Prize awards through week 8:            Player of Week award:         XxDaBest26xX - $6.00     DoleMike92 - $6.00    T O 12 T U R E - $2.00     SniperBaitOhaha - $2.00     SeanLSims -$2.00     xSHUGGSx3one8x - $2.00               Kickoff/Punt Returns:          MoReallay - $5.00     DiscoStuJohn - $10.00          Have Your Opponent Score 0 Points:   SniperBaitOhaha - $10.00     Prime7ime613 - $10.00     MoReallay - $10.00     Ozzy111088 - $10.00     IamBiggieBiggz - $10.00     xSHUGSX3one8x - $10.00     Timpson 08 - $10.00
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GOING TO THE FINAL WHISTLE: The momentum in the cowboys-Eagles rivalry swung in Dallas' favor this week when the Cowboys went on the road to Philadelphia and handed the Eagles a gut-wrenching 20-17 defeat

DEFEAT: Cardinals were defeated by the Chiefs on the road, 31-14

VICTORY: Buccaneers get the win Against the Redskins in Tampa Bay, 33-0. Congrats Buccaneers user for winning $10.00 for posting a shutout!!!

BRIDGEWATER'S 280-YARD DAY: Bridgewater took advantage of a porous Bills' defense, throwing for 280 yards in the Jets' win, 21-10

BREES TAKES CHARGE: The Saints went to the air often in their win over the Bengals. The strategy paid off, as Brees finished he game with 329 passing yards, 37-9

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