MBL S50 Eliminator - Week 4

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Season 50 Week 4



1. Entrants may select a team only ONCE. After you have selected them, you may not pick that team again for the remainder of the contest.

1a. All entrants picks will be shown on the 
MBL Eliminator Tracker (linked here as well as below the rules). The tracker will show all entrants picks, a sheet showing the current weeks games that can be selected, that are also shown in this blog post, as well as a sheet showing the M21 teams and what user holds that team.

2. In order to be eligible for the prize at the end of the contest, you must have submitted a pick into Week 1 of the contest.

3. You must comment on this blog in order for your entry to count/or contact Reezee97.  Each pick will need to be made prior to advance.

4. You must pick from the games provided within each post.

5. You may not pick a game that your team is involved in.

6. If an entrant picks a game that results in a tie, the entry will be considered a loss – meaning the entrant is eliminated. If an entrant picks a game and the game becomes a simulation game, the entrant can still be eliminated. The entrant can change their pick if they find out that the game will become a simulation game, but they must do so in a timely manner.


7. If an entrant picks a game that is the last pickable game of the week and results in a force for a user not in their favor, the week will be considered a mulligan for that entrant. This means, that the first week that the entrant sees they are within the last 5 entrants remaining, that week the user must pick 2 games that week, and pick correctly in both to continue their entry.

8. Once you pick a losing team you're eliminated.

9. Teams reset once we reach the playoffs.

10. If there are still multiple entrants at the Super Bowl stage, entrants will pick who they think will win the Super Bowl like usual weeks, and also submit (for the tiebreaker) what they think the combined passing yards by both teams involved in the Super Bowl will be. If the entrants do not select the correct team in the Super Bowl, leaving no correct entrants left in Eliminator, there will be no winner for Eliminator.

11. The winner of each Eliminator throughout the seasons will be the only entrants involved in the last Eliminator of the M21 cycle for MBL. The final entrants will be playing  for a chance of a free copy of the ultimate/legend edition of Madden 22. Once a entrant wins an Eliminator, they may not participate in any others until the winners only tournament. Note: each MBL Eliminator may be different throughout the seasons, but in the Final Eliminator, this will be the standard version.

MBL Winner's Only Eliminator Tracker:
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