Find a League ! - by poohty_t on 2017-10-10 15:11:18
poohty_t on 2017-10-10 15:11:18
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There is a feature on this site called " find a league ".
It updates with the newest posts at the top so you will always see the most recent posts at the top.
League owners - If you have openings, be sure to go under your admin page and click "recruit" then select a team that is open and make a short post about your league/opening. If you have multiple openings , repeat the process for each team by selecting the team open and making a post for it.

One very important thing for all league owners who post there though. You really need to make sure that you respond to anyone who applies thru this area. You will get an email anytime someone applies thru "Find a League". It can be a very helpful tool , but only if we all use it accordingly and correctly. Ignoring people who post there, only makes people looking for leagues not want to use it. Its a very good tool. If you fill the openings, be sure to go under admin>recruit and delete the post for the teams you filled. Lets all use this tool to work better for everyone who uses Daddy Leagues.

For people looking for leagues:

Be sure you check this tool out. Go to the tool bar above in dark blue and click "Leagues" . In the drop down menu , select "Find a league" . You can then filter to only see the leagues on the console of your choice by selecting it and then click " filter leagues" . If you want to increase your chances of a response, be sure to apply to the ones nearer to the top( or on first page) as they were more recently posted and probably more likely to respond . Be sure to read their descriptions and find the league that fits for your .Then all you have to do is click the team logo of the team in their post that you want to join as and leave a comment on some things about you and why you think you would be a good fit for the league.

Lets all make sure we use the tools provided to make the experience here for everyone more enjoyable.This is a tool created to help leagues and owners find one another that fits . So please league owners, if you post there, be sure to respond to people who take the time to apply.Even if you just direct them to your waiting list and inform them you had filled the team, at least it shows people there is activity there. Lets all work together on this to make this feature all it can be for us all!

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