58-GM HOF league, need Marlins, Pirates, A's replacements - by mattcrohn on 2017-06-20 21:08:50
mattcrohn on 2017-06-20 21:08:50
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The URBL is currently looking for mature sim players for our MLB The Show: 17 online franchise league.

All owners must finish 7 games per week.

We will have short, 58 game seasons, with the aim of completing 5 full seasons before November.

***We are currently in the middle of Season 1. ***

We will be using Discord for this league as it’s way easier and helpful than GroupMe. If you need help downloading and creating an account for Discord, please let me know


•    **Roster**: OSFM 2.4

•    **Number of Teams**: 30


•    **Season Length**: 58 Games

•    **Schedule Type**: Open (Manual) Round-Robin

•    **Hitting Difficulty**: Hall of Fame

•    **Pitching Difficulty**: Hall of Fame

•    **Strike Zone**: On

•    **Hot Zones**: Off

•    **Guess Pitch**: Off

•    **Balks**: On

•    **Quick Counts**: Off

We are a sim-style, very active league. We have committed commissioners and very active players.

**TO JOIN**: please message me on PS4 - mattcrohn

team(s) open:

Pirates: 1-6, no trades made, roster intact

Marlins: 8-11, no trades made, roster intact

Athletics: 1-5, no trades made, roster intact

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