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Welcome to DOHFL on the Xbox One! This is the DOHFL LeagueSite! We take pride in having friendly-fun league! Everyone of all skill set are welcome, even if you just begun to play madden, in this league your skill will tenfold after joining our league. If interested in joining DOHFL, you must read the rules first and if you agree to the rules you are welcome to apply for any open teams. If you have any further questions contact one of the commission committees groups and we will assist you with your questions. Don't forget to join Daddysleague site! Thanks for stoppping by... We'll see you on the field! Requirements: Must have Groupme, must be a active member(if you are on a tight schedule explain it in the application and we will review your situation), read rules and that's it you are ready to join. READ RULES HERE>https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NdnHIoP1_W6N61RLnp5KCJ55hifYMj7z/view?usp=sharing

Next step, after you read the rules apply in the forums, here is the link: http://daddyleagues.com/dohfl/forum/topic/59596

Commissioners : GT: DOH Chaos King GT: Richie50h8 GT: Whitestang2006 GT: Canes123 GT: shahbaaz League Analyst : GT: ima git chew

2018 Season | Week 7 League Advance every 48 Hours!

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