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Gameplay – Will be SIM style football

Difficulty – All Madden

Quarter Length – 8 Min Quarters

Create Owners – All users are required to create owners when joining the league.

Advance Time – We advance every 40-48 hours. Any games not in progress an hour before the scheduled advance time will be simmed.

Game Scheduling – You should contact your opponent and schedule games within the first 24 hours of advance .

Accelerated Clock – On

Scheduling of Superbowl: Users in the Superbowl MUST  Schedule the game by no later than 4pm est of game day and post the time to the league chat


The use of Playmaker is not allowed at any time during a game.
Nano blitzes are not allowed at anytime and will be grounds for removal from the league. (There will be NO 1st time warnings for this offense).
The 46 Scheme is banned.
The use of in game sub packages formations are banned
User will no longer have the option to play the CPU. Force wins will be award to the user.
Player lock is never allowed.
Spamming players for stats is NEVER allowed. If the commish thinks or believes you are doing this you will be removed from the league
Super Star X-Factors & Super Star players can never have their position changed (If a user is caught the player will be dropped from the team)
Communication – GroupME App/Cell numbers


1: Play Action Cancel: Users are not allowed to cancel the play action within a play at anytime.

A. Users must either run the designed Play Action play chosen or audible to a play without play action in-order to change player assignments

2: Users are not allowed to change player names at any time.

3: The PSN you join with will be the PSN you use the entire cycle no changing.

4: ALL in game assist functions must be turned OFF. We will perform random checks to ensure ALL are in compliance.

5: Players asking for 1 year deals must be signed to the amount they are requesting NOTHING less. The user must post a screenshot of the request to the Discord chat for 1 year deals.

6: Teams 28-32 from each season are not allowed to trade draft picks. The teams will be able to trade players.

7: Da DML Jersey by position rule: Jersey numbers can not be changed during the season at anytime.

8: Position changes are not allowed during the regular season or the playoffs. All changes must take place during the pre-season.

9. Before each season the GM must submit their teams scheme to Tazz before playing their week 1 regular season game.


All games must be broadcast. It is the responsibility of the road team to broadcast and post the link to the GroupMe chat. The road team can ask the home team to broadcast if they are having internet issues. Failure to broadcast will result in a penalty against the party responsible to broadcast. If the USER responsible for broadcasting does not post the link to the chat by the 6 minute mark of the 1st Qrt. That user will lose a 2nd round draft pick to having to draft a FA of the choosing of the Commish. The pick will NOT be allowed to be traded


Tanking games in-order to obtain a better draft position is not allowed in Da Dynasty. This is and will remain a competitive league so USERS should play to win EVERY game. If it becomes clear that a user is losing games on purpose in-order to better their draft position the user could be removed from the league.

Share Play

Share playing is NOT allowed in DaDynasty. Either you play your game or you go on AUTO.


Each member of the DML is expected to be as active as possible within the league. While we realize that not everyone will have the same amount of time to devote to the league as others, we do expect each member to stay active on the forum and up-to-date on league happenings on YouTube and Twitch.

With smartphones, tablets and PCs we find it reasonable to require each member to stop by the forums and GroupMe at least once or twice per day. Obviously, the more you are active, the more you will get out of the league and the better it will be for other league members to communicate with you (scheduling, trade talks, etc.).

The DML League member activity requirements are higher than most leagues as using Twitter is a requirement of all members.


ATTENTION DYNASTY: We have the expectation that all users will stream “Game of the Week” and ALL playoff games through the DML Network YouTube/TWITCH channels. We suggest that you plan ahead and have the channel set on your PS4 and ready to broadcast if you are selected for the Game of the Week or required in the playoffs.


ATTENTION DYNASTY: Users are required to post at least 4 times per season to their league Twitter accounts. Posting window is from the 1st week of the pre-season up until week 17 before the league advances to the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Post containing only pictures will not count you must provide verbiage with the picture. If the minimum is not met each season the user will be removed from the league.


