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Welcome To Our League!

Welcome to the Simulation Football Dedication League! We are an established Madden league that emphasizes sportsmanship over winning. The league operates on the forums at OperationSports.com, a free sports gaming website/forum. We hold our members to a high standard with regards to playing with integrity, following all listed rules, winning/losing with class, effective game scheduling, and running their organization as a true GM. You can check out our forum on our League Forum Website.

If you are interested in joining SFDL please visit our League Sub-forum and thoroughly read the League Rules to see if this league meshes with your play style. Discord is free smartphone & PC app that is mandatory for the league and is a tool use along with OperationSports to run the league.

Commissioners : MoveTheChains11 / N0SZ3R0 / Loc1225

Weeks advance every 72 hours !

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