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Posted 2021-07-21 10:33:55

GGS - Minnesota Vikings

This is a PS4 Sim League that is looking for users that will establish great communication in the league. I am not looking for no bullshit ass user looking to get over in this league and not follow rules. If you are a teenager that is in high school, and immature this league is not for you. Please do not waste my time hitting me up to join if you are going to be a sorry user who will not be willing to long term to commit to this league. I have put lots of time as a commish to bring this league up. Yes we are currently in our 2nd year with updated rosters, and yes this is Madden 21!! More information please hit my line at 803-415-5672!! I normally work in the night time so if I do not answer right away I will get with you soon. Thank You!!