs Boyd as the CB4. Washington is ready for the second season, and they don't want to go 6-10 again. Even though there schedule is tough, they are hyped for the new season. Sage mode.


Washington Upsets Seattle In Week 15

Looking at the stats, it looked like a dire situation to try and play against Seattle, they ranked 10th and 11th in pass yards/run yards, and 1st in pass defense, but Coach Barry Mcockiner  noticed that their run D was a little weak, so he decided to run the ball 40+ times this game, and it worked to perfection. There was only one big pass play to Terry Mclaurin, other than that it was all Gibson and Love. 0 turnovers on the game compared to the Seahawks two. As for the defense it was pretty much lockdown, only allowing 304 passing yards, and 67 rush yards. 3TDs as well. Now Washington moves on to the Panthers and Eagles, two tough tasks, let’s see if WFT can end the season 7-9.


Washington wins in a close one against the cowboys, but take an L in a close one to the Steelers.

Washington is now 4-7 after winning a close one against the Cowboys. Washington was down 21-7 at half and then scored 3 unanswered TDs it was now 28-21 and Dallas has the ball, they drove down the field and scored with 30 seconds left, and then decided to go for the win and go for 2 points. But Washington stopped them by pressuring dak, which lead to him throwing an inaccurate throw. Haskins did better than usual with 230 pass yards and 1 INT, Gibson had 184 yards for 3 TDs but two fumbles, so he was benched for Peyton barber late in the 4th. In the end it didn’t matter cause Washington got the dub. 


For the Steelers game the final score was 37-45. Washington’s offense is getting better on the ground and in the air, Haskins was 16 for 21 throwing 367 yards, 3 TDs and a last drive INT to seal the game as a lose. Gibson had another great game with 141 yards and two TDs. Mclaurin and Sims led the passing attack with each five receptions but Mclaurin having 176 yards, 1TD and sims 149 2TDs. Chase young also recorded 2 sacks. Overall the passing game is finally starting to compliment the running game. Washington has a tough last four games coming up against the 49ers, Seahawks, Panthers, and Eagles, let’s see how many they can win.


Washington goes 2-5 heading into their Week 8 buy week. Also ship off Jonathon Allen.

I mean not bad, but bad. After Washington decided to switch things up with a more balanced attack on offense, their offense became almost art. If it wasn’t for Haskins throwing a bunch of picks. Right now Coach is not worried about the offense or defense because he feels like they are improving every week. Washington is a top 5 running team as of right now, and their defense is improving. Their three upcoming games will be agaisnt Giants, Lions, and bengals. The goal is to win those three games and see where the team goes. Washington just recently shipped of Jonathan Allen and a sixth for Green Bay’s Second round pick. They also signed a TE off of Green Bay’s Practice squad. Washington’s squad is weak right now and they are looking to improve this post season in free agency and the draft. If anyone is selling a first rounder this post season lmk.


Washington grabs first W

after week 5 The Washington Football Team got their first dub against the Rams this past Sunday, 30-17. The Washington Football team got their asses kicked in week 1 against the Eagles, had a good game against the Cardinals in week 2, got their asses kicked by the Browns in week 3, had a okay game against the Ravens in week 4, and finally get the dub in a dominant win against the Rams. Although they have one of the worst offenses in the league they got their shit together by switching their playbook and passing the ball. Washington had 343 total yards with Antonio Gibson leading the way with 198 yards and a TD. Haskins with 215 yards passing. The Washington defense forces 5 TOs and 4 sacks good showing from them. Washington has three crucial divisional games coming up, let’s hope Barry Mcockiner and Washington have what it takes.


New face of the franchise

Last night Wayne Kerr Ironically traded Grady Jarrett and Atlanta’s third round pick for Hunter Thompson and Marcus Davenport. This will be the third QB Wayne Kerr has had to deal with over his time in Baltimore. But this 23 year old is the one he is most excited about. Wayne Kerr said he is ready to develop and put Hunter in the spot light from week one. As For Marcus Davenport, The Ravens have been missing a true and established edge rusher opposite of Matt Judon, Shaq Lawson doesn’t count as a true edge rusher. With that said, The second year player Raekwon Davis will he filling in for Grady Jarrett, and Davenport filling in for Davis. Although the offseason isn’t over, the future is bright again. The Ravens brought in T.Y Hilton, Will Parks, Tremaine Edmunds, and Desmond Trufant because Josh Jackson is a liar. Oh, and Captain Kirk is back, of course. 


