Game Scheduling: Contact your opponent within the first 12hrs of advance. Communicate openly on GroupMe Chat with a specific time and counter time versus “Ayo Tyree…..when?” You MUST have at least 2 "TWO" DM      ( Direct Message) attempts with your opponent via GroupMe. If you stand up an opponent for a game, your opponent has the right to request a Sim-a-Win. If it becomes a pattern you will be replaced. Proof is needed of game time scheduled with opponent (IM, DM, XBOX Live, GroupMe)

Auto Sets:
Autos will be made when:
1) The opponent informs the other party or the commit that they are unable to play
2) All attempts have been made to get in contact with the other opponent.

Auto Set Constituting:
Autos will be set between the hours of 8pm est-10pm est. Based on contact with opponents
7PM Example- Contacting opponent at 8am,3pm, and 7pm. No response still will issues and auto set
8PM Example- Contacting opponent at 2PM and 7PM
9PM Example- Contacting opponent at 3pm/4PM OR contacting the opponent only ONCE

Play Calling
- No huddle only allowed in the last two minutes of the second quarter, and when down by at least 8 in the 4th quarter, or down with 2 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Play calling must be mixed. The same play shouldn't be called multiple times a drive if possible. I am not gonna sit here and say you can’t run cover 2 all game or sit in cover 3, blah blah. We all know how to scout and prepare for that and create match-ups. You still should mix it up versus being predictable.
- NO CHEW CLOCK (Unless discussed between you and your opponent, ex blowout)
- Fake Punts and Field Goals. These plays are permitted. You do not need to warn your opponent. They may only be called in a game situation, field position, and/or down and distance where the call is reasonable. You should only be calling them in a realistic frequency: only a very few times per season
- Two Point Conversions. You may attempt two point conversions as often as you like. You control your destiny. You miss that is on you. You make it good job. You QB or Skill player goes down when you should’ve kicked........

4th Down and Fake Punt/FG Play Calling
- You are allowed to go for it during the first three quarters of play if you are on your OWN 40 heading into the REDZONE and it is 4th and short (3 yards or less), unless down in the 4th quarter, then you may go for it whenever you choose to.
- You are allowed to do one (1) a game of each. One fake punt and one fake FG. Never two fake punts or two fake field goals.
- You may not attempt a fake FG on your side of the 50 yard line

Player Management
- All Trades will go through admins for approval. After the trade is approved you can accept the trade on Xbox. Players acquired must remain on roster for 1 season. If you are trading a superstar player you will need to be receiving a Superstar player in return or pics that will equal his value.
- No Trading with computer teams
-No cutting your players so you can resign them cheaper. Accident or not. If you wish to do that they must be on the waiver wire for 24 hrs and it is first come first serve · Preseason Free Agent First Come First Serve: You can pick up 2 Free Agents every preseason week. If you pick up 2 FA players and want another player on FA you have to cut 1 of the 2 players you picked up that week.
- Position Change Rules below: WR may move to TE or HB with 85 speed or less (You run the risk of that player getting hurt a lot or fumbling if they are not built for it). RB only move to FB with 85 speed or less. If the position change rules are not followed the player will be suspended and have to sit all season until the next off-season when he can be changed back to previous position.
- All SKILL[QB RB FB TE WR] Players must PLAY NATURAL POSITION for example no switching WR -> HB/FB
- Defensive backs are interchangeable amongst themselves ONLY (CB,FS,SS)
- Linebackers are interchangeable amongst themselves ONLY (LOLB, MLB, ROLB)
- Defensive lineman are interchangeable amongst themselves ONLY (LE,DT,RE)
-TE Depth Chart must have first two spots filled with TE and the 3rd can be filled if you don't have 3 TE on Roster no matter who the player is or his attributes.
-Linebackers and Defensive Ends are Switchable
    ****  You must have two DT's on your Roster and only DT's can play DT unless a Defensive Package within the game.
- Must maintain a 53 man roster if you are financially able.
NFL Uniform Number Rule Applies:
1.    quarterbacks, punters, and placekickers: 1–19;
2.    running backs and defensive backs: 20–49;
3.    centers: 50–79;
4.    offensive guards and tackles: 60–79;
5.    wide receivers: 10–19 and 80–89;
6.    tight ends and H-backs: 40–49 and 80–89;
7.    defensive linemen: 50–79 and 90–99;
8.    linebackers: 40–59 and 90–99.

