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Welcome to Legends Never Die League Site! Use this information to gain a competitive edge on your opponents and stay one step ahead of the game! If interested in joining Legends Never Die please click the JOIN button with the 2 LND Icons! Thanks for stopping by... We'll see you on the field!

NFC North

Member: Chitownhero01

Commissioner: CizzleMart

Member: caqten

Member: iDeeKayy5211

NFC East

Member: Cermiit

Member: godSpeed232366

Member: Sky Voxi

Member: GLADIATORx115x

NFC South

Commissioner: HandheldBL

Member: RaizHavoc

Commissioner: RedRah19

Member: ken2kold

NFC West

Member: Dez da sniper

Member: DallasDiamondOG

Member: OffdaField

Member: TheStrawhat9138

AFC North

Member: BlaccFavre

Member: Bizz2shiesty

Commissioner: A BenevolentMan

Member: Datbull3109

AFC East

Member: AV13EWG

Member: CPU

Member: nDD BLuNTz

Member: emango 1

AFC South

Member: StagedAbyss5540

Member: Stickemup502

Member: GrottyOyster01

Member: Noobdini

AFC West

Member: CPU

Member: mwillmadeit850

Member: Hawkeye3330

Member: Ophiee013

Week will advance every 24-48 hours if all games are played/decided.

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NFC Playoff Race
NFC Standings
Defensive Leaders
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Coach Of The Year

2022: Hawkeye Madden

2023: Josh Moes

Best QB
Best DL

2022: Myles Garrett

2023: Nick Bosa


2022: Xavien Howard

2023: Nick Bosa

Best RB
Best LB
Best WR
Best DB
Best OL
Best K
Best QB
Best DL
Best LB
Best WR
Best DB
Best OL

2022: Ryan Jensen

2023: Shaq Mason

Best K