MBL Season 37 Mid-Season Power Rankings

by xEriccG12 | 3 months ago | 1 Comments

MBL Season 37 Mid-Season Power Rankings


  1. Dolphins (8-0) (0)

  2. Giants (7-0-1) (0)

  3. Chiefs (7-1) (0)

  4. Saints (7-1) (0)

  5. Cowboys (6-2) (0)

  6. Patriots (6-2) (0)

  7. Cardinals (6-2-1) (+1)

  8. Broncos (5-2-1) (+1)

  9. Redskins (5-3) (+1)

  10. Falcons (5-3) (-4)

  11. Bears (5-3) (+1)

  12. Browns (5-3) (-2)

  13. Colts (5-3) (+5)

  14. Lions (4-3) (-1)

  15. Bengals (5-4) (+5)

  16. Buccaneers (5-4) (+1)

  17. Panthers (4-4) (-1)

  18. Jaguars (4-4) (-4)

  19. Seahawks (4-4) (+2)

  20. Ravens (4-5) (-1)

  21. Jets (3-5) (+1)

  22. Vikings (3-5) (+7)

  23. Titans (3-5) (-9)

  24. Bills (2-6) (+4)

  25. Texans (2-6) (-1)

  26. Raiders (2-6) (+1)

  27. Packers (2-6) (-4)

  28. Rams (1-7) (-2)

  29. Eagles (1-7) (-4)

  30. 49ers (1-7) (0)

  31. Chargers (1-7) (0)

  32. Steelers (0-8) (0)




Colts (5-3)-

The Colts have won 4 in a row, including 3 divisional wins in the process. This is mainly due to the emergence of Rookie QB Andrew McBride and his stellar play on the field. Currently at 2,526 yards 17 TDs and 7 INTs on 68.4% passing and a 115.3 Passer Rating. This team down the stretch has some tough games and McBride will have to keep up this play so the Colts can secure another division title.


Bengals (5-4)-

The Bengals along with the Colts are on a 4 game winning streak heading into their bye week. With Luke Poe missing the last 2 weeks due to injury, Backup QB Jameis Winston was named the starter in his absence and he performed adequately going 2-0 as the starter. A big part of our success was the uptick in touches for Rookie HB Cortez Overton. Whether it be rushing for TDs or catching TDs, Cortez has been making plays all over the field and the Bengals look to continue to keep Cortez as a main piece of this offense moving down the 2nd half of the season.


Bills (2-6)-

You see 2-6 and you wonder why I am considering this team “Hot” and that’s because compared to what we usually see from this Buffalo Bills team year in and year out this team is en fuego! QB Baker Mayfield was brought in to bring a new culture to this Bills team and he has grown them tremendously in the short time he has been here. Baker sits at 1375 yards, 8 TDs and only 3 INTs and a 110.5 Passer Rating. This looks like a sign of good things to come in the future for the Buffalo Bills which is what fans of this franchise have been yearning for.




Browns (5-4)-

After starting 4-1, the Browns have lost 3 of their last 4 including a 24-3 loss to the Panthers in Week 8 and a 34-10 loss to the Dolphins in Week 10 after their bye week. The lack of top tier talent on this roster could hurt them down the stretch through some tough matchups with the likes of the Jaguars, the Falcons and the Buccaneers. Currently tied with the Bengals at 5-4, but control the tie-breaker on the division lead in the AFC North. Can the young hungry squad find their way into the playoffs?


Titans (3-5)-

The Titans have lost their last 4 games after starting 3-1 and looked like they were about to set the league on fire, but once they were met with some true tests, they folded. This is a normal sight from the Titans, once they start losing all the confidence in their locker room is thrown out the window and it is shown in their performance on the field. Injuries have also plagued some of the top offensive talent on this team, but there should be depth to fill those spots. I find it very hard to believe in this team when they hardly believe in themselves.


Packers (2-6)-

In what was a promising start to the season with big wins over the Jets and the Eagles, the Packers run came to a screeching halt after 5 straight losses to bring them to 2-6 through 9 weeks. Carson Wentz’s inability to limit his turnovers and the Packers lack of a rushing attack put a lot of pressure on their defense and hurts them long term in games. I think if the Packers want to compete they need to find themselves a number 1 HB to put with Carson Wentz, Derek Patterson and the rest of their offense.