The Denver Broncos

by OBJ | 4 years ago | 0 Comments

Not sure where to begin with this team but after losing in the divisional round of the playoffs to the Miami Dolphins , we lost some key pieces to this team... Free agency was filled with 60 year olds and we had no interest in anyone... except for MLB Beckwith ,  signed him and we are glad we did.... The draft comes around and we thought we choked but our first round TE has some early chemistry with Eric Dungey ... Week 1 comes around and our defense was terrible ... despite the 2 user picks from Beckwith , the D was trash. Corners didn’t show up to this one , both of them sucked. Dropping game 1 to the Dallas Cowboys (bum) , our trade block got updated just a tad .. we are moving Von , Chubb , Butt , Smith . The offense in week 1 looked awesome tho, Dungey found his new favorite target. Broncos need to rebound in week 2 and hopefully have a trade done by then