It “Saints” over till it’s over!

by BiGDaDDyNaPSacK | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Deep in the Heart of Louisiana there’s a well kept secret.  The Saints will always rise again!  Time and time again they have been counted out and sometimes utterly embarrassed yet still they rise.  That hard work and stubbornness now has the Saints sitting a top the NFC South.  

That stubbornness has their young and now seasoned QB - Orlando Hitchens in the middle of the best year of his career.   This is the first season Hitches is sporting a positive TD/INT ratio.  First time this far into the season in his career.

That stubbornness didn’t just affect the young it also has revived the old.  WR - Michael Thomas looked to have lost it all.  He lost his X-Factor,  lost his edge and looked like he would lose the chance to secure a new contract, the last deal of his career.  

Remember that stubbornness we mentioned?  Thomas fought all year to get a deal done and he fought to reverse his declining production.  He managed to secure a insane 6 year deal that will allow him to remain a Saint until he retires (Thomas is 32),  he managed to reverse his declining ratings and is back to the 99 overall he was before.

Up and down the entire roster there are stories like these and it shows that the Saints are ready to give up on hopes of hoisting the Lombardi trophy once again and reminding the people “Who Dat?”