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Posted 2022-01-08 18:35:21

GOT24 - San Francisco 49ers

Hi Yall, Were in Week 16, 2nd season. We're well established looking for a a couple new users to join our community and continue into our 3rd season. We are creating a franchise past player legend coming season 3. Someone that takes Madden seriously and take building a team seriously over long period of time is welcome. Dont waste our time if you dont wanna follow the rules, this is a super competitive league no one is invincible. Teams are mostly intact. 8 min quarters, sim style, play cool down enabled, 48-72 hour advances. Must be able to follow simple rules, and not rage quit after one or 2 games!! Rules are enforced for well being of league. No BSing tolerated. if interested in joining our Madden community please hop on the discord. https://discord.gg/TjP6BWVq