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Passing Yards

Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars 57862022

Daniel Jones

New York Giants 56782024

Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars 55122023

Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars 53582021

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs 53512021

Rushing TDs

Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts 342024

Kevin Waynes

Kansas City Chiefs 322025

Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts 312025

Saquon Barkley

New York Giants 312021

Quincy Hitchens

Green Bay Packers 302023

Pass Receptions

D.J. Chark Jr

Jacksonville Jaguars 1092022

Mitch Rush

Jacksonville Jaguars 1092023

Mitch Rush

Jacksonville Jaguars 1052025

Matthew Nelson

Jacksonville Jaguars 1042022

Mitch Rush

Jacksonville Jaguars 1042024

Defensive Sacks

Chandler Jones

Arizona Cardinals 232021

Myles Garrett

Denver Broncos 222026

Myles Garrett

Cleveland Browns 202021

Jaelan Phillips

Miami Dolphins 202021

Micah Parsons

Dallas Cowboys 202021

Passing Touchdown

Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs 582021

Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles 552026

Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars 532023

Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars 522022

Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles 512021

Rushing YPC

Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens 11.52022

Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens 11.12026

Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens 10.32023

Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens 10.12025

Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens 9.82024

Receiving TD

Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs 282021

CeeDee Lamb

Dallas Cowboys 232021

Dan Chisena

Green Bay Packers 232025

Mitch Rush

Jacksonville Jaguars 232023

Rashard Reese

Chicago Bears 212024

Defensive INTs

Brandon Stephens

Baltimore Ravens 182021

Xavien Howard

Miami Dolphins 172024

Taylor Hairston

New York Giants 162024

Jaycee Horn

Carolina Panthers 162025

Jaylon Johnson

Chicago Bears 162022

Rushing Yards

Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts 31492024

Nick Chubb

Cleveland Browns 28882023

Jonathan Taylor

Indianapolis Colts 26592026

Kevin Waynes

Kansas City Chiefs 25352025

Kevin Waynes

Kansas City Chiefs 24852026

Receiving Yards

D.J. Chark Jr

Jacksonville Jaguars 20522022

Moses Lacy

Houston Texans 20132023

D.J. Chark Jr

Jacksonville Jaguars 18872021

Mitch Rush

Jacksonville Jaguars 18372023

Harold Carey

Carolina Panthers 18172025

Defensive Tackles

Devin White

Minnesota Vikings 822025

Roquan Smith

Chicago Bears 812024

Cameron McGrone

New England Patriots 812026

Isaiah Simmons

Arizona Cardinals 802026

Fred Warner

San Francisco 49ers 782026