User Connection Issues

EA Server (Server Issues)

Either game is played over or both users go on auto.
If the game is in the 4th quarter with less than 3 minutes left, the player winning has the option to (a) Request replay (b) Force win
Peer Lost Connect (User Connection / Plug Pulled) 

User with a lead of 21 or more points halfway through the 3rd Qtr (3:59) minutes or less can (a) Request replay (b) Request force win.
Proof OR Suspicion of pulling network cables or disconnecting from game will result in removal from the league.
Both users must post a screen shot when there is a disconnection. Failure to post will result in a penalty for the user.
Penalty:  League removal


Users experiencing drag issues are encouraged to resolve it among themselves, whether a replay, restart, or mutual agreement on sim.
If the drag issues cannot be resolved, the game must be cancelled by either User before the start of the 2nd Qtr.
Continuing to Play into the 2nd Qtr is a mutual agreement of no issues with connectivity.
If either user chooses to cancel the game, both users must conduct a connection test and post video of the results.
The player with the better connection speed (Download) can (a) Request replay (b) Play the CPU or (c) Request force win.
Conceding the game after the 2nd Qtr for drag issues will be handled as a Plug Pulled, which will result in immediate removal from the league
Penalty:  League Removal


Other than completely unavoidable circumstances, owners will not be allowed more than 2 autos per season. Please contact the commissioners for the unavoidable circumstance. Non-communication could lead to removal from the league.
It will be against league policy to go on auto because you are out of the playoff race. Each game has an effect on the playoff race and draft positioning and should be played to the league standard.
If a user knows he/she cannot play (vacation, work, busy etc) be courteous and let your opponent and the commissioners know along with placing yourself on auto.
It is the responsibility of each user to place themselves on AUTO if they can not play their game. The Companion App gives you the ability to place yourself on auto from just about any where in the world.

ALL USERS must set up their Twitch accounts to ARCHIVE past games. This will allow the league staff an opportunity to re-watch a game when a complaint arises.
All user complaints must be made with video evidence. If no evidence is provided the complaint will be logged but no action taken.


If both USERS agree to play at a certain time and one of the USERS no shows for the game without communicating a change in plans with the other USER will be considered a violation of the Pump Fake Rule. The offending user will be required to send the other party a 1st round pick in the upcoming draft. If the user does not have a 1st round pick in the up coming draft the user will be required to send the highest available pick and a 1st in the the following years draft. If the highest pick being sent is a 1st the requirement to send the 2nd the following year will not be required. This rule shall be enforced after the first 24 hours have passed.

The Around User Pump Fake Rule: Meaning if a user says that they can play around a certain time i.e. I can play around 6:30pm they will now have a window of 5:30pm to 7:30pm to communicate with the other user. If they miss that window they now are in violation of the Pump Fake Rule.


1(a) Users ARE allowed three (3) trades per season (Superbowl to Superbowl). Each “Push of the button” counts as a trade. ALSO, the trade spreadsheet MUST be sent to the Trade Review Committee BEFORE the trade is processed within the CFM.

1(b) New users must complete a full season before they can perform trades no exceptions..

1(c) Trades that take place where either user has exceeded their 3 allotted trades for the season. The trade will be reversed and any players involved in the trade will be dropped by both users. The users will also lose their trading privileges  for the remaining of the current and next season.

After trades have been agreed upon one of the users must post the deal to the Daddyleagues.

PENALTY: Failure to post trades to the League Website will result in the trade being reversed and the users involved in the trade lose remaining trades for the season

2(a) Any trades involving PICKS are required to use the trade spreadsheet and must be sent to the Trade Review Committee before completing the trade. (for players or picks).  **Rookies CANNOT be traded**

2(b) Straight up Player for Player trades do not require the use of the trade spreadsheet.

A user may NEVER have more than 2 1st round picks in a draft cycle.
A player on team’s roster must complete a full season on your team before he can become eligible for trade.
4) Rookies are NOT eligible for TRADES.

5) Players cannot be traded twice in the same season.

6) You are NOT ALLOWED to cut players and then re-sign them to a cheap one year contract during season. [Must wait till offseason free agency if you plan on cutting a player to re-sign him to a different contract]

7) Practice squad players: If  you sign a player from another teams practice squad that player must remain on your active 53 man roster the remainder of the season.

8) Cap penalty must NOT exceed $20 Million. Trades that will exceed the $20 million cap penalty during any season current or future must not be executed. (Penalty: If you go over the cap penalty of $20 million you will be required to drop 2 players at the choosing of the commish staff (not QB’s) then a commissioner will clear cap penalties to no less than 8 million).

