Draft Pros: M20 All-Drafted Team

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Hey guys! As we continue to close out the cycle we want to focus today on building the ultimate roster of all drafted players! We are going to build our team position by position to field the best possible roster. We will also list some honorable mentions because some of these races were pretty tight!  We factored in a number of things including: overall rating, statistics, and team success. Thanks to Jamie for the great graphic support as always!





Player: Sal Masters (98 Overall) - Seahawks

Drafted: Season 46 draft, 4th Pick of 3rd Round by Seahawks

Statistics: 12,971 yards, 159 TDs, 126.2 QBR



Though he is only in his 3rd season, Masters has already proven he is something special. He has started his career with 3 straight 50 TD seasons. Patty Mahomes is the only other QB with 3 straight 50 TD seasons. With a career accuracy over 70%, Masters has both the consistency and the big play ability to scare any defense. 


Also Considered: Sam McCoy - Falcons/Titans, Will Varga - Cowboys 




Player: Jimmy Harold (96 Overall) - Titans

Drafted: Season 43 draft, 8th Pick of 1st round by Titans

Statistics: 6,491 yards, 69 TDs, 6.0 YPC




This was a tight race but Harold has been the most consistent RB this cycle with 1k rushing seasons in 5 of his 6 years in the league. Harold took over seamlessly for Derrick Henry and helped the Titans stabilize the RB position. He has great vision for holes and features a prolific juke move and an explosive 1st step.


Also Considered: Jawuan Fletcher - Chiefs, Will Stevens - Patriots, Harmon Bentley - Jets/Colts, Gilbert Ward - Chargers




Player: Davante Dubose (92 Overall) - Bucs

Drafted: Season 42 draft, 1st pick of 1st round by Bucs



An easy pick for the left tackle spot. BuBose has turned into a prime pass blocker for a much improved Tampa Bay offense. Tampa took him 1st overall to help stabilize a weak offensive line and he has been amazing for the Bucs. He really has no competition for this spot as he has become one of the league’s best offensive lineman.




Player: Elijah Randolph (91 Overall) - Broncos

Drafted: Season 43 draft, 2nd pick of 1st round by Broncos



The big strong guard from Clemson comes in as our 2nd offensive lineman. Though the Broncos offense never really clicked, it was of no fault of Randolph. He is extremely quick for someone his size and has turned into one of the best guards in the league.




Player: Martin Godwin (84 overall) - 49ers

Drafted: Season 43 draft, 10th pick of 1st round by 49ers



Though he has primarily played as a tackle, Godwin’s lower strength and well rounded skill set makes him an ideal center. He excels at just about everything and has been a solid player for a 9ers team needing to rebuild its offensive line.




Player: Lamarcus Briscoe (89 overall) - Saints

Drafted: Season 45 draft, 25th pick of 1st round by Saints



The Saints snapped up Briscoe as he fell to the middle of the 1st round in a pretty weak draft. Briscoe has become one of the best offensive lineman in the MBL and has a bright future at only 25 years old.




Player: Robert Simonson (86 overall) - Bills

Drafted: Season 38 draft, 12th pick of 1st round by Bengals



A tight race but we will give the edge to Simonson as he is the most well rounded of the candidates. He is powerful, quick, and is a run blocking specialist. This Clemson offensive lineman secured a 6 year deal after the Bills decided to commit their future at tackle to the talented lineman.


Also Considered: Perry Stead - Texans, Norman Welch - Dolphins, Dwayne Ayers - Eagles, Zach Boone - Falcons, Jeff Toone - Seahawks, DJ Koch - Titans, Javonte Sellers - 9ers




Player: Brain Ramirez (95 overall) - Cardinals

Drafted: Season 42 draft, 21st pick of 1st round by Cardinals

Statistics: 5,555 yards, 63 TDs



A close battle but Ramirez has proven himself a major weapon over a longer period of time over the other candidates. He is a sure handed target with great route running skills and a quick 1st step. The Cardinals offense improved significantly once they drafted the Stanford product.


