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Posted 2021-07-19 13:16:47

NOBSN - Atlanta Falcons

http://daddyleagues.com/nobsn #NOBSN #48HRsimlg #PS4 #GROWNFOLKS ** --New draft class Rookie Rosters-- yr4 ** If you’re looking for a new madden family that is very active and competitive hit me up. No quitters allowed we have been rocking for over 10 years so a great core of adult professionals who have a passion for the game. Lg rules are below text me if you have what it takes to ball in an elite established league! Only Open teams are Texans, Viks and Atlanta!! ***New Rookie Rosters*** Commish Mike *202.373.4112* Rules -- http://ps4nobsn.board-directory.net/t1-league-rules