8a) At no time will a user be able to operate their team over the salary cap during the season or after the Superbowl conducting off-season business. It is the users job to ensure that they are operating under the system set salary cap   at all times. If the Commish staff has to become involved the above penalty for salary cap penalties will be enforced for this violation as well.

9) Any player acquired by trade or offseason free agent signing cannot be traded the first season on the team. Free Agents signed to contracts in offseason must be on your roster an entire year before a player is TRADE ELIGIBLE.

10) Franchise Tagged Players: You can not franchise tag a player then trade the player while he is playing on the franchise tag.

11) Sign and trade deals are not allowed.

12) Player CONTRACTS can not extend 5 years in length unless the player requests a longer dated contract (6 or 7 years). If that is the case, a screenshot must be provided to the commissioners.

13) When bidding on Free Agents during the offseason, contract points CAN NOT  be less than 70 points.

14) Absolutely no trades with the CPU or teams that fall into CPU control.

*The Commissioner has the right to veto any trade which he believes to have an negative impact on the league*


Board members will be monitoring Free Agent (FA) contracts and each contract will be subject to review and penalty of anything deemed unrealistic and un-sim that takes away from the immersion experience. Owners can offer big contracts and even reach at players at times, but the excessive and abusive contracts will be limited.

Players signed during the off-season FreeAgency/Player Resign Stage period. Will be allowed to sign 1 year deals, but users Must sign them to the deal they are requesting or more but never less and post screen shots proving the players are asking for a one year deal.


:Players rated 64 and below can not be signed to deals longer than 2 years in length.

:Bonus money will not be required for players rated 64 and below.

: Players rated 65 and up must be reward with bonus money not less than 90k.

::::::::::::::All owners are required to send screenshots of bids to a member of the Free Agency Committee::::::::::::::

If there is an existing bid on a player, you can bid up to the same number of points of leading bid. If you wish to increase the bid, it must be a minimum of a 10 point increase. For example, Team A has a bid on Player Z for 70 points. You can place a bid on the same player for up to 70 points. If you would like to increase the bid on Player Z, your point total would have to be a minimum of 80 points.
Once you remove a bid from a free agent you are no longer allowed to bid on that player. Anyone found to be intentionally (excessively) running up bids to just to drop out will be penalized. Keep professionalism and respect for the league.
You are not allowed to lower a bid once it has been submitted. For example, if Team A and Team B are in a bidding war and Team A reached 75 points, then Team B drops, Team A must remain at 75 points. You can’t reduce your bid simply because the other stopped bidding on the player.
In the event a Free Agent is signed and a final bid screenshot is not available, the team will have to release the player(s) signed and will have to deal with the cap penalty. If the cap penalty is so excessive that the team is unable to get to the required 53 players, cap penalty will be cleared. If clearing of the cap penalty is required, that team will then forfeit their 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft, and will have trade rights revoked until the following season’s draft is complete.
Once you bid 100 points or MORE, you are locked in on that bid until the player signs a contract. You are NOT allowed to remove yourself from the bid regardless of where you are on the points leader list.
In FA bidding, the final hour before advance is no longer sniping hour. If advance is at 10 pm, starting at 9 pm, max bids are locked. If you had a current bid on a player but someone outbid you, you are allowed to match the point total of the highest bid. If you did not have an existing bid on a player, you are not allowed to come in that hour and place a matching bid.
All owners are required to post bid screenshots to the FREE AGENCY GM CHAT.
Screenshots of bids will be logged by the FREE AGENCY Team members.
If you up your bid a new screenshot must be posted to reflect the change

Signing of Free Agent Players/ Cutting of Players after Week 17

Anyone NOT in the playoffs are not ALLOWED to perform any edit functions to players such as (changing player position, numbers or uniforms) after week 17.
A team eliminated from the playoffs CAN NOT drop players after the game. You now fall under the above rule.
Users in the playoffs are NOT ALLOWED to pick up any Free Agents from the pool. If you require replacement players you must pull from your practice squad.
Dropping of players by teams not in the playoffs or teams eliminated during the playoffs is prohibited.
Users are NOT ALLOWED to drop players rated 75 or higher after week 8 of the season. The players can be released after we advance to the Player resign stage.

