How to update site after a game has been played

Ok, so your in your current week ,and a few games have been played and you want to update your site. Here is a good way to know when the game gets played and how to update your site quickly.

1. Open the app, go to export page.

2. Export as follows:

         A. Send League Info & Weekly Stats ( current week should be selected by default , if not select current week )

3. Once it is complete , give your site about a minute to update and refresh the page.

4. If not showing up, click clear cache and wait another minute before refreshing.

5. If not updated then, fully close app on phone and repeat steps 1-2.

6. If it is still not working , give it an hour and try again.Sometimes the servers at EA are under maintence or there is a heavy load at the time you synced.

7. If none of this resolves the issue, open a support ticket here - Support Ticket

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