How to use the Trade Console

Anyone who is set as a member of your league page ( done by setting them to an assigned team in admin page under members area) has the ability to post a trade.

1- User goes to "Front Office" tab (Found in Nav Bar)
2- Click the word "Trade"
3- Click "Submit New Trade"
4- Select the two teams submitting the trade
5- Select the players (by pressing the + symbol to right of their names) or draft picks ( you can also select where in the round the pick is )
6- Once all parts of trade are selected, click "Submit Trade"
7- If your league has set up notifications for Groupme/Discord/Slack chats , then a notification will be sent to the chat quickly to notify that a new trade has been submitted and needs to be voted on.
8- Admins can then click the link from chat and be taken directly to the proposed trade page. Here you can simply click on the players names to take you directly to their attribute page for quick and easy access to help you review each part of the trade.
9 - Each league has different rules on how many votes are needed to approve or deny a trade.Once the number required is met an admin ( must be set as admin in your DL Members area in admin settings) can then click " Update Status" button.
10-The admin can select " Approve" or " Deny" and click "submit"
11- Once that is submitted, another notification will be sent to the chat to notify the proposed trade has had its status updated and will tell if it was approved or denied. Again for quicker access to all parties involved.

All this is done to make things much simpler for those leagues who require trades to be approved as many sim leagues do . Knowing that many leagues utilize their chats more now in days , this is being streamlined in order to try to make things quicker notifications and turn around times on proposed trades. Hope you enjoy this new feature that has been added to DaddyLeagues. Thank you for your continued support.

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