Season 39 HB PFF

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Season 39 Running back Annual 1 st Edition


Welcome to the 6th installment of the MBL BR/PFF positional analysis! I’m Gamemasterrke and today I’m focusing on the wheels of every offense, the running back. Like last week, the objective of this analysis is to look at more than just yards and tds (though they are very important) to determine who the best RBs in the league are. In this article we will look at the whole picture in order to see which RBs mean the most to their teams and what kinds of data we can use to separate them. This analysis will attempt to bring all factors into play when considering how effective each player is. We will look at the top 33 RBs (min of 100 rush attempts) in the MBL this season and highlight some interesting points.



Before we begin, it's important to explain what this is and how the rankings were calculated. A total of 6 parameters were used when calculating each RB’s PFF score. Each parameter was scored and weighted based on the PFF importance of that parameter to the overall success of a RB. Of the parameters used some were weighted much higher than others. Here are a couple examples of the stats used:





I believe the most important stat for RBs in the MBL is YPC, more specifically how efficient is a RB each time he touches the ball. Secondarily, I believe that broken tackles are a sign of how effective a RB is. A good offense depends on the RB to pick up those tough yards in clutch situation and that is taken into account in this analysis. Therefore stats such as yards and TDs are weighted equal in this analysis because of things like injuries and games played. YPC and Btk/Att were both weighted the highest in this analysis and all important stats were adjusted by the volume so all RBs can be compared based on sample size. In the end, each RB was given a PFF score based on all parameters, without any further ado here are the top 5:


Like last week, for those that didn’t make the top 5, dm or tag me in chat for where your player ranked!