After starting the season 7-0 the Jaguars are on a two game losing streak. The headline is what changed and how can they get back on the right track. 

Head Coach Caztlenova: "these motherfkers better get their act together or I'll be calling their mothers"

Kay from GMF: there you have it, mommas will be called 

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After 2 failed attempts the Jacksonville Juagars and DJ CHARK jr. have now come to an agreement with a 4 year deal upto $$77 million. 

GMF Kay Adams: "DJ how do you feel now that you got this deal done?"

DJ CHARK: "Ham just got some bread, Lesgo EAT!!"

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After 2nd attempt of contract negotiations the Jaguars and DJ CHARK have not come to an agreement. Jaguars are still trying to get a deal done before trade deadline.  There is no words they will tag CHARK if no agreement is reached. 

Season stats 16rec 5tds 

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Panthers get there 1st win after starting the season
with 0-3 record. The defense step up and the 2nd year QB Darrell White was perfec...

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When Wentz and Ham can not connect the defense shows up big. (In the first qtr )After a deep ball to Ruggs landing them inside the Jags 10 yard line it look like it was going to be a long day (keep reading bum) for the Jacksonville defense but their stellar defense holds them to 0 points with a INT deep in the redzone in the first qtr. Ultimately only holding the Raiders offense to only 10 points all game. The D in Jacksonville is the story this season. 

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After 1st fail attempt of contract negotiations the Jaguars are still persistent to sign DJ CHARK to a long term deal. No trade talks at the moment. 

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With only 3 games in Wentz and CHARK have connected for 5 TDs already early in the season. CHARK is off to a great start and Wentz is just getting comfortable. Not to mention their stellar defense but that be for another story. 

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(AP) After starting off a dissapointing 0-2, the Kansas City Chiefs got their first win of the season with a 16-13 win over the Houston Texans. Early on it looked as though they would start the season 0-3, after the Texans opened the game with a 17 play 83 yard drive for a 7-0 lead. The Chiefs took the ensuing kickoff and orchestrated a long drive over their own, the drive consummated with a 1 yd plunge by 2nd year running back Marion Overstreet. However the Chiefs missed the PAT and the Texan...[ Continue reading ]

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Was unstoppable against the Texans on Sunday . CHARK is playing for contract extension. 

5 receptions for 155 yards and 2 TDs 

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