- Punishment will be voted on by Admins
- Championship games must/should be streamed, away team is responsible to post link in group.
- New rules can be added at anytime

Sportsmanship and Respect
-      Quitting will not be tolerated. If connection was lost, you must show proof that you see it on your side as well. If proof cannot be provided, opponent gets choice of replay, auto, or force.
       - 1st offense- (QB, HB, and WR impact) Players suspended 2 games
       - 2nd offense-  Dismissal from league

Running Up the Score & End of Game.
- If the game is out of hand, the losing player may concede in the 3rd Quarter AFTER the kickoff to start the second half has been completed. All stats, injuries, etc will be saved.
- Once you have secured a win, do not continue trying for big plays and fast scores. Show your opponent some respect and end the game. If you are getting beaten and the game is out of reach, do not attempt to use your time outs against an opponent that is kneeling to secure another possession so that you can add to your stats. you will face penalty of force loss next game.
-You do not get to restart any game vs CPU for any reason without approval from the commish and you must also provide a pic of the screen to even be considered, and even then, you may not be allowed to restart. That means if you begin the game, if you quit or you are DC'd for any reason, then the game must be simmed. If we see games vs CPU started multiple times, your players will be suspended for the next game. If
-One of the most important things to remember is to play sim vs the cpu as well as your human opponents. If you are blowing a team out, bring in your backups. Do not pad stats. That is not realistic, totally not a sim action. We monitor box scores each week.
-      When facing the CPU you are only allowed to score 50 points or less. In addition your offensive players are only allowed 250 yards per game, unless it's your QB
-      When facing an actual USER, the 50 point rule limit still applies, unless it is a 2 possession game or less.
       - 1st offense- (QB, HB, and WR impact) Players suspended one game
       - 2nd offense- (QB, HB, and WR impact) Players suspended 4 games
       -3rd offense-  Dismissal from league
- Respect is REQUIRED the admin board will not tolerate disrespect to others or the League.
- If your opponent breaks a rule or rules you will need proof. You can record the whole game or game clip. Read the instructions on how to setup your twitch account to record and how to record game clips.
- We are all here to enjoy the game and have fun.

-To qualify for rewards you MUST play your games whether it's user vs user OR user vs CPU
- If you and your opponent are playing and a bad connection happens and you have to receive the force, it still counts as a game played for you and your opponent
- As stated earlier autos can be set by 10pm est for those who haven't responded. If auto is set, you must play that game to qualify
- If its a fair sim between both parties, it doesn't count as a game played
-If an opponent decides to not play his game after 11:00 PM est and no other games are waiting to be played, then you will get the force ALONG with it counting.
- If an opponent decides to not play his game after 11:00pm est and there is a later game scheduled AFTER advance times (Ex. Divisional games), then you must play if auto is set. If it is unable to be set to AUTO then you will receive force and will count as a game played.

**D4rk24 League Activity Rewards**
16 of 16 games
* Reduction in age of the rookie of their choice to 21 years old OR opt for additional dev upgrade
* 1 development upgrade of any player
* 3 point attribute for any player (can be split up)
14 of 16 games
* Age reduction to 22 years old for 1 rookie of choice
* 1 skill upgrade for any player ( strip ball/ power move/ bull rush, etc. DOES NOT INCLUDE CLUTCH)
12 of 16 games
* Age reduction to 22 years old for 1 rookie of choice