Admin Tips & Tidbits

As an admin you need to understand the admin page. So here is a key to hat each feature on the admin page does and how it works.

SYNC LEAGUE : This is where you will find the URL that you must enter into the Madden Companion App under the export area to have your leagues rosters, schedules , and stats sent to your league page.

Also here you will a "clear cache" button. Anytime you export data from the app to your site and things dont send at all,partially , or some things just dont look right, always go to this button after that export if the above has occured. It will normally fix most of your problems.

Recruit Tab: If you have openings in your league, this is a great tool to let others know. Daddy Leagues has an area for members to look thru quickly and see openings in leagues. You click the recruit tab, select the team or teams ( make individual posts for each team) that are open along with a brief description of what your looking for in an owner .Submit it, but be sure to check your recruit area daily and always try to respond to those who respond to your openings. You can do this by clicking on the number of replies it shows, then click view user, then click send message. This is a great tool for your league to help find new members.

Manage Social Media :  Click this button if you have a groupme chat or a discord chat. Follow the on screen instructions for either you want to intergrate. By doing this, Daddy Leagues will send scores along with game recap links for games played, drops and signings in the league , and soon to show when advance happens as well to you groupme or discord chat within seconds  of completing the export.

SETTINGS : Here you have an advance clock you can set up to have a running clock on homepage to show when the next advance will be for all your members to see easily.

MEMBERS : This is where you assign the members of your league. Approve or Delete members... and assign them their teams so they can view all their teams front office options (slaries, roster, etc) You can also elect to make members ADMINS of your league but make sure you know your personnel because your essentially giving them the keys to your franchise.. so make sure they're trustworthy!

LAYOUT : This si where you create and edit your leagues homepage. View the tutorial on adding your homepage for more instructions on how to.

RULES : You can type your rule books for the league in here and members can view them by clicking the rules tab on the leagues main menu.

FORUMS : Create and update forums for your league here! You must 1st create a category to then place the forum in so keep that in mind. Creating forums is very simple and self explanitory but if you need some help just ask MD Staff or Admin.

MESSAGE ALL : A feature in which you can send 1 private message to ALL the members in your league. They must be assigned a team from the Members section to receive the PM so be sure to update your owners in the members tab as they join your new site!

BLOG : Delete or edit any blogs that have been posted in the league.

BAD OWNERS : A spot for commish to go and leave notes regarding any players that ruined the league or just wasnt a good fit for their sim community. Other commish's from other leagues can view this and have a background on a guy before he joins their league.The more commissioners use this , the more helpful to the entire community it is. Lets help each other look out for bad owners.

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