Rule Changes and Additions

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Chew Clock Changes

  • Inside 2 minutes of either half (voluntary)
  • Up by 25 points (4 possessions) or more in the 4th (voluntary)
  • Up by 35 in 2nd half. (Mandatory)
  • If both users agree, chew clock can be turned on at anytime.


Dev Regression


This will be active to start M22. When your player receives a regression, they can be put back to their original dev if they fit any of these categories in the same season they regressed (users will be responsible to bring this to the admins attention):

  • Made Pro Bowl
  • Were a Top 5 Finalist for any award
  • Received an end of year dynamic dev


Reroll Changes:

  • Frequency stays the same (1 per season SB to SB)
  • person who gets all same abilities on reroll gets another reroll (if only one stays the same oh well)
  • Players can be rerolled more than once long as it fits the one per year rule
  • Same abilities are considered for free reroll (ex
  • Remove the 1 scheme change per cycle ie 3-4 to 4-3 and also remove reroll to “fit scheme” for newly acquired player


Trade Committee Changes:

  • Ben runs TC
  • chooses members with a mix of skill and experience (members alternate each season)
  • will use spreadsheet that will give baseline for trades (made by ben/alex and everyone will have access to use it)
  • Document will be created to keep database of approved trades to use as reference to be consistent throughout cycle