CPU cutting more players for your team in preseason - by poohty_t on 2016-08-24 13:47:53
poohty_t on 2016-08-24 13:47:53
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So it seems, this may only be an issue on the ps4. As no one has posted this about it on xbox yet. If your on Xbox and you notice this , be sure to report it here.

It seems even if you cut the required amount of players in preseason it tells you to, that somehow the cpu cuts everyone listed in the area of players it " suggests" even if you dont pick them to be cut.

Again so far just being reported on ps4 , if your on Xbox and notice that , reply below.

One possible "work around" someone has noticed is, instead of opening the area on the Franchise main page where it says you have players to cut, just go to your roster page, and make your cuts from there. Some have said they have not had that issue happen , when doing the above.

Please post your findings here , to help all leagues out .

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