MBL season 50 power rankings!!!

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MBL Season 50 Power Rankings!

We are starting the 50th season of the Madden Bomber League tonight and here is my rankings of the teams to start out the season.

1. Seahawks (Motor)
Seahawks is the defending super bowl champs and had a historical 19-0 season. They will be looking to repeat behind Russ, newly acquired RB Mixon, and that devastating defense. They are the clear favorites to win it all again.

2. Browns (JB)
Browns made it to the AFC championship game, but was outmatched by the Bills. Because of a very shocking trade for defensive juggernaut Aaron Donald, they are the AFC favorite to make it to the super bowl. Qbs beware, Donald and Garrett is ready to feast.

3. Bills (Cougs)
Bills had the super bowl in its grasp but the Seahawks came back hard and ran away with it. They added Keenan Allen in the offseason and Josh Allen could not be any happier. Can they repeat as AFC champs?

4. Colts (Nemo)
Colts had a fantastic season last year behind Easons surprise year, but it ended in the divisional round at the hands of the Bills. Look for the Colts to make a deeper run this year in the playoffs.

5. Chiefs (OSU)
Chiefs had a good year winning the divison, but ended shorter than they expected with the Dolphins in the wild card round. This team will be out for blood this year and will make some noise. Expect Mahomes to get back to his elite level of play.

6. Panthers (Drako)
Panthers had a golden moment against the undefeated Seahawks in the NFC championship but a few mistakes cost them. Rookie Moorman gets the start this year. Look for this surprise team to contend for the divison title and make it's way back deep into the playoffs.

7. Cardinals (Bomber)
Cardinals started the season slow but came back strong to make it into the playoffs but lost to the Cowboys in the wild card round. Team leaders Kyler, Hopkins, and Jones will get this team right and look to build upon last year.

8. Bears (GameMaster)
The Bears had a good season behind a good defense but couldnt figure out the Panthers in the wildcard round. With questions at QB, Look for this Bears team to get the rushing attack established since it was close to the bottom of the league.

9. Falcons (UnderOath)
Falcons took the division last year but the divison rival Bucs took then out in the wildcard round. Falcons had a nice balanced attack last year but had a few questionable losses. Is Matt Ryan still the guy for the Falcons? Will they win the tough NFC south again?

10. Jaguars (EriccG)
The Jaguars had a good and productive year but got taken down by the Bills in the wildcard round. This year, its look like the Jaguars is giving QB Jackson the keys to the offense. With the speedy deep threat Chark on the outside and bruiser Fournette in the backfield, he has the playmakers in this offense to help him thrive.

11. Steelers (Brad)
Steelers finished their season with a close wild card loss against the Colts. They will look to rookie QB Patterson on the offensive side and newly acquired J.J. Watt to lead this team back into the playoffs.

12. Dolphins (Mi11er)
The Dolphins surprise season ended in the divisional round against the tough Browns team. With a lack of receivers and pass rush, the Dolphins went out and got K.J. Hamler and Von Miller to help build upon last year.

13. Cowboys (Lipp)
After starting 2-7, the Cowboys rattled off 7 straight to win the NFC east. They made it to the divisional round but lost a close battle to the Panthers. Look for this team to repeat as divison champs if Zeke has another historical season.

14. Bucs (Jaime)
Bucs came close to winning the division but came up just short in week 17. They got their revenge against the Falcons in the wild card round but lost a close one against the Seahawks in the divisional. Look for this young, fast defense to make some big plays this year.

15. Broncos (Taut)
Broncos had a good year but came up short on making the playoffs, even at 9-7. If the team can clean up the turnovers and can pound the ball like last year, this team will have a shot winning the division.

16. Football Team (Bananas)
The Football Team missed the playoffs this year because the defense had a hard time stopping teams from scoring. They made a blockbuster trade in the offseason for superstar Lamar Jackson, but cost them Chase Young, haskins, and a 1rd rounder. Will it pay off for them?

17. Eagles (Gov)
The Eagles had a nice divison lead but lost 5 of their last 6 games to end the season at 8-8 and missing the playoffs. With one of the top offenses last year, they will be in contention of the division again this year as well.

