Cashing Out Week 1

by osufanatic64 | 4 months ago | 29 Comments





What is going on guys it is your resident sportsbook experts OSU and Bananas with your Week 1 Cashing Out lines.  A few tips for the beginning bettors: if you see a - for a team, that means they are favored by that many points.  When you make your selection ATS (against the spread) you select whether you think the favorite will cover that number (meaning win by at least that much) or the other team will lose by less than that number or win.  Example: if the Bears are -3 against the Broncos, that means if you take the Bears they have to win by more than 3 points.  If you take the Broncos, they have to win or lose by less than 3 points.  O/U is the total number of points scored in the game, you pick the over or the under of that number.

Now the rules for Cashing Out are simple.

1. Make 10 picks every week (ATS and/or O/u) in the comments section

2. You CANNOT pick your own game

3. If a game is a FW, it is your responsibility to pick a different game that has not started yet

4. Most correct winners at the end of the season will win an MBL Custom Controller

5.  This is the fun part, if you pick 10 correct picks in any week, you will be entered into an end of the season drawing for $1000.

Questions, let us know.  Let's get to it here are the lines for week 1!



Bills (pricy) vs Texans(Night Train)

Texans -9.5

O/U 42


Chargers (Rusta) vs Ravens (Cougs)

Ravens -9.5

O/U 42


Colts (Duracell) vs Titans (Hulk)

Colts -10.5

O/U 38


Eagles (Oktoba) vs Chiefs (JB)

Chiefs -17.5

O/U 42


Giants (Kringe) vs Raiders (Cpt Planet)

Giants -12.5

O/U 45


Jags (Lipp) vs 49ers (DB 2.0)

Jags -22.5

O/U 45


Jets (Sklam) vs Dolphins (Motor)

Dolphins -3.5

O/U 36


Packers (Playa) vs Bengals (EriccG)

Bengals -5.5

O/U 36


Browns (Bananas) vs Pats (Gub)

Browns -1.5

O/U 49


Washington (Nemo) vs Denver (xxxxxx)

Redskins (-4.5

O/U 38


Steelers (Gibbs) vs Bears (Drako)

Bears -13.5

O/U 39


Cowboys (Z) vs Lions (Bomber)

(DET -3)  

O/U 48

Panthers (TPorts) VS Bucs (Jamie)        

(TB -4.5)           

O/U 44

Saints (Gov) vs Falcons (OSU        

(ATL -3)        

O/U 42

Seahawks (DarceKnight) VS Rams (Bob)      

(SEA -2.5)      

O/U 44

Vikings (Taut) VS Cardinals (Serp)       


O/U 41