Players signed from the free agent pool during the regular season must be signed to 3 week deals. Meaning that the players must play 3 games for the team before being cut.

All players rated 75 and above/ or any players with Superstar or X-Factor DEV trait are subject to the waiver wire system and are not eligible for pick-up from the free agency pool.
GM responsibilities: GM’s are required to contact the Commish and the waiver wire manager by @ing them in the Groupme chat of the player(s) meeting the above thresholds before cutting the player(s)
GM’s must know that they have the cap space to acquire a player before deciding they want a player when on the clock. If you agree to take a player then find out that you don’t have the cap space you will still be require to take said player.
The above rules are in effect starting week 1 of the pre-season through the Superbowl. You are not required to report players that are dropped during the player resign stage through offseason Free Agency because they will be up for the league bid system.
COACHES – Hiring, Firing & Trading


Coach has to stay on your team for 2 years.
When can a coach be Fired?
Coaches can be fired Wild Card round of playoffs. *Only 1 time a season
Can I hire a fired coach?
Fired coaches can be hired. (Off-season bidding).
Only free agent coaches that didn’t get a job can be hired, in preseason.
When can I trade my coach?
Coaches can be traded week 1- 4 of preseason.
If you trade away your coach, you can only sign from the free agent pool of coaches.
Free Agent coaches (playbook) will be on the DML Website

How to Sign a Free Agent Coach

Make sure you’re hiring between Preseason week 1 and week 8 of the regular season.
Just like free agent bidding, users will take and submit three pictures displaying the coach’s asking price, the offer you have submitted and what the coach has signed for. See below for examples.
First Picture: Coach’s asking price.

Second Picture: Offer made to coach.

Third Picture: What the coach signed for.

SIGNED COACHES – Users must notify either Tyght_Work or KpDaBus in the main chat AND send pics through DM to one or the other.

• No Coach for Coach trade
• Coaches can only be traded preseason week 1- 4 in Presaeson. (Only 1x a season).
• Team trading for a coach, has to give up at least a 3rd round pick in current draft. Future picks can be added.
• Team sending the coach, has to add the lowest overall pick in current draft.

Team 1 send Coach Boo and 7th round pick
Team 2: send 3rd round pick this draft, and 3rd next draft
After trading away your coach, see signing free agent coach rule.

Defensive Match-up

The defense must match-up personnel against the offense at all times outside of the opponents redzone. Meaning that running a base defense against a three wide set is not allowed outside the redzone.

Robotic Adjustments

If you change your defense through Defensive Adjustments (Pinch, Spread, Press etc…) and/or Defensive Assignments (Yellows to Purples – Blitz to Coverage etc…) they MUST  be done Strategically ( In reaction to the offenses look, down and distances, situational, etc..) they should not be done Robotically (Changing your defense based solely on the success it has in Madden). You should attempt to adjust your defense against your opponent not against Madden.

Defensive Pre-Snap

Users are only allowed to control or move/adjust one player prior to the snap of the ball. This does not include pinching or sliding of the defensive line or linebackers. Coverage adjustments of other players are allowed but you still must maintain/remain with the player you selected to move.

Clarification: the player you select and change coverage or move pre snap you must remain on the player for the duration of the play. You are able to switch players when the ball is on the move.

Pass Rush

There must be a 3 man rush at all times. You are not allowed to move defensive linemen from the D line prior to the snap of the ball in-order to use him in coverage or to trick the AI. D-Lineman may drop into coverage ONLY if that is part of the designed defensive play, and ONLY after the ball has been snapped.


User teams need 53 players prior to Week 1 of the regular season to play.  User teams may not have less than 53 players at any time during the season. If you trade away a player you are required to pick up a replacement at that time. If you are caught with less than 53 players a penalty will be handed down.


Penalty: 1 User will be required to sit starting QB and HB for 1 game or until the requirement is met.


Users may send ONLY one OFFENSIVE player in motion and the player must stay where he goes. The player must be set for 2 seconds before the ball can be hiked. (1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi) The count should not start UNTIL the player has come to a complete stop.
The above rule only applies to plays that are not pre-designed motion plays.

