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Patriots 2021 Year End Review 
 2-14 such a disappointment. The patriots are now 4 years removed from the division title and last playoff appearance. This leave us to wonder do they have what it takes to make one more playoff run. 
The playoffs might be hard to envision for a team that has struggled to find consistent QB play since Tom Brady’s last effective year season 1. It’s no coincidence that was the last time they had a winning season. The player they expected to take over for Brady was Malcolm Rose who was shipped off to the saints for a first round pick. Max Cummings the late 2nd round pick out of Nebraska got his shot and put up 3500 yards and 20 TDs but the rookie also found the defenders almost double that tossing 39 INTs 
Many pats fans were excited to see Tom Brady come out of retirement but that was short lived after a 6 interception game week 4 Brady lost his starting job for good . 
It remains to be seen if Brady will return for a 22nd season at age 45 
It wasn’t all negative. The patriots did have some positives. One being the play of superstar rookie Zach Allen. The DE registered a team and rookie best 17 sacks. Allen got a sack in 13 of the 16 games for the  patriots. The pats also added a much need WR in John Ross. Ross was added at the deadline in hopes he could help the pats take a run at the division but clearly that didn’t happen. The trade was costly considering they uncharacteristically trades away a first round pick that ended up as the number 2 overall pick. The positive is the patriots still own the right to the saints and Lions 1st along with multiple picks in almost every round. We expects the Patriots will again be very active in the trade market. We suspect moving back inside the top 10 will be a priority.
If the pats can hit in the draft and and a few veterans in FA to sure up the LB core and the secondary I think we can see the pats back in the playoffs in 2022