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Posted 2021-11-24 09:41:16

SUPERBRAWL - Chicago Bears

**Super Brawl (Current Gen) has a few rare openings We are in week 12! Last madden we played 9 seasons with no reboot! We have a few spots to fill. We will randomly draw teams once full! All-madden comp, 48 hour advance, with a bunch of perks to build your team. POTW, POTY, playoff voting, non-playoff team training camps, and much more! We've been around since Madden 19 with a bunch of guys who's been playing together since then. We're looking for someone solid to add to this already solid group of mature madden players. So please, if one loss is enough for you to quit, don't join. We're in it for the long haul and we plan on going 'til Madden 23comes out!!!** https://discord.gg/y7SsSUyN