AFC East Team MVP’s

by IAmAstra | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Hello everyone!! Today I will be showcasing players that I believe are the team MVP's of the cycle for the AFC East. These players have been great for their teams for a good part of this cycle. Today we will start with the Buffalo Bills!


Buffalo Bills: Tremaine Edmunds MLB 

394 Tackles, 31 Sacks, 14 interceptions.

It has been mostly a losing cycle for the Buffalo Bills, many pieces coming and going with most of it a disappointment. Tremaine Edmunds however, never left and stayed to be the leader of the Bills defense. Edmunds is a sure tackler with the ability to rush the passer from his MLB position. If only the Bills could have brought in elite talent around Edmunds to help out the linebacker.

Miami Dolphins: Kareem Hunt HB

8,510 Yards, 82 Touchdowns,  5.7 Yards Per Carry

When the Dolphins traded for Hunt from the Cleveland Browns, they didn't give up much for the backup running back. Hunt exploded once he hit Miami,  Hunt went over 1,000 yards four times and had 10+ touchdowns in 6 seasons. While Josh Rosen developed and started to limit turnovers throughout the cycle, Kareem Hunt was there to take the pressure off of the quarterback. 

New York Jets: Jamal Adams Safety

400 Tackles, 20 Sacks, 59 FF's,  33 INT's

Jamal Adams is a do it all safety for the New York Jets, when needed he could rush the passer, and also go back and play excellent coverage. The big draw with Jamal Adams, Is his ability to pry the ball away from offensive players. Adams hard hitting abilites combined with a great strip of the ball made Adams dangerous. Jamal Adams arguably might be the best defensive player this cycle. 

Pats: Tyree Jackson,  Quarterback

31,591 Yards, 323 TD's, 68 INT's 78.6% Completion, 145.4 QB Rating.

Tyree Jackson is the best player of the cycle, some may even argue the best QB ever in MBL history.  When you played the Patriots, you knew you could not stop their passing attack, the only way the Pats lose is if they lose the game themselves. Tyree Jackson threw only 68 interceptions this cycle, which is just 7 a season, Tyree Jackson had the same weapons around him for so long, that they were able to build such a great chemistry. Amazing to think that Tyree Jackson was on the Bills practice squad, then a backup for the Tennessee Titans, then released so the Pats could sign him and have a DYNASTY.


That concludes my AFC East cycle Team MVP's. I will be dropping the NFC East cycle Team MVP's either tonight or tomorrow!