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Posted 2021-10-10 22:53:52

TR - Denver Broncos

[X/S] The Replacements - Only unique league. Fantasy Draft will be scheduled when league fills [10/32!] [Series X] (11/32) Fun, fresh madden league. Fantasy draft. Need a lot of slots filled! “The Replacements” is not like every other league. All players above 75-77 have been essentially removed!! Have fun developing players! Free devs to start. This is a really fun concept and a break from the regular ole leagues. Aren’t you guys tired of the same old leagues? Gameplay set to all-madden/simulation (not a “sim” league). Need a lot of slots filled. If you like the idea of my league please upvote! And please share with your friends. This idea stems from a league called “The Rejects” in madden 20/21, so call this the child of those leagues. I got the name “Replacements” from the classic movie, of course. Discord : https://discord.gg/Qt4PJdX6 Daddyleagues: http://daddyleagues.com/TR