18. Patriots (DarkBrawler)
The Patriots was the surprise team of last year. They barely missed the playoffs but gained alot of experience. With newly acquired A.J. Green and Westbrook, Cam will have more opportunities to unleash this offense upon everyone.

19. Packers (Reezee)
Packers failed to make the postseason last year, but have the right tools to make a run at it. From reports, they plan on benching Rodgers for Love this year with 3 rookie Wrs to go along with Davante. This is a bold choice and if it pays off, Packer fans may be looking at their new franchise QB.

20. Bengals (Project Fat)
The Bengals had a solid year and if a couple of close games went there way, they could of easily been in the playoffs. Mixon and that defense kept that team going last year. They lost Mixon in FA and signed Carson to take his place. Burrow may need to step up more this year if this team wants to get in the playoffs.

21. Chargers (Ntrain)
Chargers had an off year and will look to rebound. Herbert had a rocky rookie year but he should be more improved this year. They lost Allen to FA but they drafted a good young receiver named Matthew Connor. If they can improve the turnover margin, they can fight for a playoff spot.

22. Giants (Z Star)
The Giants last year did not play as bad as their record may show. In 6 of their 11 losses, they only lost by an average of 4 points. With the additions of some new weapons and defensive help, the Giants look to take a giant leap forward this year.

23. Saints (Cpt Planet)
The Saints started off hot last year going 4-0 but ended up going 2-10 the rest of last year. With Brees retiring, Taysom Hills time is here. We he be just the man the Saints were hoping for and get them back to their winning ways?

24. Vikings (Porter)
Vikings was one of the surprise teams that did not perform well. One of the reasons is because of the performance of Cousins. Reports coming out of Minnesota is that Winston may be starting week 1 for the Vikings. Can he limit the turnovers and get this team on the right track?

25. 49ers (Tjax)
Niners is coming off a 6-10 season that started with high hopes. The defense played well enough but the play of Garoppolo held this offense back last year. Look for them to establish the ground game more moving forward to slow the game down.

26. Rams (Beatdown)
Rams only had 6 wins, but those wins came from some pretty good teams. With the surprise Donald trade, the defense definitely took a step back this year. This pass heavy offense may have to score 30+ every game to keep them in it.

27. Ravens (Oktoba)
Ravens was the biggest surprise to me and part of that reason was Lamar Jacksons Td to Int ratio. He didnt take care of the ball well. They ended up trading him to the football team and got Haskins, Chase Young, and a 1st. With the defense only recording 19 sacks, they needed someone to help out in a big way and Young will lead this defense for years to come.

28. Raiders (Bob)
Raiders had a rough season but all 4 wins actually came from within the division. The bad part from last year was the defense. They gave up 30+ pts in 11 games and it's hard to get wins if your defense cant get off the field. Rookie CB Mcbride will help with that problem and will be the day 1 starter opposite Mullen.

29. Lions (Gibbs)
Lions had high hopes of winning the division before the year started, but they were unable to get any traction all year. Stafford looked uncomfortable in the pocket all year despite being sacked only 9 times. Swift had a good rookie year and look for them to give him more touches this year.

30. Texans (Flair)
The Texans and Watson have to figure out something after this years performance. Watson had a caeer high 42 ints and the running game had trouble all year. With the trade of hall of Famer J.J. Watt, someone will need to step up this year to cover that massive hole he left.

31. Titans (Spongy)
Titans had a year to forget. They had some close games but nothing came together for them. Defense cause 38 turnovers but the sack total was only 14. If they can get pressure on QBs with this ball hawking defense, they can be really good.

32. Jets (Serp)
Jets is the last team on the rankings. Last year they lacked any explosiveness on offense. Darnold threw for 50 ints and Bell only had 455 yds. Defensively they created a lot of turnovers but the offense just didnt put up the points. We will find out this season if Darnold is the future of the Jets.

This will be updated quarterly throughout the season with current records and season stats! Thank you for reading!