Offseason Aspirations

The Ravens need to fill many spots and sign weapons in free agency. The Ravens will be moving on from Captain Kirk, so they clearly need a QB. Marshall Yanda has retired. Will parks leaving. But the future is still bright in Wayne Kerr’s eyes. The Ravens hold the Ram’s 16th pick, the Falcons 32nd pick, and the Falcons third in the draft. The Ravens are hoping to snag a QB in Free Agency, along with DB help. The ravens have about 38 million to spend. As for the draft they will hope to acquire OL help, more DB help, and a pass coverage LB, and maaaaaaybbeeee a nice pass rusher. A good offseason is needed.


Season Recap

Wayne Kerr and the ravens had the 3rd best record in the AFC going 13-3. After trading their QB of the future some would say they faired well. Although the team lost in the divisional 15-10 to the Jags, there are many bright spots on the team. Marquise Brown has 1,411 receiving yards and 9 TDs which moved him up to X factor. WR2 Jerry jeudy had 972 receiving yards and 6 TDs, a great rookie year from him. The ravens also had two 1,000+ yard rushers. When the ravens drafted Dobbins and Swift they wanted to create a tangente in the backfield and they did so with Swift leading the way as ROY. Kenny Young lead the team with 90 tackles, he also had 4 sacks and 4 INTs. Matthew Judon was second in the league for TFLs at 26, coupled with 13.5 sacks, 69 tackles as well, nice. CB2 Tavon young lead the league in pass deflections with 23, an unexpected great year from him. Ex Falcon Grady Jarrett lead the team with 15.5 sacks followed by shaq Lawson with 15, the ravens are regretting benching him in week 13 and so on. Earl Thomas has 10 INTs and Marlon Humphrey had 6. Although the Ravens didn’t have a player with 40+ sacks they finished 7th in total sacks. 6th in Points allowed. 2nd rush yards allowed, 7th in pass yards allowed, and 3rd in total yards allowed. For the offense the ravens finished 4th in total yards, 9th in pass yards gained, and 4th in rush yards gained, and 4th in ppg. For the post season the Ravens defeated the Pats 20-19 but then lost to the jags 10-15 in a hard fought game. Wayne Kerr really turned this team around in one offseason.



Ravens are frauds sitting at 13-3. The Ravens have just recently lost 30-20 to the Big Boy Browns. Once again the frauds turned the ball over 3 times, still while having more total yards. The Fat Frauds have lost to the Harrison Smith’s and the Bad Boy Browns twice. Overall not a bad season from the Frauds as they had 9 more wins from last year. Captain Fraud finished 4th in the league and passing yards, and the late Deandre Swift didn’t place top ten because of his ear. Unfortunately the Frauds will not get a first round bye and they will be facing off against the Painkiller Patriots! This is 69.79 The Fan and tune in to watch the Frauds next week at 69.79 The Fan.


Swift goes down again...x2


The ravens take their first L of the season, but it was a needed loss. The ravens actually didn’t play a bad game on offense or defense. The offense scored 24 points with 310 yards. But they did turn the ball over 4 times with Harrison Smith injuring Swift twice in one game Forcing 3 fumbles. Kirk also threw two picks. The defense played very good allowing 220 yards, getting 7 sacks, and 1 turnover. You might look at the score and think the defense played bad, but it was the ball carriers shitting their pants when they saw Smith. Deandre Swift might be charmin ultra soft cause he has gone down 8 times in the last 5 games! The Ravens don’t know what they are gonna do with him when he comes back. But this game proved one thing, turnovers win games.



Swift goes down again...

The Ravens beat the Raider 54-20 this Sunday, and Deandre Swift went down again. Luckily he popped off a 58 yard run TD before Jeffery Okudah bit his ear off. JK Dobbins backed up Swift well with 125 yards and a TD. Captain Kirk did the impossible and ran for a TD, he threw 3 TDs as well. Marquise Brown made a statement after his suspension with 208 yards and a TD, for those of you wondering why he was suspended, he was flying illegal weapons over China. The defense did well too. In total the defense had 5 picks 3 for Earl Thomas and 2 for Will Parks. The defense also posted 4 sacks. The Ravens leading the leauge at 10-0 head to Minnesota for week 12. Skol.


This was unexpected.

The Ravens are currently 8-0 heading into Green Bay for week 9. Some surprising key players for the Ravens heading into Week 6 have been Captain Kirk, Deandre Swift, Jerry jeudy, and Shaq Lawson. Captain Kirk is first in the league in passing yards and fifth in passing touchdowns. Swift is third in the league is rushing yards and is tied for first in rushing touchdowns. The first WR taken in the draft, Jerry jeudy, is seventh in reviving yards, these three key players have lead the ravens to be the best offense in the NFL. As for the defensive side of the ball matthew Judon leads the in TFL with 16 with 7 sacks. What Earl Thomas is tied for first with 6 INTs, and Marlon Humphrey is third in the league in pass deflections. What idiot said the ravens can’t pass.