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Posted 2023-01-23 21:44:23

THEWARMUP - Green Bay Packers

Season 1 Week 9 **Very active- as in every one who’s in our league does there best to play there game** Looking guys wanting to go long term on madden we are very established league. Been around since beginning of madden 21 Join up and read the rules then if there to your liking look at open teams to pick an available We have GOTWs, Interview players about how there season is going and what they want to accomplish and we adapt and change to whatever we feel will make our league more fun and fair to our users. **SIM LEAGUE REALISTIC PLAY STYLE | 7 MIN QTR | ALL-MADDEN** | No cheese | Rules | Neonsportz used. | 48 hrs league | Teams available If interested in this league please text me at 631-446-7133