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Posted 2022-01-09 18:45:44

BDS - Oakland Raiders

We are a comp franchise season 2 week 10. No rules besides no safety at lb. Lions available with a 1-7 record and here is the roster https://neonsportz.com/leagues/BDS/teams/DET/depth-chart/ ... Panthers available with 3-6 record and here is there roster https://neonsportz.com/leagues/BDS/teams/CAR/depth-chart/ ... Steelers are available with a 1-8 record and here is there roster https://neonsportz.com/leagues/BDS/teams/PIT/depth-chart/ Titans avaible at 0-8 and here is there roster https://neonsportz.com/leagues/BDS/teams/TEN/depth-chart/ Jags available with a 2-6 record here is their roster https://neonsportz.com/leagues/BDS/teams/JAX/depth-chart/ Cardinals are available with a 0-9 record here is thier roster https://neonsportz.com/leagues/BDS/teams/ARI/depth-chart/ DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/2sBZUDUd