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Maddenholic24 on 2018-11-01 20:43:03
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Hi, I am new to the online franchise portion but I am definitely not new to Madden and wanted to take a shot at this online franchise. Having said that, all this is new to me but I love playing madden and want to join a league!

Ruby_83326 on 2018-11-02 04:58:14
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Surlierspade8 ps4

DOLFANMIKE on 2018-11-29 17:15:08
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The Coaches Club Football League (CCFL) is a Coach Mode NFL Style Madden Football league played on the pc. The league will run an online franchise coach mode (we do not control players during the games - we call the plays in game and make pre snap adjustments).

We will have 32 owners and play one game per week. The league will offer very active and competitive coaches, complete with trading, NFL style Drafts (all 7 rounds) and unlimited Free Agency. Most our owners are between 30-55 years old.

We currently have the Bills and Raiders open. CCFL Preseason kicks off next Saturday!

Ages 21 and older only!



The CCFL has been running Madden leagues since Madden 2002. We've always had a full league and have also had two different Madden Devs in our leagues over the years, including right now and one long ago.

We custom edit our entire league (all the players on all the teams), including some Free Agents so that we don't have 74 rated Cornerbacks trying to cover 99 overall WR's. Most folks understand why that isn't a real competitive situation. Most the players that make the rosters in our league are rated between 80-99 and all the starters are rated no lower than 84 overall, with key attributes by position that go a long way into working with our custom sliders for THE BEST Madden online Football. Although the rating typically get labelled as being "high"... given what the game already has as it's ceiling for players 80-84 seems reasonable compared to ratings in the 60's and 70's to compete with the Pro Bowl types that are rated in the 90's.

The custom edits have brought us to where all of our teams are competitive (isn't that why we play?). Every team is rated between 94-96 overall and coaching and GM become the most important ingredient to winning because all the teams are good enough to win.

As for what qualifies me to do the rankings - I'm a real life coach of 32 years, have ran Madden leagues for going on 20 years (Only coach mode pc leagues), and have had over 20 former players make it in the NFL and hundreds of others play on scholarship. I understand the video game and I understand player attributes. I've also been an NFL fan like most of you since 1971. I love the game.

Any coaches interested in looking over our Roster files are welcome to do so by searching in game through the Madden Community Downloads. I provided our complete Roster file (all teams rated between 94-96) and everyone is welcome to use them, edit your own version, etc. Do whatever you want with them..

Search name: CCFL2019

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