Also Considered: Jimmy Decker - Raiders, Cortez Gresham - Patriots, Thomas Gholston - Texans, David Richardson - Cowboys, Forrest Sander - Bengals




Player: Ron Walters (96 overall) - Chiefs/Cowboys

Drafted: Season 42 draft, 10th pick of 1st round by Chiefs

Statistics: 10,166 yards, 79 TDs



What can we say about Ron Walters that hasn’t already been said? He has put up over 1,500 yards in 4 seasons of his career. He was a major piece of one of the best offenses we have ever seen with the Chiefs. The combination of Walters and Hill was a scary prospect for any team looking to shut down the Chiefs offense.




Player: Kameron Newton (95 overall) - Patriots

Drafted: Season 41 draft, 32nd pick of 3rd round by Patriots

Statistics: 8,796 yards, 78 TDs



As we touched on in our Steals of the cycle article, Newton is a talented, talented player. 5 seasons of 1k yards, 3 (and maybe 1 more?) superbowl rings, what more could you ask for in WR2? He is a crisp route runner that Tyree Jackson was able to rely on all cycle long.




Player: Omari Weeks (96 overall) - Jags

Drafted: Season 44 draft, 9th pick of 1st round by Jags

Statistics: 5,640 yards, 50 TDs



Weeks earns this tightly contested spot for one reason alone, consistency. While other guys have put up monster seasons (Valentine - 24 TDs, Carmon - 1735 yards), Weeks is the only WR with 1k yards every season of his career. Weeks is a deep ball specialist at 6’6’’ that helped the Jags offense really turn a corner once he was drafted.


Also Considered: Floyd Carmon - Steelers, Eddie Valentine - Eagles, Calvin Vaughn - Titans, Jalen Tarpley - Seahawks, Garrison Dale - Bengals




Player: Alonzo Lockhart (95 overall) - Falcons

Drafted: Season 43 draft, 3rd pick of 1st round by Falcons

Statistics: 159 tackles, 76 sacks, 4 FFs



The fearsome Falcons pass rusher had a slow start to his career (playing sparingly behind Leonard Williams and Tak) but really has caught on the last 4 seasons averaging nearly a sack a game. Lockhart really grew into his own and he helped the Falcons capture a SB victory as a key contributor. 




Player: Tyson Aubrey (96 overall) - Bucs

Drafted: Season 41 draft, 8th pick of 1st round by Bucs

Statistics: 152 tackles, 95 sacks, 6 FFs



Aubrey completes our all NFC South Defensive End group. Tampa has rebuilt their defense into one of the best units in the MBL and Aubrey has been one of the key pieces. Aubrey has been consistent with 5 of his last 6 seasons with over 10 sacks. 


Also Considered: Perry Benedict - Chiefs




Player: Klay Randle (93 overall) - Panthers

Drafted: Season 44 draft, 24th pick of 1st round by Panthers

Statistics: 109 tackles, 65 sacks, 5 FFs



When the Panthers took Klay Randle 24th overall, the expectations were low for this player who slipped to the later part of the 1st, but Randle has proven he is one of the league’s best at DT. He has averaged around a sack a game from the DT position, an insane feat. To make it even more impressive, he is a nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme.


Also Considered: Sean Bryant - Chargers, Parrish Stackhouse - Patriots, 




Player: Marcus Cherry (99 overall) - Bucs

Drafted: Season 42 draft, 3rd pick of 1st round by Bucs

Statistics: 241 tackles, 103 sacks, 10 FFs, 7 INTs



Originally an extremely athletic 4-3 OLB, Cherry was asked to convert to a pass rusher for the Tampa Bay scheme. Boy did it pay off. He had a slow start to his career but has sack totals of 28, 24 and 27 in his last 3 seasons. He is quite simply the best pass rusher by a mile on this list. Amazingly he is still only 27 and is just entering his prime.




