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Posted 2021-09-08 10:11:50

GOAT22 - Detroit Lions

XBOX ONE! GOAT 22 League openings. THIS IS A MONEY LEAGUE! It's $10 per season with a 5 season commitment up front. Payout Schedule in Discord. This is a "sim style" league as far as game play goes, however we do play on the COMP setting. We don't want any cheese or MUT style players. Rule breaks will be enforced with strikes...3 and you're out. This league played 11 seasons in Madden 21 so it's built to last. 48 hours, GOTW awards, stream awards, and 1 star and superstar upgrade to start the league. 31 teams filled, looking for a Lions user to build them up. Lions get TWO superstar upgrades, nobody else does. We will start when the scouting update comes out. Hit the discord below to join. https://discord.gg/WKNmnMgY