Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is free and it does not cost a dime to register and join existing leagues on our site. The only charge is for hosting new leagues.
1-Admins must first set owners as members of their page and set as owner of a team first so each user can access the Front Office. 2- Users can go to Front Office and click the Trade Tab. 3- Then users can select "Submit New Trade" button on the right side 4- User selects teams players and picks to submit 5- Once user have full trade listed they then click Submit Trade 6- A notification is sent out to leagues linked chat to notify admins a trade has been submitted. (If no chat is linked no notification will go out, admins will have to check for proposed trades manually). 7- Admins vote on trade, once the requirement ( based on the leagues rules) are met . An admin can then click the Update Status button . A drop down menu appears and they can select approved or denied. 8- A notification will be sent out to the linked chat once it is approved or denied notifying the status of the trade has been updated.
Hosting the 200+ leagues that we host takes time, money and most of all servers. Every penny that is generated from League Subscriptions is put right back into the site.
Your league subscription will cover your league from 1 madden release to the start of the next. A subscription runs from title release to title release ( this is considered a year) . Once you pay you will be prompted to setup your site and it will remain in effect until Maddens new title is released (August). We will also leave your Madden 18 leagues up for a few weeks AFTER the newest title is released to allow you to transfer your websites code. October 1st 2018 though Madden 18 will no longer be supported. It takes too much server space and money to host all the leagues just on multiple platforms... let alone multiple Madden titles.
Click the Pricing link in the top menu or go to http://daddyleagues.com/joinnow. Once you have submitted payment for your league via paypal you will be redirected to the "Create Your League Page". This is where you setup you page like LG Abbreviation, Console Platform & enter the commissioners EA Login credentials. Once all this is completed your page is setup!
Hosting the 200+ leagues that we host takes time, money and most of all servers. Every penny that is generated from League Subscriptions is put right back into the site. We runs ads to make up the different from the subscription
Visit the initial league sync Tutorial to get your league synced Initial League Sync . Visit the forum setup Tutorial to add forums to your league Forum Setup Tutorial
First thing you should do after getting your league setup is SAVE your HTML coding located uner the Admin>Layout Tab. This way if you ever mess up you have a fall back. If you distort your website so bad that you cannot fix it or get to the admin tab though then follow the directions Reset Page Layout Tutorial
Each member will have to be approved to your page and assigned their team before they have any available functions. Tell your members to be logged into Daddyleagues.com and visit your leagues page. In your leagues menu bar there will be a JOIN TAB to the right of your FORUM TAB. Once they click that they have joined. It is then up to the commissioner (admin of site) to go to the Admin>Members tab and accept the owner into the league and assign them their team.
Ok , sometimes you will export data from the app to your site, and things may not all show up exactly right. There may be missing week stats for players, no stats,no rosters, no schedules, no game of the week showing in portlet or other portlets not populating,scoreboard may not update...... Lost of errors like this may occur at some point when exporting, mainly due to how many people are exporting and how much they are exporting at the same times. If this happens to you after you export the data, please before you submit a ticket, go under admin page and hit the CLEAR CACHE button . Then give it about 30 seconds and look at your issues again and you should find most of the time, they are fixed.
Visit http://www.w3schools.com/ and take the tutorials on HTML and CSS. The best way to learn is trial and error! If your strapped for time and looking to pay someone to setup a custom page for you then check out albidnis and send him a message. For a fee to his site he will hook it up and save you the time!
You can post any bugs/issues you find with the site in the support forum Forums for reporting bugs and you can also submit a service ticket ,Submit a Ticket for Help Please note that the support desk is closed from 10pm est to 9am est each night. You can still submit tickets during that time but they will not be opened into opening the following day.
Yes all are supported. View the tutorial forum for them Youtube/Twitch Tutorial