Player: Irvin Kelly (89 overall) - 49ers

Drafted: Season 41 draft, 6th pick of 1st round by 49ers

Statistics: 198 tackles, 71 sacks, 6 FFs



Though he has had a decent career, I expected a little bit more from Kelly. That being said, he has played well enough to land himself on this list. The numbers aren’t eye popping like Cherry’s, but he has developed into a pretty solid pass rusher in his own right.


Also Considered: Jaylin Holliman - Bucs/Cowboys, Tyson Shields - Jags




Player: Dylan Harrell (82 overall) - Rams

Drafted: Season 44 draft, 4th pick of 3rd round by Rams

Statistics: 131 tackles, 13 sacks, 15 INTs, 3 FFs



Who is Harrell you might ask? Good question. The MLB position has been unquestionably awful this cycle. While Harrell hasn’t been a tackling machine, he leads all MLBs by a significant amount with 15 INTs. He has also picked up 13 sacks. Definitely not impressive, but the best of the bunch. 




Player: Donnell Thomas (88 overall) - Saints

Drafted: Season 46 draft, 9th pick of 1st round by Saints

Statistics: 163 tackles, 7 sacks, 5 INTs



With our “coverage” MLB in Harrell, we have a tackling machine in Thomas to fill our other position. Though very young, Thomas has averaged over 50 tackles a season in his early career. He has shown some pass coverage ability as well with 5 INTs. MLB is a weak position, but these 2 players have produced the most.


Also Considered: Wade Bedell - Giants, Tay Green - Eagles, Jamal Seawright - Broncos




Player: PJ Rodgers (98 overall) - Steelers

Drafted: Season 41 draft, 3rd pick of 1st round by Panthers

Statistics: 296 tackles, 10 sacks, 37 INTs



PJ Rodgers has had an impressive career with the Steelers. 37 INTs is an insane number. PJ is very balanced, excelling in both man and zone coverage. The Steelers have used him to cover the other team’s WR1 and Rodgers has grown into one of the best CBs in the league.




Player: Kenny Knighton (95 overall) - Rams

Drafted: Season 43 draft, 5th pick of 1st round by Rams

Statistics: 181 tackles, 37 INTS, 9 TDs



Kenny Knighton burst onto the scene in his sophomore year with an insane 11 INT season. Knighton has benefited from playing in the INT happy NFC West, but his numbers are beyond impressive. He is the best man cover corner in the league currently.


Also Considered: Spencer Bryant - Bengals, Darnell Yates - Patriots, Deon Metcalf - Packers, Shaq Hixon - Broncos




Player: Jordan Whitaker (97 overall) - Seahawks

Drafted: Season 42 draft, 15th pick of 1st round by Seahawks

Statistics: 228 tackles, 10 sacks, 34 INTs, 6 TDs



Whitacker has been impressive for the ballhawking Seahawks secondary. He has done just about everything with 34 INTs, 6 TDs, 10 sacks, and over 200 tackles. A well rounded player who contributes just about everywhere.


Also Considered: Dave Brackens - Patriots, Henry Oden - Panthers, Willis Harvey - Browns, 




Player: LaDarius Dunn (93 Overall) - Dolphins

Drafted: Season 41 draft, 16th pick of 1st round by Dolphins

Statistics: 260 tackles, 19 sacks, 5 FFs, 29 INTs



The man blitz happy Dolphins ask their Safeties to do alot; Man cover, rush the passer, and make TD saving tackles. Dunn has filled that role valiantly. 29 INTs, 19 Sacks, and over 200 tackles. Dunn has been impressive for the Dolphins and is a great well rounded player to finish off our list.


Also Considered: AJ Chapman - Giants, John Brown - Cowboys, Larry Bellamy - Steelers


And this is our full team! Shoutout to Jamie for the great graphic! Thanks for reading. If I missed someone you think should have been included let me know in the comments below!