Coach and Owner Don Trump Looking to Put the MOF in an Up "roar" on Draft Day

by Jiggajp2121 | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

With a dismal 5 and 11 performance Don Trump is looking to fully revamp his Lions for the 2017 MOF season. Trade Rumors already swirling around on talks to move CJ out of town to bolster some draft picks must mean the Lions are looking to make s aplash on draft day.  Rumors also flying around on a possible deal to bring Lamar Miller to Detrot and give the Lions a legitimate running attack for the upcoming season. Don trump spent this offseason meeting with longtime mentor Coach Bill Belichick and Bill has infomred ESPN insiders he was NOT happy with Don's 2016 debut and he looks to step in and act as a consultant to Don Trump through out the 2017 season. With trade rumors galore and legendary coach Belichick stepppin into to help, Its very apparent the Lions are looking to bounce back and shock the world this upcoming 2017 season.