User cannot hike the ball and IMMEDIATELY run to the sideline.
Exception to the rule above: If the play has a Play Action component the user is allowed to move out of the pocket immediately even if there is no defensive pressure.
Users must maintain pocket integrity USERS are not allowed to drop straight back in the pocket more than 8 yards from under center.
If the user is in the shotgun formation the user is only allowed a 3 step drop.
Either you move up in the pocket or move parallel to the line of scrimmage.
Unrealistic QB drop backs will not be tolerated.

Users cannot move a WR to TE , HB to FB or WR to HB at anytime.
HB are not to be moved to the FB position in the depth chart.
FS/SS can never be move to the linebacker position in the depth chart. The ONLY exception to this rule is if they are in that position based on pre-designed defensive formations.

Mix It Up: You should attempt to mix up your play as much as possible. You should not rely on specific plays or formations over and over. A real life coach has to mix up his offensive sets and play calls and you should too.

Relying on go-to plays every third down or using the same routes or plays repeatedly is not considered “sim” and should be avoided. Mix up your plays and try to be as diverse as possible. There are over 500 plays at your disposal. Try and use more than 5 of them.

Play Selection Rule: A user can not let the CPU pick their play by purposefully allowing the play selection time to run out. This is not the same as using the Coach Suggestion option.


Any excessive non-strategic/without reason no huddles during times which it is not necessary is not allowed. The DML is a simulation league

1 Free 4th down regardless of score during the 1st three quarters of play.
1 Free fake punt or fake field goal during the 1st three quarters of play . The user CANNOT audible out of the Punt/Field goal fake.
The Defense must match the formation chosen by the offense on 4th downs (Example if the offense chooses a punt formation the defense can not come out in a 4-3 defense)
If a user goes down by 17 points or more, they can attempt 4th downs regardless of the quarter.
4th Quarter: Both teams may go for it on 4th down as often as they like regardless of score.
Penalty: 1 Game Force Loss


*The ball must land within the field of play at ALL times unless the user is punting beyond their 40 yard line at which time the user can try to angle the punt out of bounds near the end zone.


* Super simming is not permitted at any time during a game. This also includes games against the CPU.


User cannot activate a chew clock offense until 3 minutes left in the game.
The play clock should not be in the red more than 70% of the game.
User caught chewing the clock with more than 3 minutes left in a game to gain a competitive advantage over their opponent may be immediately removed from the league.
If both users agree, chew clock can be activated any time after the 4:00 minute mark in the 3rd quarter.

A USER can not let the cpu pick their play by purposefully allowing the play selection time to run out.
This is not the same as using the Coach Suggestion option.

User caught using Nano Blitz, Punt Glitch or another similar glitch play will provide the offended their highest draft pick in the next draft (Warning).
If caught using the above, after being warned, the offending user will be removed from the league.
Penalty:  League Removal

In game violations will result in the user having to sit their starting QB, HB or WR for 2 weeks.
QB drop back violations come with a 3 week penalty.
Player management is the responsibility of each GM to meet the position minimums and to be mindful of injuries. If the CPU takes action to fill your roster it will be taken as though you made the transaction.
Dropping Players rated 75 or higher after week 8 will resulted in the league taking ownership of the teams 2nd round pick. If the team does not have a 2nd the league will take the highest pick available. If the pick is lower than a second the league will also take a future 2nd.
Any offseason violations will result in the removal of draft picks along with dropping the players involved. The Commish will determine the pick depending on the severity of the infraction.
Spamming: Will be at the determination of the Commisioner and grounds for removal.
The above can be changed at anytime by the Commish based on the nature of the violation.
All league members are required to read and know the rules.

Changes may be made as the seasons progress to ensure a fair and balanced playing field for all. In the event that a change is made, all members will be notified and any amendments will be clearly outlined. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the league rules and guidelines, please ask at that time.


For new Users joining the league, you will be asked to read these rules before you are sent a league invite to the DML. The only way to know you truly read ALL of the rules, is to test you. So, after you have read all these rules, and you agree to everything, We will ask you ONE question!

That Question is: “Which rapper did Whitney Houston cheat on Bobby Brown with back in the day? – The Answer is located within the rules….. : ”

Yeah its crazy but this is how we know if you have read the rules…..