The MBL is now home to several statistical based articles. We have PFF positional rankings, roster breakdowns by player overalls, deep dive statistical analytics and now our latest piece... Team efficiency breakdowns. 


For a quick reminder, all stats utilized in the breakdown of this analysis come from user games only...

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by motor | 2 days ago | 4 Comments | League News

As MBL Season 39 has completed the first 12 weeks, we will now move on to the playoffs of the Fantasy Football Season. Take a look below at the Wild-Card Matchups for Week 13:



1. Motor, AFC East (659 points) - BYE

2. Lipp, AFC South (521 points) - BYE


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Cashing out rules are simple!

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It's been a bit since a team selection mock draft has released, so what better time than now?  We have some risers and fallers in the team selection order since the first mock was released, as well as a few new faces, not to mention the recently completed beta.  So how does all that effect where teams will be selected and by who?  Read below to find out!

(The first mock draft can be found here: 

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