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Posted 2021-09-14 22:47:37

LOL2 - Atlanta Falcons

PS4 Madden 22 Legit Online League Franchise I am the Commissioner OLDMAN2DAY I am very active with the Franchise I recruit send text with opponents info i keep website updated and I Boot Bad Players Our Franchise is serious about our RULES,We DO NOT LIKE GUYS THAT THINK USING THE FLAWS TO THE GAME ARE GOOD THESE RULES ARE TO SLOW DOWN THE NEED TO CHEAT. Our Franchise is in Season One Week 5 right now we still have 1-3 Falcons available. To join our Franchise YOU MUST have a Daddy Leagues account, YOU MUST have group-me, and a phone with texting so if you are interested text me at (919) 584-2120 with your PSN ONLINE NAME because for some reason some guys can never receive rules link from me so I ps4 message them the link to the rules ...hope to recruit players not cheaters