Bills Roundup

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Hot Start and Backfield mess!


Finaly the Buffalo Bills and Coach White have theire well deserved Bye Week. So we finaly got the Chance to talk to Coach Nate White in Person.

Q: Hot Start? 4-0? Kind of remembers of last years 5-1 start. Any fear you could miss the Playoffs again?
A: We defnetly had a good start again. Those 3 Division Wins (Week 1: Patriots, Week 2: Dolfins, Week 3: Jets) really give us a great starting point for week to come. We still want to win this Division and it took us to long already. Last year we had some issue with an lack of experience and bad locker room guys. No we have a different mindset and im confident that we have a shot this time.

Q: Josh Allen had 28 TD passes last year. No he started with only 3 TD Passes in 4 Games. Concerning?
A: Not at all. He had to get more Accurate. We had loads of big Plays last season that where either 50 yard Touchdowns or Incompletions/Interceptions. We kind of wanted to turn them down. And through the first 4 weeks Allen completed more than 65% of his throws. Not bad considering his % Of last Season. (55%). So I think he is in a phase where he has to grow as a passer, he has to get smart with his decisions. So yes, he lacks a few TD passes, wich is not only his Fault. Since we dropped a few Balls in the Endzone already. But with way less Interceptions hes on the right pass for sure.

Q: You're here ruffly 15 Month now and already had 10 different Running Backs under Contract. Whats the issue there?
A: I know 10 is a lot. But sometimes you aint in control. McCoy wanted a fresh start with another Team that wanted him badly. The offer was great, so we could not let that one slip. Ivory just did not match our System and we decided that it was the best way for both sides to move on. And he did see some Playoff Football in Seattle. Then we get to our third/fourth string guys. Bo Scarbrough and DJ Foster. Both had some moments with us. But is was not like they where he to start to begin with. Than we obviously have to talk about Leveon Bell. We had some Issues here, and calling out Teammates just was not the right move. With Henry we had different issues. he just did not fit our Scheme. We thought we could get the best out of him, but after his Week 1 Performence (1.1 yards a carry) we knew we had to move on. Now we have 3 strong guys there to shere the workload (Austin Ekeler, Marlon Mack, CJ Anderson) and we are very happy with our Backfield so I hope 10 will be the Number for at least some years now.