New England Patriots Channeling the 1999 Rams

by Febulous | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Another disappointing season for the New England Patriots after finishing 7-9 in their most recent campaign. Not all is lost however, as our roster has rapidly improved and our offense has shown signs of once again being an elite powerhouse with the acquisition of some serious firepower with Haskins, Cooks, and Thomas joining the already in place solid offensive line and lightning fast Pollard in the backfield. In fact, Haskins has broken the single season passing record in his first season in Foxborough with a staggering 5815yds and 51tds on the year. Having three solid targets to get the ball to led to a triplicate of 1000yd receivers of Cooks, Thomas, and Hall. Rumors were that Hall may be on his way out the door this offseason after falling to the slot position on the depth chart, however, during his exit interview he has claimed he is 100% committed to his role here and we are now hearing from the front office that they have no intention of shopping him moving forward.

The defensive side of the ball however has seen its ups and downs. A couple of acquisitions have helped our D get faster and more explosive, alas it would seem these changes haven’t helped the defensive production quite like the offensive side’s new additions have, and we will once again finish in the bottom three in the lg in both points and yards given up. We are hearing there will be a considerable focus on the defensive line this offseason as management attempts to plant some roots for the defense to build upon.

One thing is for sure, this team is a mediocre defense away from playoff contention and an above average defense away from becoming ‘the greatest show on turf’ v2. Keep your eyes on this team’s offseason moves, they are always aggressive in trades/draft and so far that has helped much more than it has hurt. There does have to be a point where NE decides enough is enough though and just begins to focus on the wealth of talent they have already acquired. Still, I wouldn’t put it past them to make at least one offseason splash this year. After all, they wouldn’t be the New England Patriots if their names weren’t in the headlines for one reason or another.