S36 Week 1 Power Rankings

by xEriccG12 | 4 months ago | 3 Comments

S36 Week 1 Power Rankings:

1. Lions -

The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed, MBL Super Bowl Champions of the Worrrrrrrld. The Detroit Lions with the addition of QB Cam Newton are primed and ready and focused on repeating as Super Bowl Champs. As some top teams got worse the Lions just got better.

2. Browns -

The Browns had a rough offseason losing top talent such as TE David Njoku to Free Agency. Leaving them without a true threat at the TE position which has been used prominently in their offensive game-plan could see the Browns struggle a bit during this upcoming season.

3. Cowboys -

The Browns loss is the Cowboys gain, as they brought in TE David Njoku to fill the position of Will Tye who the Cowboys traded to the Saints. With the addition of 1st round pick, HB Reggie Billups, the two HB sets along with Ezekiel Elliot could prove very fruitful for an already stout Dallas Cowboys team.

4. Chiefs -

Pat Mahomes leads an offense that is without its top RedZone threat in TE Travis Kelce. With the insane talent they have at WR with Tyreek Hill and Julius Holland, I am very curious to see how this team performs with new faces on offense.

5. Patriots -

This is a team I am very interested in, the Patriots have what could arguably be the best Offensive Line in the MBL or at least 2nd to the Dallas Cowboys. The only thing holding back the Patriots right now is a suspect WR core that could stop them from really going to the next level and competing in the Big Game.

6. Colts -

The questionable decision to sign HB Leveon Bell when the Colts already signed HB Derrick Henry to a massive deal 2 years before was the highlight of their offseason. The Colts are looking to be in a win now mode and if they don’t win now I don’t think they will ever come close to a Super Bowl shot anytime soon.

7. Giants -

The acquisition of RE Cameron Jordan in Free Agency sured up what was an already dominant Defensive Front for the Giants. This ground and pound team with HB Saquon Barkley relies on a tough defense and bringing in Jordan was a great move and I expect him to have a big year in Big Blue

8. Jets -

The clear winners of Free Agency, the New York Jets brought in MLB Reuben Foster, WR Dede Westbrook and HB Dalvin Cook to a team that went 12-4 last season in a tough AFC East division. After a MVP caliber season out of Sam Darnold, along with what could be the most talented defense from top to bottom in the MBL, the Jets could be prime for a great season, but in my opinion are still a step away from a Super Bowl shot.

9. Bears -

With 2 big acquisitions in Free Agency in WR Corey Davis and RE Solomon Thomas, the Bears get their Young QB Marquise Neal some help while also getting much needed help on their defensive line. Could this be the year the Bears can finally take over the NFC North? Only time will tell.

10. Dolphins -

The Dolphins haven’t really gotten any better. While teams in their division have only gotten better, the Dolphins just seem stagnant and while that is a still very good team. Super Bowl aspirations may be behind the Dolphins as the Jets and Patriots continue to pass them up.


11. Buccaneers
12. Seahawks
13. Panthers
14. Falcons
15. Cardinals
16. Redskins
17. Saints
18. Bengals
19. Jaguars
20. Texans
21. Steelers
22. Ravens
23. Broncos
24. Titans
25. Rams
26. Packers
27. Eagles
28. Raiders
29. Vikings
30. Chargers
31. 49ers
32. Bills