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Welcome to the Pick Six Prize League. We are currently looking for new recruits to start our new season for Madden 19. We usually always have a spot or two available. If none are available, you will be put on a reserve list and will be notified when an opening becomes available. We have prizes for a variety of categories and are paid out as xbox digital gift cards at the end of each season. Feel free to send a message in daddy leagues for additional information and/or to sign up for our league. Group Me is a requirement and must be active in group me. People who do not post in group me is subject for removal from league, as all games with other users must be posted in group me. We also have structured rules, they are currently being modified and will be posted under the rules tab in the coming weeks.We are a very competitive league, with advance 3x per week, approx. every 48 hours.
Commissioner : Tuuvchine877
2019 Season | Week 1 : Begins August 17th, 2018
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